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As Salem stepped further into the house, I forced myself to my feet and stepped in front of Emily. There was no chance in hell that this vampire was going to lay his hands on her. Emily could have been saved from what she went through if this bastard had helped her. But he didn’t. He wiped her memories and left her to suffer.

β€œDo you really think that you can stand up to me?” He chuckled, β€œDo not forget that you are standing in front of royal blood”

β€œRoyal blood or not,” I said, β€œI won’t let you harm her”

β€œWhat do you think you will do to stop me?” He asked and I blinked. I shouldn’t have blinked. I gasped as his hand wrapped around my neck and lifted me from the floor β€œI’m faster. Older. Wiser and stronger. You are just a low-blooded vampire, Miss Willow and you will never win against me”

I clawed at his hands gasping for air and he threw me beside Emily. I grunted as my ribcage hit the stairs and I looked up at him with tears in my eyes. He just laughed and reached down to grab Emily but there was movement in the corner of my eye.

β€œIf you dare lay a hand on Emily, I will fucking kill you,” Theo growled grabbing hold of Salem's shirt β€œFather or not, you will not harm her”

β€œMy dear boy,” Salem said, β€œI had hoped you wouldn’t find her. Half-breeds don’t deserve to live”

β€œFather,” Xander said, β€œIf you are here to fight, then you aren’t welcome here.”

β€œXander,” Salem said, moving Theo's hands away from him β€œYou were always the sensible one. I can’t see why you let a half-breed and a low-blooded vampire reside here. To make it worse, they both bonded with royal blood. This will bring disgrace to our family name.”

β€œThe only disgrace here is you,” Leo growled β€œAnd if you ever touch Willow again I will tear your head from your shoulders”

I slowly got to my feet and helped Emily to hers. She was still struggling to breathe properly but when Salem was around, he had this air about him. It made it feel like all the oxygen had been sucked out and your body felt heavy. Emily wasn’t used to this power because she was half-human. But even as full blood it was sometimes painful.

β€œLeo,” Salem said, looking over at him β€œI’m surprised you haven’t killed her already. It wouldn’t be the first time you killed someone.”

β€œWe have all killed someone, father,” Xander said putting his hand on Leo's chest β€œWhy did you send a siren to tell us you were coming?”

β€œI like to play games with you,” Salem said, his eyes focusing back on Emily β€œWho changed her?”

β€œWhy do you care?” Theo snapped and stood in front of Emily β€œStop looking at her. You don’t deserve to look at her!”

Salem chuckled β€œHow precious. I’m not here to fight because you would lose. I’m here because I found out that demons are after someone here. I want to know who, so I can eradicate them. I won’t have our name ruin because of-”

β€œWhy don’t you just fuck off?” Emily said and we all looked at her in shock β€œYou come in here acting like you own the damn place but you are just a prick. You caused more problems than necessary and I don’t like you.”

Salem lifted his eyebrow β€œThe only reason why you are standing in front of me right now, is because I let you live.”

Emily scoffed β€œAnd you want me to thank you for that? You can kiss my ass.”

β€œLet’s go, baby,” Theo said glaring at Salem, β€œI don’t want to be here right now”

Emily stuck her tongue out at Salem and let Theo lead her towards the front door. I had to respect Emily for that. Salem looked shocked that she stuck her tongue out at him. Leo walked over to me and made me look at him.

β€œAre you ok? I came as soon as you called for help,” He said and I frowned. He tapped my forehead β€œI heard you call for me”

β€œOh,” I said quietly and I looked over at Salem who was scowling at Leo. I wished I had held my tongue but I couldn’t β€œWhy the fuck are you looking at him like that?”

β€œHow dare you talk to me like that,” Salem said, β€œI could have you killed for-”

β€œIf you go anywhere near her, I will kill you,” Leo snapped, β€œIt’s not like you don’t fucking deserve it.”

Salem suddenly started to laugh β€œMy dear boy. Have you forgotten who protected you from humans? Protected you from everyone?”

Leo tensed beside me and his lips were pressed together tightly.

β€œWhen you drained those girls, I was the one to get you out of that mess,” He said and grabbed hold of his throat β€œI was the one who sent you away to learn how to control yourself.”

β€œYou didn’t protect me,” Leo spat, β€œYou sent me away because you knew that if I was at home, I’d protect my brothers from you.”

β€œDo not forget who you killed,” Salem said quietly, β€œHave you told your dear brothers who you killed?”

Leo shoved Salem away and clenched his fists β€œI will-”

β€œDo nothing, my dear child,” Salem laughed, β€œI’m the only thing protecting you from them.”

β€œWhy don’t you just shut the fuck up?” I snapped and stepped in front of Leo β€œStop being such an ass. No wonder Leo and his brothers fucking hate you.”

β€œWillow,” Leo whispered β€œStop,”

β€œNo!” I snapped β€œThat bastard can’t walk in here and act like fucking god. He can’t be treating any of you like shit anymore. You’ve done so well without him and now you all act weak when he is here. He isn’t scary and he has no say in how you run your lives.”

β€œLetting a female talk for you Leo?” Salem said, β€œI’m disappointed. All those females you had relationships with did what as they were told. Apart from the ones you killed of course”

β€œFather, just stop,” Leo said, β€œThat isn’t who I am. Willow has-”

β€œLeo is a murderer and there isn’t anything you can say,” Salem said, β€œBoys, did Leo tell you how he killed your mother?”

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