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It had been a few days since I said goodbye to Jerome and I still couldn’t believe that he was taken away from me, right in front of my eyes. His funeral would have made him smile. It was a good send off for him and it was beautiful. Loads of vampires turned up and Jerome's head would have inflated with the number of compliments he was getting.

It was just a shame he wasn’t alive to hear them.

Kris had paid for everything. He said he wanted to be able to do something for Jerome and it shocked me when I saw him crying silently at the back, watching the curtains close at the funeral. Leo never left my side. He had a tight grip on me as I sobbed into his neck watching the dark red curtains shut on his curtain. It was strange to see this happening.

I never thought that Jerome would get caught up with demons because he avoided danger. He might have been a vampire but he was good at running away from danger. I think he was only a few of the vampires that hadn’t killed someone. He changed around the same time as me but he had more control. I envied him in that sense but he just laughed and said it was only a matter of time until he killed someone.

When I went to say something to say goodbye to him in front of everyone, I broke down in tears and couldn’t do it. Harry and the boys came up to stand with me to say what I had written. They held me tightly and I didn’t see Leo get annoyed as they held me. I managed to choke out what I had to say and I bit into my lip so hard, it started to bleed. Leo wiped it away with a tissue and held me to his side, rubbing my arm.

Jerome was now gone. My best friend. My brother. Taken away by demons.

Leo didn’t argue when I put a photo of us on the bedside table, he just kissed my forehead and left me alone for a few hours. It was funny to see Leo so caring because he was always so damn angry.

Xander had told me it was because I had unlocked his heart and he went back to how he used to be before their father started beating them.

I was still angry at their father. He was heartless and he thought that being royal blood made him better than everyone else. Well, he was wrong because I had royal blood running through me and I still thought myself as a normal vampire.

I sighed and looked at the photo of Jerome and me. We had big grins on our faces and we were posing with everyone else. Out of everyone, we were the closest because we were fostered at the same time and lost our parents within days of each other.

β€œI guess I should tell them,” I whispered and I got to my feet β€œI can’t keep my bloodline from them anymore,”

It was easy to find the brothers because they were arguing about what to have for dinner. Leo and his brothers had sort of made up, but I knew LEo hadn’t forgiven them for what they had said and done. But, they were trying their best to make it up to him. I wasn’t angry anymore because I didn’t want to hold onto that anger. In a way, I managed to get rid of most of the anger when I tore the demons apart.

β€œWillow,” LEo said rushing over to me β€œAre you ok?”

β€œI’m alright,” I smiled, β€œI have something I need to tell everyone,”

Xander nodded β€œHave a seat. I’m ordering chicken,”

β€œI thought we were ordering pizza!” Max exclaimed, β€œI want pizza!”

β€œYou don’t get a say in what we have to eat,” Xander said, β€œSo, sit down and listen to what Willow has to say. It’s important that you listen to her,”

β€œCan you stop reminding us that we fucked up?” Callum said, β€œWe are trying our best to make it up,”

β€œThen stop talking,” Leo said, β€œIf anyone talks while Willow is, I will rip your fangs out,”

β€œWell, alrighty then,” Emily giggled, β€œYou aren’t the big bad vampire anymore Leo. You’re too cute,”

β€œI’m not cute!”

β€œOh my god, just shut up,” I said rolling my eyes.

β€œShutting up,”

β€œYou are so whipped!” Theo laughed and he quickly ran away as Leo ran at him β€œI’m joking! You aren’t whipped,”

β€œI don’t know why you are saying he is whipped,” Dylan said, β€œIf Emily told you to act like a dog, you’d do it without a second thought,”

β€œLeo, please stop,” I sighed, β€œI need to talk to everyone about my bloodline,”

The room went silent and Xander carried on ordering food, making me frown. He looked up at me and smiled.

β€œYou knew?” I asked.

β€œOf course,” Xander shrugged, β€œI know most things but not everyone knows that,”

β€œAnd you didn’t say anything?” I asked quietly, β€œI’m not-”

β€œYou are you,” Xander said, β€œYour bloodline doesn’t take that away from you,”

I felt my eyes sting with tears β€œThank you,”

β€œI’m so confused,” Aaron said.

β€œThat’s not hard,” Max said and Aaron punched him β€œIt’s true. Don’t punch me,”

β€œJust let Willow talk, or I will get involved,” Xander said and his brothers stopped talking β€œOk. You can talk now,”

I rubbed the back of my neck as I spoke β€œMy dad, my biological dad, was vampire royalty. He was high up in the family and growing up, he was best friends with Kris,”

β€œHoly shit,” Callum said.

β€œWell, my mum wasn’t vampire royalty,” I said, β€œIn fact, she wasn’t a vampire at all. She was the daughter of the head of the witch coven. One of the covens that led all of the witches,”

β€œI wasn’t expecting that,” Aaron said.

β€œAs you all know, a vampire with royal blood has to marry another vampire with royal blood or someone high up in the vampire hierarchy,” I said, β€œVampires and witches don’t get on. But dad fell in love with my mum and he was made to chose between his status and love. He chose to love my mum and he was kicked out and lost his status,” I sighed β€œI was born a year later and those who knew of my bloodline hated me. I was the offspring of a vampire traitor. To them, I am just an abomination,”

β€œI don’t think that is true,” Emily said making me look at her, β€œYour bloodline doesn’t make you any different to any other vampire. Willow is Willow and if anyone wants to say otherwise they can fight me,”

I smiled β€œDo you want to know a secret?”

β€œI love secrets!” Emily said, β€œI’m really good at keeping them,”

I couldn’t help but laugh and everyone smiled β€œSalem isn’t as powerful as he likes to think he is. Did you know that royal vampire blood mixed with pure witches blood is more powerful?”

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