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Willow wasn’t beside me when I woke up and my heart dropped into my stomach when I couldn’t feel her. I jumped out of bed and yanked the door open, to be hit by a wave of emotions. It was like someone had thrown me face first into a wall, and dragged my face across the jagged bricks.

The air was heavy and I was struggling to breathe, but I knew it was Willow. I felt a strong connection to her emotions and I had to get to her before the wall came crumbling down. The smell of chocolate and raspberries was strong. Max must have said something to piss her off and I was about to tear his head from his body for antagonising my mate.

I rushed into the kitchen and my brothers turned to face me briefly before turning to face what was happening. Willow's blue eyes were now white, her fangs longer than I had ever seen and as I breathed, white puffs of clouds shot from my mouth, just like how I had done previously. I looked over at my brother who was standing inches from her, his fangs revealed and his eyes red.

But he was scared of her.

β€œIf you think I am going to back down from this fight,” Max growled, β€œYou are wrong,”

Willow laughed and a painful shiver shot up my spine β€œIt’s probably better that you step down or things will turn ugly. And as much as I want to tear off your face for being a total dick towards Leo, you really aren’t worth my anger,”

β€œI’m not backing down,” He said, β€œYou can’t stand up for someone who killed a family member,”

β€œThen I implore you to make the first move,” She said, almost growling β€œBut let me tell you this. It will be the last move that you ever make,”

β€œI’m royal blood,” Max said, β€œI’m not worried about-”

β€œThat’s enough!” Xander yelled and walked into the kitchen β€œMax, you will stand down,”

β€œDon’t take this bitch’s side,” Max said, β€œLook at-”

β€œIf you value your life, you will take a step back,” Xander said, β€œI am on no one’s side but I know what Willow is capable of and having royal blood will not save you,”

β€œWillow,” I said quietly, β€œI’m here now. It’s ok,”

β€œI won’t have anyone disrespect the ones I love,” She said, rolling her shoulders back β€œAt first I understood their anger but now I want to let the other side of me make its show,”

β€œWhat side?” I asked walking closer to her. I reached out to touch her arm and she turned to look at me β€œIgnore what they say. They can be angry until the end of time, but you are my priority. Not how much they hate me or how they want to disown me,”

Willow glared at the brothers β€œIf you are so angry at him, then why haven’t you tried to kill him?”

β€œIt doesn’t matter,” I said quietly, β€œPlease come back to bed. I need you right now,”

β€œNo,” Emily said walking into the kitchen, β€œSince we are all together, why don’t we have a Jeremy Kyle moment and get everything in the open. I will start,”

β€œAngel,” Theo said, β€œMaybe-”

β€œI thought better of you all,” She said, β€œYou protected me and you let me into your family despite the demons that were after me. You were like a family to me and you made sure that Theo and I got together,”

β€œThis is different,” Aaron said, β€œLeo killed our mother for no reason,”

β€œShut the fuck up you conceited prick,” Emily snapped, β€œYou think it’s for no reason but you didn’t let him even explain himself!”

β€œEmily, this really isn’t the time to get angry,” Theo said walking over to her β€œBaby, please. It cant be dealt with another time,”

β€œTheo, I am not backing down,” She said and looked over at me β€œTell them the reason, Leo. Please. I want them to feel like shit,”

β€œWe already feel like shit!” Callum exclaimed β€œWe just found out that our so-called brother killed our mother,”

β€œHe is your brother!” Emily screamed loudly β€œHe will always be your brother!”

β€œEmily, please calm down!” Theo begged β€œIt’s not the time, please,”

Emily took a deep breath β€œI’m sorry. But no one seems to be standing up for Leo after he has done so much for everyone. They turn their backs and let their anger and sadness take over. We all need to be strong for each other. We are a family and you can’t let that bastard get involved and tear you all apart. It’s what he wants. So why can’t you see that?”

None of my brothers said anything and Willow linked her fingers with mine, stepping into me. I wrapped my arms around her and tried to calm my manic heart down. They deserved to know the truth. It had been eating away at me since the day I killed her and I was never brave enough to tell them why she left and why I killed her.

β€œI...ask me why I did it,” I said quietly, β€œYou want to know the truth, so why didn’t you just ask?”

β€œYou would lie to us,” Dylan said.

I shook my head β€œI have never lied about what I have done. I may have kept it secret, like the number of people I killed when I lost control, but when you asked me about it, I told you,”


β€œI was ashamed of myself,” I said, β€œI felt so weak that I let myself lose control,”

β€œYou shouldn’t feel weak,” Xander said, β€œWe all lost control and we all have our secrets. I knew what you had done but we deserve to know the truth. I will love no less than now. You are my brother and we share the same blood,”

β€œWhat about the others?” I whispered, β€œThey want me dead,”

β€œThen they will have to go through me first,” Theo said making me look at him β€œI’m upset, but there must have been a valid reason. So, please, just tell us,”

I gulped and looked down at Willow, who was looking at me with her bright blue eyes. She sent me a small smile and nodded. I took a deep breath and stared into her eyes as I spoke.

β€œMother left because she...” I paused β€œShe was going to lead the demons right to us and have us killed. I did what I had to, to protect my family,”

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