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β€œDid you see my bag? Where!” I sang loudly, β€œDid you see my bag? Where!”

Leo looked up from the book he was reading β€œWhat the hell are you doing? And why the fuck would I know where your bag is?”

β€œIt’s hella trophies and it’s hella thick!” I turned and shook my butt at him β€œHaters gon’ hate...players gon’ play”

β€œIf you’re going to piss me off, then you can get the fuck out of my room”

β€œBut I’m so bored!” I complained and threw myself onto the bed β€œEveryone has gone out and I’m stuck with you!”

β€œYou should have gone with them,” Leo said under his breath.

β€œI heard that”

β€œOops,” Leo said turning his attention back to his book. I sighed and started poking his arm, trying to get a reaction out of him but nothing. His nose was stuck in the book. I pouted and poked harder and I could see his jaw clench.

β€œHey cutie,” I said and I grinned at the look he sent me β€œAre you going to make up with Emily and your brothers?”


β€œWhy not?”

Leo lowered his book β€œBecause they thought I killed you.”

β€œWell, if I was in their position, I would have thought the same thing. You don’t exactly have a good temper.”

β€œYou can get out my room now,” Leo muttered.

β€œBut I hadn’t finished annoying you,” I sighed, β€œFine! I will find someone else to annoy. In fact, I’ve not seen Jerome for a while. I’ll call him over!”

β€œWillow!” Leo called as I ran from the room. If he wasn’t going to entertain me, then my friends certainly would.

I reached the bottom of the stairs before Leo crashed into me. I grunted in shock and we both tumbled to the floor. There was no point in me putting up a fight because Leo was much stronger than me.

β€œYou don’t get to call anyone,” Leo said, β€œI’m here to keep you company.”

β€œYou’ve been reading that book for the last 2 hours!” I whined β€œI’m bored and I can only read certain books. Your’s not being at the top of my list.”

Leo tutted β€œThen what do you suggest we do?”

β€œI don’t know”

Leo groaned and got to his feet β€œYou are fucking annoying!”

β€œI know,” I laughed and stood up, β€œWhat do you have around here that is fun?”

Leo rubbed the back of his neck, β€œI have no idea. I like to stay in my room.”

β€œBoring,” I sang and he glared at me, β€œWhat? All you do is sleep. I’m hyper and I need to do something. Anything!”

Leo looked at me, and a slow smile crept onto his face β€œWhy didn’t you just say so?”


He reached forward and yanked me into his chest. Before I could ask him what he was doing, his mouth claimed mine hungrily. His hand slipped around my waist, pulling me even closer to him and I happily did it. I gripped the side of his top as his tongue brushed against mine, and it was like fireworks had been set off in my stomach.

As the kiss deepened, his hand started to lower itself to my ass, gripping it. I gasped as he smacked it and then the door started to open. We jumped apart from each other and my hands went up to look like I was boxing. Leo did the same and when his brothers walked into the house, they frowned at us.

β€œWhat are you two doing?” Xander asked.

β€œFighting,” I said and punched Leo in the shoulder, but he punched me back...just not as hard.

β€œDon’t hit me”

β€œOr what?”

β€œDo you really want to find out?” Leo said, smirking slightly β€œYou’ll be begging me to-”

β€œLeo?” Emily said, β€œCan I talk to you please?”

Leo didn’t look over at her and I could feel his heart start to race. Shit. Maybe I was overthinking when he started to have feelings for me. I lowered my fists and looked at Emily.

β€œPlease,” Emily said β€œI-”

β€œNo,” Leo said β€œI don’t want to hear you”

β€œLeo wait,” I said before Theo jumped in β€œJust listen to her.”

β€œNo,” He said walking back up the stairs β€œI don’t care what she has to say.”

β€œWhat is wrong with you?” Theo snapped β€œShe is trying to-”

β€œI don’t care if she is trying to say sorry,” Leo said from the top of the stairs β€œShe shouldn’t have doubted me in the first place. None of you should have doubted me in the first place. You should have believed in me. Believed that I would never have hurt Willow. But you didn’t. You all thought that I had killed her.”

β€œThat’s not what we thought,” Dylan said β€œWe all know what can happen to a male vampire when a female is fertile. You saw what happened. You were going to kill Aaron and we all went for each other.”

β€œDon’t care,” Leo glared at everyone β€œI never hurt Emily so what makes you think that I could hurt Willow?”

I frowned as the brothers looked away from him. They didn’t look sorry for what they had said to him but it wasn’t my place to jump in. Unless I couldn’t bite my tongue anymore and then they would have to deal with an angry me. Not even my foster parents could control me when I lost my temper.

β€œWait,” Leo said coming back downstairs β€œYou honestly thought I could kill her?”

β€œLeo,” Xander said β€œIt isn’t that. And I never said that I didn’t believe you. I was the one who sent you to her. If I thought you would kill her, then I would have dragged you from the house by your hair.”

β€œThen what is everyone’s problems with me?”

Callum cleared his throat β€œFather...her told us about that girl”

β€œWhat girl?” Leo said coldly.

β€œThe girl you drained...when you lost control”

The room felt like the temperature had dropped dramatically and when I breathed, white puffs of clouds floated around me. Holy shit. Leo was angry but under his anger, I felt sadness and betrayal.

β€œDid he now?” Leo said β€œWell then. You better keep Emily and Willow away from me just in case I lose control and rip their throats out and drink until they breathe no more. Actually, maybe you should all stay away from me. I’m not fussed on who I feed on. Male. Female. Human or vampire. I don’t care. I’ll kill them all.”

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