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Father’s hit was harder this time.

β€œYou are ruining my name, boy” He hissed and slapped me again β€œHow can you be of royal blood when you can’t even do a simple task?”

I gritted my teeth and rubbed the spot he hit. I didn’t dare answer back and it wasn’t because I was scared. It was because I deserved it. I deserved to be hit for what I had done. But it wasn’t my fault. Father had refused to let me feed because I didn’t do as he said.

While my father had his back turned to me, I looked at the picture of my mother perched on the wall. She had left when Theo was five and she never came back. My father hated me because she always stood up for me. But when she left, his anger was taken out on me. I didn’t let him attack my brothers anymore because they didn’t deserve it.

I was the one who killed those humans. I was the one who lost control. I was the one to let our father down.

β€œYou will be sent away boy,” Father said β€œIf you fail again, you won’t be coming back. You will be lucky to stay alive. Do you understand me?”

I nodded β€œYes father.”

β€œGood. Not get out of my sight. You disgust me”

I left the room and headed downstairs, to see my brothers getting ready to go out. Theo looked up at me and frowned.

β€œDid he hit you again?”

β€œDoes it matter?” I muttered β€œHe didn’t hit you so it’s fine”

My youngest brother just sighed β€œYou know I’m not stupid. The beatings are getting worse and no one knows why he is beating you.”

I shrugged β€œCause I was never good at following orders. Where are you going?”

β€œJust for a walk,” Xander said, watching me carefully β€œDid you want to come with us or are you not allowed?”

β€œI can come,” I said, grabbing my shoes β€œDo you think I want to be left alone with father?”

β€œNot really,” Max grinned at me β€œSo! I saw you with that girl the other day. She was cute. Did you have sex with her?”

I choked on air and Dylan smacked the back of his head.

β€œWhat was that for?” Max whinged β€œIt was just a question! One of us brothers has to lose our virginity”

Xander sighed β€œDo you think it’s normal for a 15-year-old to be thinking about having sex?”

β€œJust cause you’ve lost it” Aaron pouted and Xander went bright red β€œAnd I am a horny teenager.”

β€œShut up!” Xander exclaimed, β€œJust get out the house!”

I walked down the road with my hands in my pockets. A few girls from my college tried to say hi to me, but I ignored them. They were pathetic and wouldn’t give up. I wasn’t interested in them and they wore too much perfume. It made me feel sick every time they tried to brush themselves against me. I had to scrub my clothes to get their disgusting scent off me.

β€œSorry,” Theo said and I looked up to see the girl he bumped into. My eyes went wide at the sight of the brunette, and the familiar scent tickled my nose.

β€œAre you ok?” He asked.

β€œI’m fine,” The girl said, almost snapping. Her eyes drifted over our faces and she frowned. I guess father knew how to wipe memories well, but it looked like she recognised us.

β€œWhat happened to you?” I asked, β€œDid you get beaten up?”

She glared at me β€œI’m fine.”

We all watched her walk away, but she stopped and turned back to look at us all again. Her bruised face made me feel sick. Her mother was no mother.

β€œDo I know you?”

I went to say something, but Theo spoke.

β€œNo. You don’t know us.”

β€œGet home safe,” Xander said, smiling softly at her.

β€œOk,” She said, looking away β€œHey, are you sure I don’t know any of you? What are your names?”

I glanced over at Theo who was smiling at her. He still loved her β€œTheo, but you don’t know us”

β€œOh,” She said and I could feel the sadness radiating from her broken body β€œWell...have a nice day.”

β€œYou too...Emily” Theo said and Xander grabbed him by his arm and dragged him away.

β€œAre you fucking stupid?” Xander hissed β€œWhy did you do that?”

We all reached the end of the road and looked over our shoulders to see her staring at us.

β€œJust nod and walk away,” Xander muttered, so we gave her a nod and walked around the corner β€œTheo. If father finds out-”

β€œHe won’t find out,” I said and Theo looked at me β€œIf you don’t say anything, then why would he find out?”

Dylan looked at me β€œWhy do you care anyway? You hated her.”

I gritted my teeth and my brothers walked away, leaving me standing alone. I looked at my clenched fists and took a deep breath, trying to contain my anger.

β€œLeo?” Theo said and I looked up.

β€œWhat?” I muttered.

β€œThank you,” He said and suddenly hugged me β€œYou found her”

I sighed and put my hand on the top of my head. I wasn’t sure how long it would be for him to tower over me, but for now, I was happy that I was still taller than my youngest brother.

β€œMan up Theo,” I said β€œYou’re 13, stop hugging people so freely”

Theo pulled away and quickly wiped the tears away from his eyes β€œLeo, what do you think has happened to her?”

I shrugged slightly β€œHer mother probably beats her”

β€œWhy doesn’t she just run away?” Theo asked, walking beside me β€œEmily always told me about her grandmother and that looks like more than just a beating”

β€œHumans are weak Theo,” I said, rubbing his head β€œI didn’t find her anyway. It’s just a coincidence that we moved here”

Theo shook his head β€œNo. You practically begged father for us to move here”

I didn’t say anything. I had no answer. It just felt right to move to this town. I sighed and ruffled my brother’s hair again.

β€œTheo, I promised you that I would find her for you,” I said.

β€œLeo, if we met her again and if she gets her memories back,” He said quietly β€œAre you going to kill her?”

I stopped walking and stared at my brother. He was fiddling with his necklace and I looked down at my hands. They had been stained red before and I could see the blood dripping from the tips of my fingers. I blinked away the memories of killing that girl and I cleared my throat, before looking at Theo.

β€œTheo,” I said, putting my hands on his shoulders β€œI promise that I will never hurt Emily. I promise you that she will be looked after. I will never hurt her. You have to trust me that I would never hurt her or any other female.”

Theo nodded and hugged me again β€œI believe you, Leo. I always will.”

I sighed and hugged him back.

Theo was my youngest brother and no matter how old he would get, I would always protect him. He was the baby and I could never see him go through another heartbreak.

I could never hurt the girl he loved...I could never hurt the girl that I loved or would love.

I had killed a girl once before and I was not going to do it again.

I may have been a monster, but I would not kill again.

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