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β€œThis is how we do it!” I sang as loud as I could and shook my ass as I washed away the last of the pancake mix β€œThis is how we do it!”

I screamed slightly and steadied myself. Shit. I almost slipped over, so I decided to just vogue.

It was better than falling on my ass and getting embarrassed because I was so into singing a song. I hummed and rinsed the last of the soap away before turning the shower off. I reached for my towel and stepped out. My stomach cramped slightly, and I winced in pain.

A sudden burn shot through my body and I hunched over, beginning to pant. I gripped my towel as heat pooled in my stomach and my fangs grew. No. Please not now! I stumbled into my room and dropped to my knees. Shit.

I rolled onto my side and groaned. Why did this have to happen in a house full of royal blood vampires? A fertile female was dangerous to a house of unbonded males.

β€œI’ll fucking kill you!” I heard Leo shout and the heat got more intense. I almost cried out from the pain and the door was kicked open, but I looked up to see Emily.

β€œWillow!” She said and rushed to my side β€œWhat is happening?”

β€œF-fertile” I forced out β€œSo...much...pain”

β€œWhat do I do?” Emily squealed and tried to get me to my feet β€œWillow, let me get you into bed. I want to help you”

I groaned and let her pull me to my feet. I kept a tight grip on my towel and I stumbled to my bed. I fell onto the end of it, and Emily grabbed a pillow, putting it under my head. She sorted my towel out again for me and brushed my wet hair from my face.

β€œThe vampires are going crazy downstairs,” Emily chewed her lip and ran into the bathroom, just to return with a damp flannel β€œTheo crashed into the room and made me jump. He then ran back out again. I’m so confused. I don’t know what is going on! Why is this happening to them? Is it because they can smell you?”

I nodded and bit into my lip. Emily quickly wiped the blood away and patted down my face.

β€œWhat do I do?”

β€œI have a tranquiliser in my bag,” I groaned β€œJab me with that,”

β€œWhy the hell do you have something like that?”

I groaned and curled into a ball β€œFor times l-like this,”

β€œOk,” Emily said grabbing my bag β€œShit. You have so much stuff in your bag! Ok. I got it,”

I cried out slightly β€œH-hurry up!”

β€œI’m trying to get the end off!” Emily panicked β€œI don’t know if I can stick you with it! Oh god. I feel sick. I hate needles,”

β€œBrother if you go into that room I will tear your head off!” Leo shouted outside my room and I licked my lips when I smelt him β€œAaron, get out of the mansion and go with our brothers. I won’t let you near her”

The door was kicked open again but Leo wrapped his arm around Aaron's neck and dragged him back out.

β€œGet the fuck out of my sight,” Leo hissed and came into the room, slamming the door behind him β€œEmily. Leave”

β€œWhat?” Emily said, β€œWillow needs-”

β€œI said leave!” Leo growled and Emily's eyes went wide β€œGet the fuck out!”

Emily's hands started to shake, her eyes wide, and she dropped the flannel and rushed out of the room. I could feel how confused and scared she was of Leo. Leo cursed but quickly strode towards me. His eyes were blood red and his eyes never left my face, but they soon closed.

β€œ you want me to help you?” He said, clenching his fists β€œI know you don’t like me...I know that I’m not the best vampire to be around but...fuck. No. I’m leaving. You can fucking suffer. I can’t do this”

I quickly reached out and grabbed his hand β€œDon’t go.”

β€œIf I stay, you know what will happen,” He said quietly.

β€œI know,” I gulped but the sudden rush of lust β€œY-you can h-help me out.”

β€œWillow,” He whispered β€œI don’t want to hurt you again”

I whimpered β€œI don’t care! I’m so fucking hungry!”

Leo glanced down at me β€œI-I will use a you don’t get p-pregnant.”

I managed to roll my eyes and he chuckled β€œThen hurry up and get one!”

Leo smiled slightly and nodded β€œDon’t go anywhere...not that you can move”

β€œShut up!”

I watched him as he rushed out of the room and he was back holding a pack of condoms. I lifted an eyebrow at him. His cheeks went pink and he threw the box onto my bedside table. I didn’t even have time to ask him why he had a whole box because I was attacked by pain and the strong smell of marzipan.

β€œY-you smell s-so good” I whispered out and my fangs started to hurt my gums.

β€œWillow,” He said, pulling me to my feet β€œD-don’t be scared t-to take from me. I, uh, I will look a-after you...alright?”

I nodded, and he tilted his head for me β€œThank you”

β€œYou don’t need to thank me,” He said, and he put his hand on the back of my head, urging my mouth towards him β€œDon’t be afraid to take too much. I can recover”

I bit into him and the heat in my stomach got worse, but I enjoyed the sudden pain mixed with the sweetness of Leo's blood. Leo growled slightly and his hands settled on my lower back, pulling me hard against him. I didn’t even care that I felt how hard he was against my body or the way his hands yanked my towel away.

β€œLay back on the bed,” He whispered, and I pulled my mouth away from his neck, licking at the blood on my lips. I looked up at Leo who was smiling slightly β€œI’ll take care of you baby.”

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