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It was beautiful.

More beautiful than I had ever imagined.

It was painful at first, but after a while, the pain was welcoming. I sat back on my bed watching the flames flick around the flat. It weaved and rolled under the spell it was sparked into. It ate everything in its path. A wash of red and yellow, mixed in with the dark smoke.


Yet so dangerous. The colours of autumn; autumn that would cause such destruction. Who knew how beautiful a fire could be?

I observed each time the flame flicked and hissed, desperately trying to grab hold of me. How beautiful they swayed, beckoning me, enticing me to join in with their dance. The crimson anger of the flames was roaring, becoming wilder...more desperate for me.

Just as I was desperate for it.

The fire flickered again like the tongue of a snake poised in hatred, waiting to strike.

It wasn’t just a fire. It was death and I wanted it.

This pain I was holding was something I couldn’t take any more. I would be free.

I struggled to my feet, ignoring the smoke taunting my lungs. I reached out with my pale limbs watching the flames roll towards me. A small smile appeared on my face and even though my skin was burning from the heat, my tears were warm rolling on my face.

β€œI’m so sorry,” I whispered taking a step forward to my final goodbye β€œI’m sorry my brothers...Emily...I love you all”

The blazing inferno would destroy the place in less than a minute and I would be part of that destruction.

My skin started to darken. The only time my pale skin would look so alive was when it was about to die.

With one last breath, I closed my eyes and stepped further into the flames waiting to hug me.

β€œStop!” I heard someone scream.

I turned to see a dark figure standing, screaming at me. I tilted my head. It was too late. My time had come. I smiled softly at whoever it was and let the flame ignite my body. I felt nothing. There was nothing to feel when you welcomed death.

My world had turned dark and it was what I wanted. Death.



β€œLeonard! Wake up!”

Something sweet trickled down my throat and my eyes shot open. My blurry eyes could only see dark figures.

β€œGet away,” I croaked, and I tried to sit up, but someone pushed me down β€œLet me go!”

β€œNo chance in hell, pretty boy!” A girl hissed at me. Who was she? β€œJust shut up, drink and keep still”

I could hear people crying. I should be dead. I shouldn’t be hearing people crying. But I kept quiet and let the sweet liquid trickle down my throat. I sighed into the part feeding me, and I sunk my teeth in. It was a girl I was biting because she squeaked. It didn’t taste like Emily, so who was the girl feeding me? She wasn’t human. That was for sure, but her blood satisfied me.

It just wasn’t Emily.

β€œAlright,” The girl said, β€œYou’ve had enough. You are healed. Leo, sit up for me.”

β€œFuck off” I growled, and she laughed. I opened my eyes and slowly sat up. My brothers were surrounding me, but I only saw Emily. I quickly looked away, feeling the pain in my heart appear again β€œHow did you find me?”

β€œYou can thank me for that.”

I looked up at the girl and she was smiling softly at me. Her skin was dark and flawless, and her eyes were bright blue. She was beautiful, but I pushed that thought away when Emily spoke.

β€œHow could you do this?” She whispered out. She was crying β€œWhy would you do this to your family and yourself?”

β€œBecause you would be better off without me” I muttered, β€œHow the hell did you find me?”

β€œWillow found you,” Theo said, holding Emily closer to his chest β€œLeo, why did you try to kill yourself?”

I swallowed the painful lump in my throat β€œNone of you would understand.”

Their anger was strong, and I tried to ignore it. I could feel their thoughts and I wanted them to stop. But someone was feeling sorry for me and it wasn’t my brothers, so I looked at the blue-eyed girl and I quickly looked away as she tilted her head.

β€œWhy did you bring me home?” I asked, staring at my piano β€œYou should have left me to burn.”

Emily cried louder, and I rubbed my face feeling bad for making her cry. I finally caught a glimpse of my skin. It looked untouched. Pale. Perfect.

My tattoos intact and I clenched my fists wishing that I was left to die. But that stupid bitch had to bring me back. I cut my eyes to her and I saw her trying to hide a smile. I couldn’t read her thoughts and it surprised me. I could read everyone’s thoughts but it was like she was blocking me out.

β€œWhy didn’t you turn them down?” I snapped β€œWhy couldn’t you just leave me to die? Why is that so fucking hard to do? I wanted to die!”

She shrugged not caring that I was angry with her β€œBecause they asked me nicely. Which would probably be too difficult for you because it’s like you have a stick up your ass,”

β€œDon’t you fucking talk to me like that,” I growled, β€œWho the fuck do you think you are?”

β€œI’m Willow,” She said with a straight face β€œIt’s nice to meet you and nice to see that you healed nicely,”

β€œYou stupid-”

β€œI hope you know how angry I am with you right now,” Emily snapped, and I looked over at her. I smiled softly at her anger β€œDon’t smile at me!”

β€œI...” I stopped β€œI won’t say sorry for trying to kill myself.”

My eyes were as wide as my brothers. She slapped me...she full on slapped me. Emily slapped me. If it was anyone else I would have killed them...but I wanted to feel her anger.

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