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The sun had set a few hours ago and Leo had finally fallen asleep. I had made sure that I was with him as he cried until he threw up, and held him as he shook violently with how hard he was crying. It broke my heart to see him like that and just feel his emotions. I had to shut myself away so I could stay strong for him.

I managed to slip out of the room without waking him up and I went downstairs to find something to eat. I wanted to make sure that there was food for Leo when he woke up and if he didn’t feel hungry, there would be something light for him to eat. His brothers had broken his heart into a thousand pieces and I still had to see Theo and Emily.

I stepped into the kitchen to see the two vampires sitting at the breakfast bar, holding a hot drink in their hands. They both looked up and Emily rushed over to me, hugging me. I felt her tears on my neck and I swallowed mine back, not wanting to cry again.

β€œHow is he?” Theo asked quietly.

β€œDo you care?” I snapped.

β€œYes,” Theo said, β€œI’ve never once doubted the decisions of my brother. Leo must have had a valid reason to kill our mother,”

β€œIf you are lying to me, then-”

β€œI wouldn’t lie to you, Willow,” Theo said getting to his feet β€œOf course, I’m upset and I’m angry. But Leo has never ever stopped...” He paused β€œLook, I love my brother no matter what and I just wish that my other brothers would have just stopped to listen to him. Did they listen to an explanation?”

I shook my head β€œNo. They said they weren’t brothers anymore. You didn’t see him, Theo. His heart was shattered and he cried so much he threw up,”

Theo rubbed the back of his neck β€œCan I see him?”

β€œHe’s asleep,” I said, β€œI’d rather you wait until he is awake. He needs to sleep,”

Theo nodded β€œWill you tell me when he wakes up? I want to talk to him. He needs to know that I won’t turn my back on him,”

β€œLeo needs his family,” Emily sniffed and stepped away from me β€œI still can’t believe how the others treated him,”

β€œI understand that they are angry, but they disgusted me with what they said,” I said, clenching my fists β€œIf you see them, tell them that Leo isn’t going anywhere. This is his home and whether they like it or not, he is their older brother. The only brothers who seem to be real brothers are you and Xander,”

β€œI’ll try and talk some sense into them,” Theo said, β€œWillow, did you want me to cook you anything to eat?”

β€œI’m fine,” I said, β€œI was here to grab things to leave upstairs for when he wakes up. I know that he won’t be hungry, but he still needs to eat,”

Theo smiled softly at me and Emily went back to his side β€œDo you want to hear something funny?”

β€œGo for it,” I said β€œI need something to make me smile,”

β€œAfter Emily moved away, I was so upset. I used to kick the ball against her fence hoping that her face would appear and she would play with me,” Theo said β€œLeo came out to see me and I yelled at him for a bit. But I saw something and now I realise what I saw,”

β€œWhich was what?”

β€œI told him that he would meet someone,” He smiled, β€œSomeone with a pretty face and pretty eyes. I told him that he would turn into a prince for the one he loved and it came true,”

β€œSo, what-”

β€œWillow, I saw you,” He said, β€œAt first I didn’t believe what I was seeing because I was 7 years old but thinking back, I could see you. It’s strange because I didn’t realise it was you who I saw in my vision but now the vision makes sense,”

β€œAre you saying that you saw me walking into his life?” I asked.

Theo nodded β€œYes. I had forgotten about it until recently but I never found the right time to tell you or Leo. Willow, you are the one to save my brother. You have saved him before and you are the only female that can put up with his shit and argue back,”

β€œI wouldn’t say it’s putting up with his shit,” I said, β€œI understand him more than others seem to. We share the same past in a way. Leo isn’t as bad as others seem to think,”

Emily looked up and I saw her clench her fists. I smelt the other brothers walk into the kitchen and I couldn’t help but scowl at them as they walked past me.

β€œHas he gone yet?” Callum asked.

β€œHe isn’t going anywhere,” I said, β€œHe is your brother and you will fucking listen to what he has to say,”

β€œI don’t listen to people who kill family members,” Aaron scoffed β€œAnd he is no longer our brother,”

β€œI agree with Willow,” Theo said, β€œWe need to listen to him. Leo has never-”

β€œIf you are going to be on his side, then you can leave as well,” Dylan said and Emily gasped and Dylan shook his head, β€œI think you should go. Take Emily with you. She has caused us nothing but-”

β€œIf you finished that sentence, I will tear your throat out,” Theo growled.

β€œNo,” I said stepping closer to the brothers β€œLet him finish that sentence,”

β€œDon’t bother,” Emily said, β€œI thought better of you lot, but I was wrong. You are just as bad as your father,”

Their eyes went wide and she left the kitchen without another word. Theo grabbed his mug and threw it across the kitchen, it smashing against the wall.

β€œEmily is right,” I said, β€œYou are just as bad as Salem and if you think I will take that back, then you are wrong,”

β€œGet out,” Max said, β€œYou aren’t welcome here anymore,”

β€œAnd are you going to make me leave?” I growled and he shot in front of me, standing inches away from me β€œPut your hands on me. I dare you,”

β€œYou think I’m afraid of a bonded Leo?” He snarled.

I grinned, letting my fangs go and I felt his blood run cold, the hairs on his arms standing up and he gulped slightly. The air around us dropped and I saw him trying not to shiver. But I wasn’t about to step down.

β€œIt isn’t Leo you need to be afraid of, Max,” I said quietly.

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