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I frowned and watched as Willow explained where her bloodline originated from. I wasn’t that surprised because I always thought her blood tasted different from other vampires. I almost sighed at me calling her a low-levelled vampire. I never meant it in any way but I still felt bad for name calling. She must have gone through so much growing up because of who her parents were but why would I think any different of her?

I hated my bloodline because of who my father was. I never asked to be born with royal blood and if I could choose who my father was, it would be anyone but Salem. He was cruel and I always thought he was powerful. But Willow was right. He liked to think he was stronger than other vampires because of his blood.

β€œI’m sorry for keeping it from you all,” Willow said, β€œBut I didn’t want you to think differently of me or stop talking to me,”

β€œWe wouldn’t have done that,” I said and everyone looked over at me β€œDo you hate your bloodline?”

Willow shrugged β€œI don’t know. I used to because I was cut out from the vampire community for so long,”

β€œYou shouldn’t hate it,” I said, β€œI hate my bloodline because our father had high expectations of us all. He tried to make us think that because we were of royal blood, we were better than everyone else,”

β€œWe all hate our bloodline,” Theo said quietly, β€œI used to think that it was great being more powerful than other vampires but then I’m scared that I will turn into what my father wants me to be,”

β€œEven though we hate our father,” Xander said, β€œWe shouldn’t hate our bloodline and when have you ever thought that I would let you turn out like our father?”

Theo smiled β€œI guess,”

β€œYou have Emily to ground you,” Xander said, β€œAnd we have each other. Willow, you need to love who you are. You were given a gift and you need to accept that,”

β€œYeah,” Max said, β€œI mean, you scared the shit out of me and I thought you were going to kill me,”

Willow laughed β€œI almost did,”

β€œRemind me never to fight her again,” Max said.

β€œDo you think any differently of me?” Willow asked, β€œVampires and witches have always had a feud going on. Centuries have past but some still think the same. They should never mix,”

β€œThen if they want to say something,” I said, β€œThey can see me,”

Willow smiled and I felt her heart skip a beat β€œYou’re cute,”

β€œStop calling me fucking cute!”

β€œAnd you swear when you are nervous,”

β€œI fucking do not!” I said, β€œShit. No. Stop laughing guys!”

My brothers laughed and I kicked the chair from underneath Callum. He yelped as he landed on the floor and his eyes flashed red as he looked up at me.

β€œI’m leaving,” I said walking away β€œWillow. You as well,”

β€œWhat?” She said, β€œBut I’m-nevermind,”

I threw her over my shoulder and started to walk out the door β€œLeave us alone. We have some catching up to do,”

β€œOh god,” Theo muttered, β€œDidn’t want to know that,”

β€œShut up, brother,” I said closing the door on my brothers. It didn’t take me long to get upstairs and Willow yelped when I tossed her onto the bed. I climbed on behind her and pressed my chest to her back, hugging her to me.

β€œDo you still love me?” She whispered and I rolled her onto her back, looking down at her bright blue eyes sparkle with tears β€œI’m sorry for lying to-”

I cut her words short, kissing her. I pulled away and stared at her β€œIf I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t be here. Willow, I don’t care what blood runs through your veins because it doesn’t change who you are,”

β€œI understand that, but-”

β€œStop talking,” I said, brushing her hair from her face β€œYour blood still tastes fucking delicious to me,”

She burst into laughter and rolled into me, hugging me tightly β€œThank you Leo,”

I closed my eyes β€œDon’t thank me for anything. I still think you’re great,”

β€œJust great?”

I found myself smiling β€œBaby, you don’t want to know what I think of you right now,”

β€œWhat if I do?” She whispered and she shifted until her mouth was on my neck. I sucked in air as she nipped the base and she smiled at me β€œWell?”

I groaned β€œYou can’t make me. Right now, I just want to cuddle,”

Willow gave me an exaggerated gasp β€œLeo. Is this really you? I’ve never known Leo to just want to cuddle. Are you feeling ok?”

β€œDon’t push it,” I grinned and pulled her down on top of me β€œIs it that bad that I want to-hey! Take your hand out of my trousers!”

Willow giggled and licked the pulse on my neck β€œAlright. We can just cuddle...for now,”

I laughed and held her face between my hands. I brought her lips down to mine and kissed her gently. I pulled away and rested my forehead on hers.

β€œWillow,” I said quietly, β€œI didn’t get to thank you,”

β€œFor what?”

β€œFor jumping into the fire to save me. For not running away from me,” I said and I closed my eyes with a sigh β€œFor not thinking bad of me for killing my mother. For not pushing me away,”

β€œYou don’t need to thank me,”

β€œNo, I do,” I said, β€œWillow, don’t tell the guys because I’m being fucking soppy right now,”

β€œIt’s our little secret,” She whispered.

β€œI never believed that I could love again,” I said, swallowing the lump in my throat β€œI always thought that I’d never stop loving Emily but then you walked in. Shit. This is so disgusting because I never say shit like this,”

Willow just laughed β€œCarry on. I like this side of you,”

β€œXander always said to me that I needed to unlock my heart. Cheesy bastard,” I said, β€œBut you did. I’m thankful for you appearing in my life,”

β€œI am as well” She whispered and kissed me gently β€œNow are you going to show how thankful you are, rather than just your words?”

I smirked β€œIf that is what you really want,”

β€œI wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t,” She said, kissing me.

I wrapped my arms around her and flipped her onto her back, kissing her harder. I pulled back and ran my fingers down her cheek, looking down at the beautiful vampire that had changed my life.

β€œWillow,” I whispered, β€œI love you,”

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