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I couldn’t help but lick my lips as Willow yanked her clothes from her body and jumped into the shower. Her body was even more perfect than I had imagined. I quietly walked into the bathroom where she was scrubbing at her skin.

β€œNeed any help?” I asked, and she quickly covered her naked body.

β€œNo!” She screamed, β€œGet out!”

I smirked β€œNo. I like what I see.”

β€œI swear to...Leo, get out” She glared at me and I rolled my eyes ”Now!”

β€œParty pooper!”

β€œGet the fuck out, Leo!” She snapped and I closed the bathroom door on her after she stuck her tongue out at me.

I tutted and walked back into the hall, closing the door behind me. I leant against the wall and folded my arms. That bitch. I only wanted to help her.

β€œBrother, are you pouting?” Max asked.

I narrowed my eyes at him β€œNo. I’m not fucking pouting”

β€œHow cute!” Aaron grinned β€œLeonard, you are too cute- run away!”

They both yelled as I charged at them. They jumped down the stairs with me closely on their heels. They ran through into the main room and I crashed into them. I pinned them against the floor and both laughed.

β€œIf you don’t stop fucking laughing I will snap your necks!” I growled.

β€œWhat did they do this time?” Callum asked, shooing me away from them β€œLeo, let them go”

I let them go and climbed back to my feet β€œThey were being pests”

β€œAren’t they always?” Dylan yawned.

β€œHave you fed?” Xander asked and I looked at him β€œWe are using the girls as bait tomorrow. Why haven’t you fed?”

Shit. I had forgotten. Willow was the only one I was thinking about...but I didn’t love her. I just liked her...a little bit. Emily was still at the top of my list and a blue-eyed vampire wasn’t going to change that. I was going to make sure that-

β€œLeo?” Xander said, snapping his fingers in front of my eyes β€œFocus. You got lost for a moment there”

β€œI...yeah. I’ll feed,” I said, rubbing the back of my neck β€œI’ll go to Kris”

β€œYou could always feed on Willow,” Theo said, with a big grin on his face.

β€œI’ll feed on you if you don’t shut the fuck up,” I growled.

β€œSure, sure,” Theo chuckled β€œAnyway, I’m going to check on Emily. She might need some help.”

My brothers and I snorted.

β€œRight. Because she needs help painting her nails,” Callum sighed.

β€œI didn’t know you were into painting nails, Theo,” I smirked at him.

β€œShut up, loser,” Theo said, β€œEmily needs help and I will help her,”

β€œYeah. Cause she needs help with-what the fuck is that smell?” Dylan said. I wasn’t the only one to hunch over and my fangs grew long, poking out from my open mouth β€œWho is that?”

β€œShit!” Theo groaned β€œWho is that? It smells so fucking good!”

β€œAh man,” Aaron said, β€œWhat female is that?”

I tugged at the crotch of my jeans as I felt myself harden and I groaned. Someone in this house had just become fertile and it wasn’t going to end well. Even though we were vampires, we would fight to the death to get to the female.

β€œI’m leaving,” Xander said, getting to his feet β€œMax, if you leave this room I’ll break your neck. Get your shoes on. We are leaving. Everyone. Theo, go to Emily”

Theo let out a small snarl as we made a move towards the door β€œAh...I’m...shit I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it but-”

β€œGo to Emily!” Xander yelled and Theo disappeared from our sight β€œAaron, don’t think I can’t see you”

β€œI can’t help it!” Aaron said, β€œThat smell. It’s so fucking nice. I want to sink my fangs into whoever that is!”

Dylan grabbed hold of my arm β€œYou aren’t coming with us.”

β€œWhat?” I said, β€œI fucking am. I’m not staying here if there is a fertile female in this house. Do you want Theo to kill me?”

β€œTheo won’t kill you,” Xander said, β€œBecause you won’t go near Emily. Will you?”

β€œOf course not, I value my life,”

β€œIt’s not Emily,” Theo said, running back into the room. My heart jumped into my throat and I felt a growl rumble in my throat β€œGo to her Leo.”

β€œNo,” I said, trying to fight the need to go to her β€œShe needs someone else. I’m not good enough for her. I’ll just hurt her. I don’t want to hurt her. Someone needs to put her under. I’m not going to her. No way. She won’t want me. Dylan. You like her. You go to her!”

β€œDo you want me to fucking die?” Dylan snapped β€œIf I go anywhere near her you are going to rip my throat out!”

β€œWillow wouldn’t want someone like me to help her out! I’m a fucking monster!” I yelled and my brothers just stared at me β€œI’m a monster.”

They stared at me in silence and I swallowed back my lust, and I closed my eyes.

β€œI’m a monster,” I whispered, β€œI’m no good for her. I’ll end up hurting her, whether it be physical or emotional. I can’t do it. Someone else has to go to her. It’s dangerous for me,”

β€œYou are the only one she wants!” Theo said, β€œYou made a promise that you wouldn’t hurt anyone but you are only hurting her by leaving her now,”

β€œI can’t do it!” I snapped, β€œSend someone else. I’m going out,”

β€œI’ll go!” Aaron said running from the room β€œI’ll pleasure her!”

β€œI’ll fucking kill you!” I yelled and ran after him, without a second thought.

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