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The next day I stomped downstairs feeling great until I saw Leo's brothers. I huffed and walked right by them to the kitchen for something to eat. I didn’t want to talk to them and I certainly didn’t want to talk about Leo and I bonding.

β€œWillow,” Aaron said, β€œCan we talk?”

I ignored him and hummed while making myself a sandwich. I was feeling that kind of petty.

β€œYou can’t ignore us forever,”

β€œNo, but I can ignore you for now,” I said.

β€œWe know you bonded and we want to apologise.”

I turned and glared at them β€œFor what? It’s not me you need to say sorry to. It’s your fucking brother. He’s the one you hurt. You just pissed me off but I can get over that. Leo is still hurting because you didn’t trust him”

β€œWe know,” Dylan said, β€œCan you tell him-”

β€œNo,” I said, β€œYou want to apologise to him? You can do it to his face. I’m not being a damn messenger. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go beat Jerome and Vince at Overwatch because they think they are better than me.”

β€œI’ll play,” Theo said, β€œIt’s been a while since I’ve played it and I could do with winning.”

I narrowed my eyes at him β€œYou really think you can beat me?”

β€œWell yeah. I’m great at this game.”

I scoffed β€œWe will see about that, Bunny Boy,” I looked at his brothers β€œLeo is in a good mood so maybe you should find him before he has a mood swing,”

β€œDo you think he’d want to talk to me?” Emily asked, rubbing the top of her arm β€œI said some horrible things and I didn’t trust him”

I shrugged β€œDon’t know,”

β€œDo you hate me?”

β€œNo. I don’t,” I sighed β€œI’m more upset that you didn’t trust him. I may haven’t been there since day one but he is your family. You should trust him more than anything. Just go and talk to him. I’ve been missing for a while now and who knows what a bonded Leo will do.”

His brothers smiled slightly and nodded.

β€œI can’t disagree with that. Leo was bad enough when he wasn’t bonded” Aaron said, β€œI thought he was going to tear my head from my body when you were fertile”

β€œI thought he was going to tear me a new hole,”

β€œI thought I would need a new one after that night,” I said lowering the tone. The brothers sent me a disgusted look and I just laughed β€œWhat? Your brother is well endowed. Almost tore me apart, I am-”

β€œWe are going now!” Callum said covering his ears and walking away β€œFuck you Willow!”

β€œThat’s why I have your brother!” I called after them.

β€œWillow,” Emily said, holding the bottom of my top β€œAre we still friends? I’m really sorry for upsetting you and Leo. I was just scared and I knew I shouldn’t have listened to the stories but-”

β€œEmily, I can’t hate you,” I sighed, β€œYou’re too damn cute!”

Emily smiled slightly β€œFriends?”

β€œFriends,” I said and we hugged each other β€œCan I ask you something though?”

β€œSure. What’s up?”

β€œWhat exactly did they tell you about Leo?”

Emily sighed β€œHe was sent away on a few occasions because he lost control and killed a few people. Leo almost killed a few others as well when he lost control.”

β€œIt’s true,” I said and her eyes went wide β€œBut so have the others. I’m sure you know that. They are vampires and probably lost control when they were younger. They also went through the change before most.”

β€œWhy is that?” Emily asked following me to one of the many lounges β€œI never got to ask them.”

β€œThey are royal blood,” I said, β€œThey change when they are about 5. Other vampires change later but even if they don’t want to admit it, they have probably killed people and not meant to. I guess Leo did it more but that doesn’t make him any less of a-”

β€œNo, I know that and I should have believed in him,” Emily said, β€œI was just scared of losing you as a friend. I mean, how stupid is that? I have Mitchel and Jack. The girls I used to work with don’t really talk to me as much as they used to but that’s only because they are busy with work.”

β€œYou don’t have to try and justify yourself. I understand why you would panic.” I said nudging her with my elbow β€œSo, did you want to try and play against me?”

β€œI’m not very good at games,” Emily said, β€œAnd I rage quit so bad. I was playing a children’s game and I died and broke Theo's controller. He won’t let me touch his console anymore.”

I laughed β€œBoys and their toys”

β€œI’m going to fucking kill you!” I heard Leo yell.

Emily and I jumped to our feet and rushed out of the room to see the brothers almost falling down the stairs. Leo was close on their tails and they ran out the front door. They were all laughing apart from Leo.

β€œKeep running you bastards!” He yelled and followed them.

Emily and I looked at each other, then back at the front door that was wide open.

β€œSo, do you think they made up?” I asked and Emily giggled β€œBecause shit. If they didn’t then they wouldn’t be laughing”

β€œI don’t think they could ever hate each other,” Emily said, β€œThey have been through a lot together and they only have each other”

β€œTrue,” I said biting into my sandwich β€œSo, wanna game?”

β€œI thought you’d never ask”

As we reached the bottom of the stairs, a painful shiver shot up my spine and Emily dropped to her knees gasping for air. I tried to stay on my feet but the air became too heavy for me and I fell beside her onto the stairs. I turned to look over my shoulder and saw a vampire I didn’t think I’d ever see again.

He was still as handsome and powerful as I had remembered as a child. His face harsh with a paper thin cut running from the left side of his forehead and across his face to the bottom of his chin. A war wound given to him by a hunter back when he was close to his change. His dark sharp eyes were watching Emily and me. My breath felt like it was caught in my throat and a small smile appeared on his face.

β€œWell, well,” He said, β€œI see you are bonded females. It has been a while, Willow.”

I nodded not able to speak properly and he turned his gaze to Emily. I noticed his eyes narrow and he sneered at her.

β€œMiss Emily,” He chuckled and licked his bottom lip β€œIt has been a while. I wonder if you still taste as sweet as you did as a 7-year-old?”

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