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The sun had started to set and we were walking through the park holding hands and enjoying the silence. Humans were playing football together and parents were still running around with their kids. Leo was watching them and for once, I couldn’t read his expression.

β€œLeo,” I said.


β€œAbout your brothers,” I said and he turned to look at me β€œI don’t think you should hate them forever. They are your brothers and-”

β€œI don’t hate them,” He muttered, β€œJust because I want to break their necks doesn’t mean I hate them. But why are you telling me this? You don’t like them,”

β€œObviously I don’t,” I said, β€œThey didn’t even listen to your reasonings and they were lucky that I didn’t zap their asses to the moon,”

β€œWhat do you mean by that?” Leo asked, lifting his eyebrows.

β€œOh, um, look at that! Someone fell over,”

Leo pulled me to a stop β€œWillow, what do you mean by that? And don’t try to change the subject,”

I sighed β€œI guess I didn’t get round to telling you what my biological mother was and do you smell that?”

β€œStop trying to change the subject and yes, I smell that,” Leo said looking around β€œWho is that?”

β€œJerome and Harry,” I sighed as I saw them kicking a ball towards us β€œLook. My dad was a vampire and my mum was a-”

β€œWillow!” Harry said spotting us and he rushed over β€œOh my god. You have bonded!”

I nodded β€œGuess I forgot to tell you,”

Jerome smirked β€œNice. But I already knew because I am a genius and it was only a matter of time before you two hooked up,”

β€œBlue eyes and blue hair,” Harry smiled β€œPerfect match,”

β€œShouldn’t you two be at work?” I said, narrowing my eyes at them β€œOr gaming?”

β€œWe have the week off,” Jerome said, β€œOh, Willow. Can I talk to you for a second?”

β€œDon’t try anything with her,” Leo muttered and Jerome sighed and pulled me away from them.

β€œWhat’s wrong?” I asked, β€œIf something was wrong, you know you could have just called me”

β€œYes, but this is something I can’t really say over the phone,” Jerome said rubbing the back of his neck β€œSomeone has come back to town and I’m not sure how you will react,”

I frowned β€œIf you are talking about that asshole Salem, I already know,”

β€œHoly crap. He’s back?” He said and I nodded β€œNo wonder we were given the week off. Kris must be talking to him,”

β€œThen I hope Kris pulls his head away from his body. I forgot how much I hated that vampire. He shouldn’t be allowed to call himself royal blood,”

β€œI agree,” Jerome sighed β€œLook, it’s not about him. Someone else has suddenly turned up. Vince and Harry noticed her,”

β€œAh,” I said, β€œI know where this is going,”

β€œThey spoke to her and she wants to meet up with you,” He said β€œSomething about wanting to tie up loose ends before she goes again,”

β€œThere will never be a day where she doesn’t vanish,” I said almost smiling β€œYou’d think that a vampire, she’d want to be around other vampires. But she likes to be alone,”

Jerome smiled β€œWhat can you do? She is who she is,”

β€œGot that right,” I sighed and shook my head β€œI have missed her though,”

β€œSame,” Jerome said, β€œWillow, you know something? I’m happy for you. I really am. It’s about time that you found someone,”

β€œYeah,” I smiled at him.

β€œSomeone as miserable as you,”

β€œHey!” I said punching his shoulder β€œI’m not that miserable,”

Jerome put his hand on my head and smiled softly at me β€œI’m glad to call you my sister, Willow. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my family. I love you, Willow. My annoying cute little sister,”

I went to say something but the smell of pinecones made my words get caught in my throat. My eyes went wide and I looked over my shoulder to see a group of demons walking towards us. I opened my mouth and called for Leo, but instead, I screamed.

Jerome's eyes went wide and he looked at the arrow in the middle of his chest. He opened his mouth and blood trickled from it. Jerome slowly dropped to his knees and the colour on his face started to drain. Another scream tore itself from my mouth and I didn’t notice Leo shoot past me to deal with the demons.

I didn’t notice the other smells of the vampires who had shown up. I couldn’t take my eyes away from Jerome. I dropped to my knees as he fell to the side and as I touched him my hands started to burn like I had dipped my hands into acid. I ignored the pain and I grabbed the arrow sticking from his chest, snapping it, so it was easier to pull from his chest.

Jerome put his hands on my wrists and bloody tears were rolling from the corner of his eyes. I could feel the life slipping away from him and I screamed as loud as I could. A mixture of white and red foam dripped from his open mouth and the light in his eyes faded away.

β€œNo!” I screamed β€œDon’t do this to me! Jerome, you can’t leave me!”

β€œIt’s too late,” Harry cried and pulled me into his arms β€œHe’s gone,”

Harry held onto me tightly as I tried to fight my way from his grip, but he held onto me not wanting to let go.

β€œWillow,” Leo said, β€œI’m so sorry,”

I looked up at him through my blurry vision and saw him splattered in blood. My eyes trailed to the demons that were now knocked out and I felt my anger boil inside of me. I pushed Harry away from me and I slowly got to my feet and stared at the skin that had melted away from the palm of my hands.

I felt nothing as I let my anger take control.

I swiped the tears away from my eyes with my sleeve and I walked forward to the demons. One of them groaned and opened its eyes just to smirk at me. I knelt down and picked up an arrow and I sniffed the coating on it. It burnt my hands but I smiled at the demon.

β€œThat,” I whispered β€œWas the biggest mistake that you have ever done,”

I lifted the arrow above my head and slammed it down as hard as I could into the demons eye.

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