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Not even the birds were singing in the background. I couldn’t hear anyone breathing and my eyes darter between Leo and his brothers. Salem was standing there with a large smirk on his face and I slipped my hand into Leo's making Salem look over at me, his smirk slowly fading.

β€œYou are still standing by him, even though he killed his own mother?”

I gulped β€œYes. Because I love him,”

β€œThen you are stupid,” Salem snapped, β€œThat monster should not be allowed to live,”

β€œYou have no say in who lives and who dies,” I said, β€œWe all hold secrets. Good or bad. Leo is not a monster no matter how many times you say it,”

β€œBoys,” Salem said looking at his other sons β€œThe brother you looked up to, the brother who you let live under your roof, is the reason why your mother is dead,”

Their emotions were making me feel sick. Each emotion I read made my stomach turn and I wanted to throw up. I had never felt such intense emotions before and Leo's grip tightened on my hand.

β€œI think it’s better if you leave,” I said glaring at Salem β€œYou came here for one reason and you succeeded. Leave before I make you leave,”

I could feel the brothers look over at me but I wasn’t going to back down from this bastard standing in front of me. Salem smirked and then clapped his hand slowly, mocking me and I felt my anger boil inside my stomach, but Leo held onto me tightly, obviously knowing that I was about to snap.

β€œI will leave,” Salem smiled β€œBut I will be back and I will be back to stay. Boys, I will see you shortly and maybe by then, you would have got rid of that monster standing before you. Along with his mate,”

Salem left as quick as he had arrived and he slammed the door, making the sound echo around the place. Leo's hand was sweating in mine and his eyes never left the floor. I tugged on his hand, urging him to look at me but he refused.

β€œYou killed our mother?” Aaron said, breaking the silence β€œWhy?”

Leo didn’t say anything and I saw tears start to appear in his eyes. He pulled his hand away from mine slowly and he stepped away from me, turning to walk upstairs.

β€œYou can’t run away this time,” Dylan growled and knocked him onto the stairs, pinning him down by his throat β€œWhy! Why did you kill our mother?”

I went to help Leo out, but Max appeared in front of me, tears rolling down his face and he held me back.

β€œOur mother did nothing but love us!” Dylan yelled β€œWhy did you kill her? Did you lose control like you normally did? Did she not give you enough attention? Why?”

β€œPlease, let me go,” Leo whispered β€œLet me go,”

β€œNot until you fucking answer me!”

β€œEnough!” I shouted and shoved Max away from me. I walked forward and dragged Dylan away from Leo β€œIf you want to find out the reason, getting angry with him isn’t the way,”

β€œStay out of this, Willow,” Callum said, β€œYou have no say in this,”

β€œDoes it look like I care?” I snapped, β€œYou seem to forget who I am now. Leo is my mate and I will protect him no matter what,”

β€œHe killed our mother!” Aaron yelled, β€œHow can you still protect him?”

β€œBecause I love him!” I yelled back, β€œYou are his brothers and you can’t say you don’t love him. There is obviously a reason why he killed her, so you will shut your damn mouths and listen to what he has to say,”

β€œNo,” Max said, β€œI’m done. I’m fucking done with him,”

β€œSo am I,” Aaron said glaring at Leo, β€œI’ve forgiven you for killing those girls because we have all done things that we regret. But you killed our mother,”

β€œStay away from us, Leo,” Callum said, walking towards the front door β€œI’m hoping you have gone by the time I get back,”

β€œJust so you know, Theo is going to be so fucking angry with you,” Dylan said, β€œYou have lost us, Leo. No longer are you my brother,”

Leo looked up, tears rolling down his face, β€œWait, you can’t-”

β€œShut up,” Aaron said, β€œYou don’t get to talk to us. Willow, you are stupid to want to stay with someone like that,”

β€œAaron, I did it because-” Leo started.

β€œI don’t want to listen to your excuses,” Aaron said, β€œI don’t ever want to see you again,”

Leo choked on his tears β€œPlease, please don’t do this to me! I need you! You’re my brothers, I can’t-”

β€œWe are no longer brothers,” Max said quietly, following the others out of the front door.

Leo's body shook as he started to cry and I sat beside him, holding him close as he cried into my chest. I closed my eyes as I felt the pain he was feeling and I rested my chin on his head as he sobbed.

β€œIgnore them,” Xander said making me look at him β€œThey are angry and upset. Let them calm down,”

β€œThey didn’t l-listen to me,” Leo cried, β€œThey t-turned their b-back on me,”

β€œLeo,” Xander said calmly β€œThey will listen to you when they have calmed down,”

β€œWhy haven’t you acted like that?” I asked Xander, β€œWhy didn’t you run out on him?”

Xander smiled gently and walked over to us. He sat on the stairs and put his hand on Leo's shoulder, squeezing him slightly.

β€œLeo, you are my brother,” He said β€œNo matter what. We have all made mistakes but I’m sure there is a reason behind your decision,”

Leo squeezed me tighter as he cried more β€œHow c-can I believe y-you?”

Xander sighed β€œBecause I know you killed mother,”

β€œHow?” I asked, β€œHow did you possibly-”

β€œI’m not stupid,” Xander said, β€œWhen father sent you away a month after mother left, I always wondered why you can back as if the world had ended. It didn’t take me long to realise that you killed her,”

β€œWhy didn’t you say anything?” Leo whispered.

β€œI wanted to hear it from your mouth,” He said, β€œLeo. I was upset but I knew it tore you apart. I just want to know the reason why father made you do it,”

β€œHow did you know father told me to do it?”

Xander smiled bitterly β€œBecause our father is a monster. He had asked me to do it and when I turned it down, he laughed and told me it was a joke. When you came back, I knew that he had made you kill her.”


β€œLeo,” Xander said, making Leo look at him β€œTell me the reason. Why did you kill her?”

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