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Leo was poking the food in front of him not saying anything. After he had dropped that bombshell on his brothers, they had tried to talk to him but he told them to leave him alone. I could feel how guilty they felt but they deserved to wallow in their guilt. They didn’t deserve to be forgiven.

β€œLeo,” I said and he looked up at me β€œCan you please eat?”

β€œDo you think I did the right thing?” He asked, β€œBy not listening to what they had to say?”

I lifted my eyebrows at him β€œAnd do you think what they did was right by saying those disgusting things to you, and not listening to what you had to say?”

β€œWell, they-”

β€œIf I was in your position, things would have been different” I scoffed β€œThey would be able to sit for weeks from how hard I kicked their ass,”

Leo smiled slightly β€œI have something to ask you,”

β€œI’m not saying sorry,”

β€œI wouldn’t expect you to say sorry,” Leo said, β€œJust shut up and let me talk. It’s something about you. I wanted to know about your parents,”

β€œAh,” I said, β€œWell, they work in retail. My dad is-”

β€œNo. I’m talking about your biological parents,” Leo said and my heart dropped into my stomach β€œDon’t think I’m about to drop this. I’ve never felt something like that before and it took a lot to walk through that wall you put up,”

I sighed β€œMaybe this isn’t the time to talk about that,”

β€œWhy the fuck not?”

β€œBecause my best friend has just walked into the restaurant and she’s never seen me out to dinner with a guy before,” I said, β€œShe’s going to scream and intrude,”

Leo looked over his shoulder β€œI thought she was taller,”

I laughed β€œShe had heels on last time and you aren’t exactly tall, so-”

β€œTake that back,” Leo narrowed his eyes at me β€œWillow if you don’t take that back I will make sure that-”

β€œOh, stop it,” I said, β€œYou are so cute,”

β€œStop calling me cute!”

β€œWillow, oh my god, you are with a boy!” Liz said running over β€œAnd it’s the man from the club. Hello, there. I’m Liz. This bitches best friend. I have to say that you are so much better closer up and you are seriously cute. Willow, how did you manage to grab someone so cute?”

I grinned β€œI have my ways. Isn’t that right cutie?”

Leo glared at me β€œJust wait until we get home,”

β€œSo cute!” Liz giggled, β€œHe’s acting tough and it makes him cuter,”

β€œI’m going to smoke,” Leo said leaving the table quickly and Liz giggled along with me. Leo stepped outside and winked at me, making me choke on my food. I saw him smirk and he lit a cigarette.

β€œSo, how long has this been going on?” Liz asked, β€œAnd you didn’t bother telling your favourite girl in the world. Willow, I am heartbroken,”

I rolled my eyes β€œIt hasn’t been long and it’s probably not the best time to ask about him. He’s had a...well, he’s had a fight with his brothers and he needs to-”

β€œSay no more, bitch,” Liz said, β€œI’m only here to collect my food. Dad said that if I want to get take-out, I have to pick it up. Willow, he really is hot. Your eyes match his hair. Match made in heaven,”

β€œDo you know something?” I said, β€œI never realised that until you pointed out,”

Liz got up after hugging me β€œMake sure you invite me to your wedding and when you have babies, they are named after me,”

β€œGo away you parasite,” I sighed and she skipped off. Leo came back in and Liz lifted her hand up for a high five. Leo frowned but lifted his hand up to slap hers. She punched the air before she rushed out and Leo sat back down.

β€œWhat are you looking at?” Leo mumbled.

β€œYou are too cute,” I smiled, β€œHave you never given someone a high five before?”

β€œI don’t know,” He said, β€œI wasn’t the vampire to want to be near others, let alone touch them,”

β€œTheo told me about the vision he had as a kid,” I said and Leo looked up at me β€œAbout you meeting someone with pretty eyes and a pretty face,”

Leo rubbed the back of his neck β€œCan I be honest with you?”

β€œI’d rather you be honest than lie to me, but even if you did lie to me I would know,”

β€œI was hoping he was wrong,” Leo said quietly β€œI always thought that I couldn’t be loved because of the damage I had done to others. I have killed people for no reason and I’ve hurt my brothers. I’m a monster and-”

β€œYou are not a monster,” I said grabbing his hand β€œWhy can’t you see that?”

β€œBecause you didn’t kill your mother,” Leo said, β€œI wish that someone else had done it, but I felt that I was the only one to protect my brothers. My father wasn’t going to get his hands dirty so got me to do the job. I think that if she never turned her back on her family, then I wouldn’t be living with this guilt,”

β€œYou aren’t the only one living with guilt,” I said and he shrugged, β€œYou asked about my biological parents. They died, but everyone knew that. My foster parents raised me the way my parents had hoped and I’m sure they are looking down on me, feeling proud that their baby girl has fallen in love with a miserable but caring vampire,”

β€œI’m not that miserable,” Leo mumbled.

I let out a shaky breath β€œNot everyone knows who my parents were. Jerome, Vince and Harry know who my parents were and obviously my foster parents. But it’s not something that I just tell anyone I just meet,”

Leo tilted his head β€œYou can trust me, right?”

β€œYeah but you need to understand something,” I said, β€œWhen you called me a low-levelled vampire, I took it to heart even if it wasn’t obvious,”

β€œI said I was sorry for that,” Leo pouted slightly β€œI didn’t know that-”

β€œMy dad was a vampire,” I said, β€œPretty high up in the ranks back in the day. And then there was my mum. God, she was so beautiful. She had the dark skin but her eyes were bright green, my dads were blue,”

β€œWillow, it doesn’t matter who your parents were,” He said kissing my inner wrist β€œBecause I love you for who you are and it doesn’t matter what blood runs through your veins,”

I smiled, feeling my face burn β€œYou’re too cute,”

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