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My body was tired, hungry and hot.

As a young vampire, we had only heard rumours and stories about females who turn fertile. I didn’t imagine it to be so tiring to always be turned on, or being fed from all the time. The scent that Willow had given off was like a drug. It went straight into me and it was like she had powers of a siren, able to suck me in without touching or looking at me.

I glanced at her sleeping tucked up beside me and I had to fight back a smile. I had no idea that was such an animal in bed and I almost chuckled at the thought if her begging for me to take her once more. I was glad that it had passed because I wasn’t sure I could go any more rounds or let her feed on me for much longer.

I shifted and moved to get out of bed. Willow protested slightly, but she remained asleep. She needed the rest and I needed to eat.

I dressed quickly and left her in bed, then headed to the kitchen. I sniffed the air and my stomach let out a loud, painful grumble. My brothers looked up at me as I walked into the kitchen. I ignored their looks and I headed for the cupboard full of blood.

I tore into the packet with my teeth and downed it as fast as I could. I already ripped another one open before I finished the first one. I could feel my brothers stare at me, but I ignored it. I was hungry and I didn’t have the energy to fight my brothers. Even if I was stronger than them.

My ear twitched as I heard Emily running towards the kitchen.

β€œLeo!” She called happily and ran over to me, hugging me β€œWe’ve missed you!”

β€œYeah,” I said, not hugging her back β€œCan’t say I missed any of you.”

β€œYou can let go of him now Angel,” Theo said glaring at me.

I tutted, β€œXander, cook pancakes”

β€œThere is a word missing from that,” Xander smirked at me.

β€œOh. My bad” I said β€œCook pancakes now"

β€œSo,” Max said, β€œ wanna talk about it?”

I choked on air β€œWhat the fuck is wrong with you?”

My brothers laughed and I grabbed the empty packet of blood and threw it at them, and it hit Dylan in the head. He mumbled something under his breath and threw it in the bin. I rubbed the back of my neck and winced at the bit marks covering me.

β€œWow,” Aaron said moving my jumper away from my neck β€œShe really attacked you. So, is it true?”

β€œIs what true?” I said pushing his hands away β€œDon’t look at me, fucking losers. Just spit it the fuck out. I can hear what you are thinking anyway.”

β€œWell, then we don’t need to spit it out.” Callum grinned.

β€œI will fucking snap your neck,” I growled.

β€œOk fine!” Theo asked hugging Emily to him β€œDo females really turn into animals when they are fertile?”

I smirked β€œMaybe.”

β€œHoly shit,” Theo said grinning suddenly β€œBaby, I can’t wait for you to go into-ow!”

β€œTheo!” Emily slapped his chest again β€œYou pervert!”

β€œWhat?” Theo said trying to look innocent β€œI wouldn’t mind you tearing me to-ow! Ok! I’m sorry!”

β€œWhere is she?” Emily pouted and turned towards me β€œIs she she ok?”

I glared at her β€œTell me what you were really going to say”

Emily went red in the cheeks and fiddled with her fingers β€œI was going to say that.”

β€œDon’t bullshit me,” I snapped and Theo stepped in front of her β€œYou really think I’m going to hurt your precious Emily?”

β€œYou’ve never spoken to her like that before,” Theo said.

β€œTheo, tell me what you were really going to say. Now” I said clenching my fists.

β€œI’m sorry,” She said β€œI didn’t mean to upset you”

I ran my hands through my hair β€œYeah. Sure. Whatever. Forget about cooking, Xander. She won’t need fucking pancakes now. She is still sleeping.”

β€œTheo, wait”

β€œShut up Emily,” I said, glaring at her β€œWhy would you even think that in the first place? Have I ever fucking hurt her before?”

β€œ I’m really sorry” She whispered β€œI just...I don’t know how everything works and Theo told me that sometimes the guy loses control and-”

β€œYou think I killed her,” I said softly and I shook my head β€œYou really don’t know me as well as you think you do Emily?”


β€œI have never harmed you,” I said turning my back on everyone β€œWhat makes you think so little of me? What makes you think that I could ever harm Willow?”

β€œI just...I’m sorry.”

β€œWhatever,” I said, β€œI might be an asshole, I might be aggressive, violent and short tempered, but I have never harmed those I care about.”

I looked over my shoulder at my brothers and Emily.

β€œI might be a monster, but I would never kill Willow,” I said β€œI would kill for her...but I would never kill her. Ever.”

β€œWe know that,” Dylan said.

β€œDo you?”

β€œWe have never doubted you brother,” Xander said β€œWhat you say about yourself is only half true. You are short tempered and you are an ass hole, but you are no monster.”

I smiled with bitterness β€œBecause you don’t know half the shit that I have done.”

They all frowned and Emily was trying not to cry. I sighed and shook my head. I walked away without another word and I went back upstairs to Willow.

I stood beside the bed watching her sleep and I rubbed my face, before getting back into bed. She sighed happily and turned into me again, wrapping her small arms around my chest. I hugged her back, feeling slightly uncomfortable. But not because I was hugging her.

But something else was making me uncomfortable and I didn’t know what it was.

It made me start to panic because I didn’t know what the feeling was, and it reminded me of when I was around...

Holy fuck.

No. No this could not be happening.

I shoved Willow away and she woke up with a jump.

β€œLeo,” She mumbled, still half asleep β€œThank you”

β€œY-yeah,” I said, β€œI...I have to go back to my room now. C-call me if you need me...ok? Ok. Good. You stay put. You need to sleep some more”

β€œYou had a fight,” Willow said grabbing my wrist before I could run β€œI can tell.”

I sighed β€œDon’t worry about it”

β€œI’m not,” Willow smiled softly at me β€œBefore you say anything, I have to get something across and you can’t just run away. Promise?”

I sighed β€œWhatever.”

β€œWhen you were downstairs, I could feel you,” She said β€œYour heart felt sad. Did you want to tell me why, or should I just come out with it?”

β€œSay it,”

β€œYou were disappointed in Emily,” Willow said β€œWith all of your brothers. They thought that you had no control and killed me”

β€œI told them I would never hurt you,” I said not looking at her.

β€œAnd you know why that is.”

β€œI don’t,” I scoffed β€œIt’s because I don’t want to hurt you. What’s wrong with that?”

Willow laughed and patted my hand β€œI know the real reason, but I’ll wait for you to come to terms with it. I can wait. I’m pretty patient.”

β€œYou’re a pain in the fucking ass.”

Willow shrugged and pulled the cover to her chin β€œI know, but right now, I’m more like a pain in the neck. Am I right?”

I chuckled slightly β€œYeah. A pain in the neck, but...I...never mind.”

β€œYou wouldn’t have it any other way,” Willow yawned and closed her eyes β€œI know. You don’t need to say it, but as I said, I will wait for you to tell me why you panicked right then.”

β€œYou know what?” I muttered β€œI hate that you have the same power as me. It pisses me off that I can’t keep anything fucking private.”

β€œWell, you better get used to it cutie.”

β€œDon’t call me cute!”

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