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I was pacing, and Emily was just watching me, wearing a stupid smile.

β€œDo you think he likes me back then?” I asked, and she just giggled β€œDon’t giggle! Answer the question”

β€œWillow, I think it’s obvious that he likes you,” Emily rolled her eyes β€œNot only did he have a hot make-out session with you, but he also bit you and you bit him back. What more do you want? Him to tell you that he likes you?”

β€œIt would help me calm down,” I sighed β€œEmily, can you ask him if he likes me back? I don’t want to have to freak out that he doesn’t like me!”

β€œYou are freaking out now,” Emily got to her feet β€œYou need to try and breathe because tomorrow is the day we go out and go demon hunting.”

β€œI think you mean become bait.”

Emily rolled her eyes β€œDon’t make me think of being bait. I’m trying to stay calm right now because I am scared. I don’t want to be caught by demons again. The first time was awful, but I just want to get this over with. I’m pretending to be brave right now.”

I sighed β€œEmily, you are the bravest person I know”

She smiled and took my hands with her β€œLet’s go get some pancakes. Xander is in some meeting with his brothers to make sure that everything goes smoothly, so let’s cook!”

I complained as Emily dragged me out of my room and to the kitchen. I was a terrible cook and I hated having to try and cook. My foster parents tried to get me to cook one time, and I almost burnt the kitchen down making pasta. I don’t know how it happened, but Harry and Jace had to put the fire out. Jerome and Vince were rolling around the floor with laughter.

β€œHere, you can beat the eggs,” Emily said handing me a whisk.

β€œI’d beat you with the whisk but I’m worried that Theo would try to kill me.”

Emily giggled and started to weigh the flour. I sighed and beat the eggs, getting it everywhere. I couldn’t cook and even doing such a simple task was a disaster.

β€œHow the heck did you get the egg in your hair?” Emily laughed.

β€œI told you, I cannot cook!”

I sat and watched Emily make the batter for the pancakes but she handed me the bowl and hopped around the kitchen.

β€œWhat is wrong with you?”

β€œI need to pee so badly but I don’t want you to make a mess!”

I scoffed β€œGo and pee. I’m only standing with the bowl of batter. I won’t touch it.”

Emily took off quickly and I sighed. My stomach rumbled, and I reached up into the cupboard in search of chocolate chips. You couldn’t have pancakes without chocolate chips. I grabbed the packet but knocked a tin of beans out.

β€œShit!” As I went to grab it before it touched the floor, I hit the edge of the bowl of batter. I landed on the floor with the bowl on my head β€œOh come on!”

β€œI didn’t think you were meant to wear the mix.”

I looked up at Leo who was leaning against the fridge β€œDon’t laugh at me.”

β€œI’m not,” He said trying not to smile. It broke through and he lifted me to my feet, removing the bowl from my head. He placed it on the counter β€œHmm. You look good enough to eat.”

My body felt like going up in flames as his hands snaked around my waist, his mouth pressed against mine, and his tongue licked up the mixture. I gasped loudly making him chuckle.

β€œYeah, you taste as good as you look,” He whispered and ran his tongue up my cheek β€œI could eat you till the day I die.”

β€œLeo, do you-”

β€œI could eat you right now,” He growled and moved his mouth to my neck, flicking his tongue against my pulse β€œThe things you do to me, Willow,”

My eyes went wide as he nipped my neck and my body started to burn, but I wasn’t sure if it was from Leo or the batter. Leo took a big step away from me and bit into his bottom lip, looking me up and down like I was a snack.

I was a snack, but I still wanted to know his real feelings. Not just the lust he was feeling.

I heard Emily running through the house and when she reached the kitchen, her mouth dropped open at the sight of me covered in pancake mixture.

β€œWillow!” She yelled, β€œHow the hell did you get the mix on your head?”

I sighed β€œI told you...I don’t belong in the kitchen”

The other vampires rushed into the kitchen at Emily shouting, and when they saw me they laughed...loudly. I pouted and Leo chuckled.

β€œIt isn’t funny!” I said wiping mixture from my eye β€œOw! It burns!”

They just laughed louder and Leo got a damp cloth to wipe my eyes. His hand was still on my lower back and I felt the need to ask him if he liked me back, but it really wasn’t the time. Not when my ass was covered in a pancake mix that was burning me like a little bitch.

β€œAh shit,” I said β€œThis is burning slightly. What did you put in this mixture?”

β€œUmm,” Emily frowned β€œA little bit of cinnamon I think”

β€œI’m allergic to that!” I screamed out β€œFuck! Get me into the shower!”

β€œNo problem,” Leo said throwing me over his shoulder β€œGet the fuck outta my way brothers.”

β€œLeo! Put me down!” I said, scrubbing the mixture away from my face β€œI can walk”

β€œNope,” He said patting my ass β€œI’m sure you need help getting out of your clothes.”

My breath caught in my throat and I could see his brothers staring with wide eyes and mouths.

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