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Well damn.

This girl could hit hard. I was surprised that Leo wasn’t sent flying across the room. Anyone would have cried from that hit. I’m sure Kris would have cried from a slap like that.

Because I would have fucking cried from being hit that hard. I was tempted to rub my cheek at thinking about hard she hit. Leo was still in shock but I could feel that he wanted to be hit more. Not in the kinky way of course, but it was like he wanted to feel her anger. He wanted his brothers to tear into him, but they just stood staring at him.

β€œYou bastard!” She screamed and Theo held her close. She sobbed into his chest and I stood awkwardly not really wanting to see this unfold.

β€œI’ll leave you to it,” I said quietly β€œI should probably go home”

β€œNo,” Xander said, β€œIt’s too late for you to go”

β€œIt’s fine” I smiled and looked at Leo, who was just staring at Emily. I felt bad for him. He had to watch the vamp he loved in the arms of his younger brother. To be honest, I could feel his heartache and I understood how he felt.

β€œThank you,” Callum said, β€œFor bringing our brother home.”

I waved my hand in front of my face β€œYou don’t need to thank me,”

β€œI wasn’t going to thank you,” Leo said.

β€œExcuse me?” I said glaring at him β€œI didn’t ask you to thank me. In fact, you should be telling me you’re sorry”

Leo glared at me, his eyes going red β€œWho the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”

His brothers sucked in air and Dylan tried to interject, but I beat him to it.

β€œI’m talking to an idiot,” I said, β€œThat is who I am talking to”

β€œExcuse me!” Leo flashed to his feet and was inches from my face β€œYou’re some fucking low-level vampire that-”

β€œSaved your ass? Healed you?” I said, β€œOh and my favourite, got burnt to shit rescuing your pale, pretty face from that burning inferno!”


β€œYou’re welcome!” I said loudly β€œNext time you feel like killing yourself go talk to a doctor!”

β€œI didn’t ask for your help,” Leo grabbed my top and I was slammed against the wall. His brothers went to help me, but I lifted my hand to stop them β€œI never asked you to fucking save my life!”

β€œNo. You didn’t” I said softly, and I put my hands on his clenched fists β€œBut your family asked me, Leo. If anything, you should thank them that they love you and would ask a low-level vampire for help.”

His eyes faded from red and his hands shook under mine β€œI didn’t ask for their help.”

I smiled softly, β€œNo. you didn’t. Leo, what else were they meant to do?”

β€œLet me fucking die,” Leo's eyes started to water.

β€œAlright, pretty boy” I sighed and patted his hands β€œThis can either go two ways. You kiss me like you love me or you let me go and have a nap.”

β€œI’d never kiss you,” He growled β€œLow. Level. Vamp.”

I grinned widely β€œI know! It’s great, isn’t it? A low-level vamp saved your arse and made you drink my blood”

β€œI feel dirty from drinking your blood.”

β€œI feel dirty from letting you drink my blood,”

β€œEven if I throw your blood up, I will still feel dirty,”

β€œYou are trying to start a pointless argument and that comeback was lame,”

β€œYou’re lame,”

β€œWow. What a great comeback,”

β€œHey,” Xander said, β€œStop it. Now. Thank her for-”

β€œI won’t thank anyone,” Leo snapped β€œEveryone. Get the fuck out of my room. I don’t want to see any of you”

β€œLeo, you-”

β€œGet the fuck out!” Leo roared and the room shook. Emily whimpered, and his face showed me he regretted shouting β€œShit. Sor-just...leave me alone.”

Everyone left, and I tried to, but his grip on me was tight.

β€œIf you ever come near me again,” Leo started β€œI will kill you. Do you fucking understand?”

I smiled β€œGot ya! But can I just say one more thing?”

Leo let me go β€œAmuse me”

I walked over to the door sorting my top out and I turned to face him. Leo wasn’t looking at me, but his handsome face was hurt. Full of regret.

I didn’t need to feel emotions to understand how he felt. It was written all over his face and his body language showed pain. It was hard on him watching the girl he loved being with his brother. I knew first hand how much it hurt to see someone you love being with someone else.

It ate you up until you just wanted to end it all, but that wasn’t the right way to think. Of course, it was painful but even Leo had something to live for. He had great brothers and even if they hated him for what he tried to do, they would never turn their backs on him.

That wasn’t what families did.

β€œI understand,” I said and he looked at me β€œHow you felt and wanting to end it all. Trust me. I fully know how you feel or felt. But, if you went through with it then how would your brothers feel? How would Emily feel?”

He didn’t say anything but he looked away from me.

β€œLeo,” I said quietly, β€œThings will get better,”

β€œHow can you be so sure?” He muttered, β€œSuicide will be the easy way out for me and-”

β€œSuicide is awful and selfish at the same time,” I said β€œNext time, think about how your brothers and Emily would cope with your death. So, if you wanna try again I will stop you again. Or, I will throw a peace offering. If you need company, you don’t have to talk, I’m a waitress at Kris’s restaurant. I’ll see you around Leo...look after yourself.”

I sent him another smile before I left and I closed the door on him before I saw him cry. A vampire as badass as him probably didn’t want anyone to see him cry.

I just wished that he had the strength to fight against those thoughts.

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