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The house was quiet. Deadly quiet. Even from where I stood with my brothers was quiet. There were no screams of pain. No pleas for help. Nothing. Not even the cries of Emily could be heard from her locked in her room with Theo.

After Willow's friend was killed, she turned off her emotions. I couldn’t read them anymore. I felt powerless and her friend was never coming back. Xander and Dylan dealt with the body and had him taken to one of the underground hospitals. Vampires, werewolves and creatures like that went there when they needed help.

I managed to get Willow home before she killed another demon. We needed them alive to find out why they were still after us. Demons and vampires had never gotten on before but we wanted to know why the attacks had increased. There had to be a reason for it.

I ran my hands through my hair and carried on pacing. My brothers were tense, just like me and I still hadn’t said anything to them. I was only speaking with Xander and Theo. I still couldn’t forget how quickly they dropped me without listening to what I had to say. I loved my brothers but I wasn’t going to forgive them as quickly as I used to.

β€œI think we should go back down there,” I said looking at Xander β€œWhat if-”

β€œI’m sure everything is going the way she wants it to,” Xander said, looking up from his book β€œWe need to trust her. I’m sure you would know if she is in any pain. You have bonded,”

β€œI don’t know!” I exclaimed, β€œI don’t know how the fuck she is feeling.”

β€œHow?” Max asked.

β€œYou,” I said pointing at him β€œDon’t get to talk to me right now,”

Max winced and rubbed the back of his neck, letting his guilt flood through my veins. I ignored them and turned back to Xander who had put his book down, wearing a confused expression.

β€œWhat do you mean by that?”

β€œWillow turned her emotions off,” I said, β€œWhen she realised that her friend couldn’t be helped, she shut down. I can’t feel anything, Xander. I know I should trust her but I need to go to her. Right now,”

Xander got to his feet β€œThen let’s go to her”

He didn’t have to tell me twice because I was out of the door within seconds and I was running down the basement steps and across the cold hallway to where the demons were being kept. I reached for the door but it opened and Willow stepped out, covered head to two in blood. My eyes went wide and I pulled her into my arms, hugging her as tightly as I possibly could without hurting her.

β€œAre you ok?”

β€œI’m fine,” She said with no hint of emotion in her voice β€œI got them to talk,”

β€œI’m sure you did, baby,” I said, β€œLet’s go upstairs,”

β€œNo,” She said, β€œOne of them is still alive,”

β€œYou killed them?” Aaron said and she looked over at him β€œWhy?”

Willow showed a smile that was empty and it hurt me β€œBecause they don’t deserve to live. They killed my family member and now they are dead,”

Callum walked around us and pushed the door open β€œHoly shit,”

I kept Willow at my side as I looked inside the room. Even I was shocked by how the room looked. To think it was a regular holding cell. But now? It was the result of a massacre.

Blood dripped from ceilings, and the demons body parts were scattered around the room. It was hard to distinguish what body part I was looking at but I looked down at saw a heart that was torn in two. The demon that was still alive was barely breathing, but it wasn’t giving in. Its body was broken and its knees were snapped, the bottom half of their leg sitting to the side. One eye was hanging by a thread and it reminded me of when my brother’s eye was just dangling there.

I looked back at Willow who was watching me with dead eyes. She wrapped her arms around me and I felt her heart warm at my touch, but she still refused to turn her emotions on.

I closed my eyes and held her close, not caring that the blood of the demons was over me. I didn’t want to let her go. It was strange. I felt proud of what she had done, but sad because it had come to this.

β€œLet’s go upstairs,” I whispered, β€œWe can take a shower and wash the blood from your skin. How does that sound?”

β€œDid you have to do that to them?” Dylan said quietly, β€œYou went too far,”

Willow turned to look at him and even my blood ran cold at how she spoke and looked at him.

β€œHow could someone like you possibly ask me that question?” She said, β€œDo I have to remind you what you did to that man who bumped into you when you were a newly turned vampire?”

Dylan's eyes went wide β€œYou bitch! Don’t go into my memories!”

β€œThen don’t tell me that I went too far,” She said turning away, β€œIf anything, I didn’t go far enough,”

β€œThis stupid-”

β€œDylan,” Xander said calmly, β€œI suggest you remain silent. I’m sure we don’t want to end up like the demons and I happen to like this shirt I’m wearing,”


β€œWillow is right,” Xander said, β€œThey killed her family. We should listen to what she has to say, instead of shutting her out,”

I almost scoffed when Max looked up at me β€œWe will talk. Just not now. You aren’t important right now. Willow is,”

β€œWould you like to know what they said?” Willow asked.

β€œHave a shower first,” Xander said, β€œLeo's idea of washing the blood away, is a bat-ter idea than what I was thinking,”

I sighed along with my brothers β€œIt isn’t the time for a pun, brother,”

β€œThere is always time for a pun,” Xander said, β€œWillow, it is never good to bat-tle up your feelings,”

β€œI’m leaving,” I said, pulling Willow after me but when she pulled me to a stop, I looked down at her β€œAre you ok?”

She looked up at me with tears rolling down her face and her emotions hit me like a tsunami, and she held onto my shirt, as she wept.

β€œI-I guess I put the f-final nail in the c-coffin,” She cried through her laugh, β€œI’m s-so sorry!”

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