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I had always wondered how to escape an awkward situation and as I sat at the dinner table, I kept planning on how to escape the sheer awkwardness of this room. Even the scrapes against the dinner plates were awkward and I wish I could turn into a bug and get the fuck out of this situation.

I knew that a few of the brothers were watching me and I ignored it because what the fuck was I meant to say?

Hey...I see you watching me. Maybe you can, you know, take a picture and take a hike?


I get I’m beautiful but shit. I’m not your snack.

But no. I couldn’t even string a sentence without sounding like a dribbling fool. I had to try and sound the words out in my head, but even then the sentence came out like I didn’t have a brain. Ok, so sometimes I thought I didn’t have a brain purely because I could be an awkward person and never able to hold my tongue at times, but I was pretty damn intelligent, but I had to escape this room before I blew up into a ball of flames of awkwardness and tension.

Maybe I should just roll out the room with my hood up and disappear into the darkness which was calling me. And by darkness, I mean Leo sitting in his room by himself. He hadn’t left his room for 2 days and didn’t even let me into the room.

I sighed and put my knife and fork down β€œAlright. Is anyone going to address the bug in the room? Shit. I mean elephant. Get it together girl. Why can’t you English today?”

β€œWhat do you mean?” Max muttered β€œI’m not awkward. Is anyone else awkward?”

β€œIf this isn’t an awkward atmosphere, then you are 8 feet tall,” I said and he stuck his tongue out at me β€œSo...who’s going to start this group session? I say Theo starts”

β€œWhy me?” Theo asked, β€œDylan should start!”

β€œWell ladies,” I said β€œYou were the ones to make it awkward in the first place”

β€œHow is it our fault?” Aaron asked, β€œYou were the-”

β€œLet’s get this straight,” I said β€œYou were the ones who thought your brother could kill me. You were the ones who doubted him and you were the ones who made him not want to leave his room. My room is down the hall and I can still feel his damn emotions”

No one said anything, Xander just carried on eating.

β€œHow could you possibly doubt your brother?” I snapped β€œWhen has he ever hurt me?”

β€œYou don’t understand,” Callum said.

β€œNo. I think I do understand” I said getting to my feet, β€œI thought you were better than that. But you really aren’t. Xander has never hurt me and I’m pretty sure that he has never hurt Emily. So what made you think that he would kill me during my fertile time?”

β€œMale vampires are-”

β€œLeo acts like a bonded male around me!” I said β€œDid you honestly think that a vampire that acts like a bonded one could kill me? Fuck the rumours of un-bonded males around fertile vampires. He has never hurt me!”

β€œWe shouldn’t have judged, but when you hear the stories of what he did, you can’t help but think about that,” Aaron said β€œWe shouldn’t have let him near you, to be honest. Anything could have happened.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, β€œWhat the fuck is wrong with you?”

β€œExcuse me?”

β€œWhen are you going to understand that Leo would never hurt me!” I shouted and the room shook slightly β€œAnd before you tell me to calm down, I was well aware of what Leo has done but you don’t see me judging him.”

β€œYou can’t-” Max started.

β€œI can’t what?” I hissed β€œLeo has a past. You have a past. I have a past. What fucking difference does that make? He’s your god damn brother and you hurt him.”

β€œYou don’t understand!” Dylan shouted β€œWe are of royal blood! We can’t be going around killing people because we lost control!”

I shook my head β€œI thought you were better than that. Clearly, I was wrong.”

β€œWillow, wait,” Theo said.

β€œNo,” I said β€œI’m done with you lot. Do you think royal blood makes you different from any other vampire around? It doesn’t. It just gives you a fucking status.”

β€œWillow,” Xander finally spoke up β€œAlthough I can’t forgive my brothers for judging Leo, don’t forget you are under our roof. You need to show a little more respect”

β€œRespect?” I scoffed β€œYou lost my respect when you hurt Leo's feelings. The lot of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Do you think it’s easy for Leo to be around you guys? He loves you but you are so cruel to him.”

β€œWillow, please sit down,”

β€œNo,” I said β€œI’m leaving. I can’t be around you guys. If you were my family I would have punched you all in the face”

β€œPlease Willow,” Xander said, β€œWe need to talk this out”

β€œI’m sorry Xander,” I said walking out the room. I heard the chairs scrape and I knew they were following me β€œIt’s better if you just leave me alone.”

β€œWillow, just wait,” Theo said β€œI never doubted my brother. Never. I know Leo could never hurt you.”

β€œAnd what makes you think that I can believe you? You were all so quick to judge him so-”

β€œWhen I was 13 years old, he made a promise to me,” Theo said β€œIt was between Leo and me, and he has never broken it”

The brothers looked over at him.

β€œI won’t lie to you, I was slightly disappointed and upset at Emily,” Theo said quietly β€œShe knows that because I can’t hide anything from her. If I thought Leo was going to hurt you then I would have stopped him from going to you.”


β€œI acted like a dick because he snapped at Emily. It wasn’t intentional but we are bonded. It’s just our nature” Theo sighed β€œMy brother promised me that he would never hurt Emily or any other female. At the time I didn’t realise what he had done. I was 13 years old and Leo was the one to take on all of our hardships. I trust Leo and I trust him around you.”

β€œYou still didn’t have his back,” I said β€œBonded male or not, that is your brother. None of you should have been total fuckers towards him. You should have believed he wouldn’t harm me. If I thought he was going to, I would have beaten his ass.”

Xander smiled slightly β€œWillow. I respect how passionate you are about Leo.”

β€œNone of your brothers are,” I said, glaring at them staring at the floor β€œI know it isn’t my place to say, but the lot of you have to make it up to Leo at some point. Because I can feel his emotions right now, and it’s making even me feel like shit”

I turned around and walked up the stairs, leaving them to wallow in their own regret.

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