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It hurt.

It hurt that my brothers didn’t have any faith in me. They believed our father’s words, instead of believing me. Their brother. The one who took all the beatings and the one who protected them from everything. Then Emily thought I could hurt Willow. That made me sadder than my brothers not believing in me.

I had never hurt Emily intentionally and I would never have hurt her. I protected her and I gave her the strength she needed when she had to take down that man who abused her for all those years. That just proved to me that I didn’t love her as much as I had thought. She hurt me. She spoke to me like I was a piece of shit and I hated her for it. But as much as I didn’t like hearing what she said to me, it made me realise that she wasn’t the one for me. Emily wasn’t the one I loved.

It was Willow.

I loved Willow.

I sat up quickly and rushed to my door, yanking it open. I almost ran down the hallway towards her room and I bashed my hands on it until she opened it.

β€œI don’t want to talk to you right- Leo?” She said, β€œAre you ok? What’s wrong?”

I grabbed her face and I kissed her. I wanted her to feel how much I loved her and when she kissed me back, I backed her into the room kicking her door shut. We fell onto the bed and she pushed me away slightly.

β€œWhat has gotten into you?” She asked, out of breath β€œDo you need some-”

β€œI love you,”

Her eyes went wide and I was sure she stopped breathing β€œExcuse me!”

I swallowed the lump in my throat β€œDo you want me to say it again?”

β€œWell...I wasn’t expecting that” She said, β€œI mean, I thought you hated me at one point and then you said that I wasn’t good enough to be with someone of royal blood. Shit. Am I dreaming right now?”

I shook my head and kissed the tip of her nose β€œNo. You aren’t dreaming”

β€œThen...” She frowned β€œAre you lying to me?”

β€œIf I was lying to you then you would know,” I said, burying my face into her neck and I almost got drunk on the smell of raspberries β€œYou can read emotions, can’t you? Then read mine.”

Willow's heart began to race and her breathing became shallow. She sucked in air sharply when I ran my tongue over her neck and I nipped her skin.

β€œTell me how I am lying to you” I whispered and kissed my way up her neck to under her ear β€œTell me how I β€˜hate’ you and tell me how I can’t get enough of you under my tongue. Tell me how I β€˜hate’ the taste of you and tell me how I don’t want to fuck you”

β€œLeo!” She exclaimed and I chuckled β€œY-you are good a-at covering your emotions, Leo!”

β€œYes,” I said, looking down at her β€œBut I’m ready to let you in.”


I sighed β€œWillow, I know you have been trying to break down that lock on those memories I don’t want anyone to know about. I’m not stupid.”

β€œWell, I just...I can’t get my way out of that can I?” She said, smiling at me.

I smiled back and brushed her hair from her face β€œThere is one way. Would you like to know what it is?”

Willow gulped and nodded β€œI can only imagine”

I kissed her once again and ran my hands up her body, making her moan under my touch. I had never kissed someone with so much emotion before and it felt like she was sucking the life from me. I couldn’t get enough of her body and I wanted her as mine. I didn’t want anyone to take her from me and I was going to show her how much I wanted her as mine. I wanted to claim her. No vampire or demon was going to take this girl from under me.

She was mine.

β€œI want to bond with you,” I said, moving my mouth to her neck β€œLet me bond with you, please.”

β€œI, uh, I...shit. Leo,” She said, and I knew she was beginning to panic β€œWhat if you get bored of me? What if you see another female who is stronger and prettier? Wait, what if you meet another vampire who has royal blood and you lose interest in me?”

β€œBaby, calm down,” I said quietly, β€œAs cheesy as this sounds, I don’t know any other female as strong as you.”

β€œI wouldn’t be so sure of that,” She muttered and I chuckled β€œWhat is so funny?”

β€œWillow, you were willing to risk your life to save me. A vampire who you met a few times. You are stronger than any other vampire I know.”

β€œWho are you and what have you done with Leo?”

I laughed and she smiled slightly β€œI’m being honest Willow. I can’t see myself looking at any other female because the only one I have on my mind is you.”


β€œI know, but I don’t give a fuck,” I said, β€œI love you...I want to bond with you. Do you know how hard it was to not bond with you when you were fertile?”

β€œI can only imagine,” She said quietly β€œBut you didn’t love me then”

β€œI wouldn’t be so sure” I sighed, β€œI think I was in denial. I thought that I still loved Emily, but I don’t. She made me realise that I love you.”

β€œW-what if your brothers don’t approve?” She asked quickly, β€œThey don’t like me right now and I’m not sure if-”

β€œFuck what my brothers think” I growled slightly β€œWho gives a fuck what they think about you? I don’t care because they have fuck all to do with our relationship”

Willow nodded β€œW-we have to talk t-to them”

β€œRight now?” I asked, lifting my eyebrow β€œDo you want to talk to them right now? Fine. We will go and talk to them.”

As I went to get off her, she grabbed hold of my shirt and looked away, her cheeks slightly pink.

β€œWell, we c-can go talk to them after.”

I smirked and kissed along her jawline β€œAfter what?”

β€œAfter we bond” She whispered and my heart jumped into my throat β€œI...I love you too Leo,”

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