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My foster parents had told me off for not concentrating on my college studies, so Leo made me sit at his desk catching up with everything I had missed. My teachers had been lenient with me because of Jerome's death but they were getting annoyed with how much I hadn’t done.

I was sulking as I was typing up my work and Leo didn’t care. He sat at his piano playing ignoring the way I was shooting looks at him. I pouted even more as he closed his eyes, still playing the piano. This bastard was rubbing it in that he wasn’t at college and didn’t need to study.

β€œI can take this anymore!” I exclaimed and he looked over at me β€œLeo if I study any more I am going to rip my hair out!”

β€œYou’ve been sitting there for 10 minutes,”

β€œIt’s too long!” I complained β€œI won’t be doing any more work. You can’t make me,”

Leo smiled β€œI know. Ok. I’ll see you later,”

β€œWhere are we going?” I asked standing up and Leo kissed my head β€œWell?”

β€œNot we. Me,” He said β€œI’m going out with my brothers and Emily. You are staying here to catch up with the work you haven’t done,”

β€œThat’s not fair!”

β€œLife isn’t fair,”

β€œI want the old Leo back,” I muttered and he just laughed at me β€œI want to come with you,”

β€œNot going to happen,” Leo said β€œI’m not going to piss your foster parents off even more. It’s bad enough they don’t like me but they think I’m a distraction to you, which clearly, I am. So. I’m going out,”

β€œYou can’t do this to me,”

β€œToo late, beautiful,” He said β€œIf you’re a good girl, I’ll treat you to anything you want,”

β€œLeo!” I called as he left the room β€œIf he thinks he’s leaving without me, then he has another thing coming”

I rushed from the room and down the stairs to see them gathered at the door. I saw them sigh as I reached them.

β€œWillow, you can’t come with us,” Dylan said.

β€œI’ve done my work,”

β€œDon’t lie,” Leo said β€œGet back upstairs and finish the work or else I won’t treat you,”

β€œBut Leo,” I whined and threw my arms around him β€œI don’t wanna,”

β€œDon’t try to act cute with me. I won’t break,” Leo said not looking at me β€œPlease. Just do this for me? This one tiny thing,”

I pouted and stepped away from him β€œI want to go on holiday. If I do my work, we are leaving the country,”

β€œWhat?” Leo said, β€œI never said I’d treat you like that!”

β€œThen I’m not doing my work,” I folded my arms.

β€œYou are acting like a spoilt brat!” He exclaimed and he put his hand on his face β€œWhy are females so difficult?”

β€œWe are not,” Emily said β€œIt’s you, men, that don’t understand us,”

β€œAnd we never will,” Theo said and Emily elbowed him β€œOw. What was that for?”

β€œWillow, I’ve decided to stay with you now,” Emily said β€œI’ll help you with your work and when you finish we can run away together,”

β€œSounds like a plan,” I said as Emily held my hand β€œIt was nice knowing you vamps, but I’ve suddenly fallen in love with Emily and you will no longer see us,”

β€œMake sure the work is done by the time we get back,” Leo said pulling his jacket on β€œAnd bitch, I know you love me,”

I stuck my tongue out at him and Xander opened the door β€œWait. I’m being serious. I’ll run away with Emily. We’ll be the best mates ever,”

Theo smiled β€œGo ahead. But she’ll come running back,”

β€œIs that what you think?” Emily said smiling sweetly at him and I saw his lip twitch β€œLet’s go, Willow. We need to discuss where we are going to run to,”

I smiled and my phone went off in my hoody pocket. I pulled it out and read the message and Leo rushed over to me.

β€œWhat’s wrong?”

β€œHow do you know if something is wrong?” Max said, β€œNo. Forget I asked that. You have bonded,”

I looked up at Leo β€œUm, you know that friend I pointed out at the funeral?”

β€œThe tall one?”

β€œYeah,” I said looking down at my phone β€œShe’s decided to stay in town for a bit longer, to tie up loose ends,”

β€œRight. And that is a bad thing?” Aaron asked, β€œIt’s good to have friends around you,”

I nodded β€œYeah but my friend is a bit of a nutter. Plus, she doesn’t like anyone,”

β€œThen why are you worried?” Leo asked, putting his hand on my cheek β€œWillow?”

I bit into my lip β€œBecause she asked if she could stay with me for a while and she thinks I still live with my foster parents,”

β€œAh,” Xander said, β€œWell...I guess we have space,”

β€œThat is really not a good idea,” I said, β€œTrust me. You don’t want her staying with us,”

β€œHey, who is riding through the gates on a motorbike?” Dylan asked, β€œHow the hell did they get in?”

β€œShit,” I said, rushing to the front door β€œI guess the boys told her where I was. Ok. Here is the deal. Don’t piss her off and everything will go smoothly,”

β€œBad temper?” Callum asked β€œIf we can deal with Leo, I’m sure we can deal with her,”

β€œDon’t count on it,” I said as the bike skid to a stop. She swung her long legs over the bike and pulled the helmet off, tucking it under her arm. She smirked slightly and walked forward, stopping in front of me.

β€œOk,” Max said, β€œI don’t like her. She’s taller than me,”

β€œWillow,” She said, β€œWe need to talk,”

β€œThat’s never a good sign,” I heard Emily say and my friend looked over at her β€œHi. I’m Emily,”

β€œI know who you are,” My friend said, β€œYou are the half-breed,”

β€œWatch your mouth,” Theo growled.

β€œI mean no harm by it,” She said and looked at me β€œWe have a problem and I need your help,”

I frowned β€œWhy would you need my help?”

β€œBecause there has been a clash between my parent’s clans,” She said β€œAnd I’m trying to stop the war,”

β€œShit,” I sighed, β€œThen we better talk. Oh, um, guys, this is an old friend of mine,”

β€œI don’t want her here,” Theo said, β€œIf she’s going to be disrespectful then I won’t have her under the same roof as me or Emily,”

β€œShe didn’t mean anything by calling her a half-breed,” I said, β€œYou would know if she meant it but this is Leila,”

Leila sent the boys a salute β€œNice to meet you boys but I suppose you won’t welcome me with open arms because you know what and who I am,”

β€œNot the time to hold on to grudges,” I said, β€œYou don’t hate me so you can’t hate her,”

β€œWhat war are you trying to stop?” Xander asked, β€œBrothers, stand down. Times have changed and we now live in the modern age. Willow is right. We treat her with respect so we will treat her friend with respect.”

β€œThis is a war that has been brewing for centuries,” Leila said and shrugged β€œBut I guess vampires and werewolves still can’t get over their hatred for each other,”

β€œYou are half-werewolf?” Emily asked, β€œHow cool is that!”


β€œThat is so cool,” Emily said, β€œI’ve always thought wolves were cool, so like, do you change into a wolf like the Wolfman or is it an actual wolf?”

β€œWillow,” Leila said, β€œYour friend is weird,”

β€œLeila,” I said, β€œMaybe you should explain what has happened,”

A/N: Finished~
The THIRD book is called 'Control' and it is Dylan's book.
Stay weird. Stay fierce <33
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