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For the first time in months, I slept well. My dreams may have been full of heartbreak, but I slept. I didn’t want to get up, but I knew if I didn’t show my face, my brothers would kick my door down thinking I had killed myself.

A pang of guilt shot through my body. My brothers cried. I hated seeing them cry. It had been years since they cried. The last time I had seen them cry was when our mother left us. I couldn’t cry. I had to be the stronger brother. I didn’t want them to see me as weak...but I guess that failed.

I dragged myself downstairs and gritted my teeth when I heard her laugh float through the air. Theo was a lucky lucky. I ran my hands through my hair, trying not to shake too much. I scared Emily yesterday and I was scared to face her. I didn’t want her to slap me again.

I thought about what the blue-eyed vampire had told me and I agreed with what she said. Much to my disgust. Suicide wasn’t the way out but it was at the top of my list still. I did want to thank that vampire for getting burnt just to save me but then I didn’t ask for the help.

I still wanted to die but I wasn’t going to tell my brothers that. I stopped in front of the kitchen door and I knew she was in there. That smell was lingering in the air and I didn’t know how to react to it.

I pushed the door open and my eyes focused on the girl sitting next to Xander, stuffing her face with food.

β€œWhy the fuck are you here?” I snapped.

She looked up, food hanging from her mouth. She grinned and wiped the food away.


β€œYo!” She said sending me a salute β€œHow did you sleep?”

β€œXander!” I said looking at my older brother β€œWhy the fuck is this girl still here?”

Xander glared at me β€œShow some respect. She saved you. Do you really think that we could send her home after she almost died saving you?”

β€œI don’t care,” I snapped β€œI didn’t ask for her help so why would I care if she almost died being stupid?”

The girl didn’t stop smiling.

β€œStop smiling!” I yelled at her β€œWhat is wrong with you?”

β€œNothing,” She laughed β€œYou are cute when you are mad.”

My face burnt, and I clenched my fists. Cute? I was going to fucking kill her. As I went to go for her, a small hand was put on my arm. I looked down and saw Emily looking up at me with her brown eyes.

β€œPlease don’t hurt her,” She said softly β€œYou owe Willow.”

β€œI don’t owe her shit,” I said quietly β€œI didn’t ask to be saved”

β€œBut we did,” Emily said pulling her hand away from me β€œYou seem to forget how much I understand you Leo.”

My chest tightened on me as her memories flashed through my head. I wish I could get rid of them. I wish I could have wiped her memory clean of that man...but I couldn’t. I wanted to hold her against me and I wanted her to tell me everything was going to be alright. I almost snorted. If I did try to, Theo would rip my head from my body.

A bonded male wasn’t to be messed with. Even if we were brothers.

I swallowed the lump in my throat at looked over at the low-level vamp who was just watching me. I didn’t want to thank her. I should kill her for stopping me from carrying out my suicide.

Her blue eyes lit up when I turned my body to face her properly. I found myself looking at her face more than I had wanted and I quickly cleared my throat as she smiled at me.

I growled β€œThank you.”

β€œI know you don’t mean that,” She said, β€œBut, it’s better than nothing. I’ll wait for a real meaningful thank you”

β€œDon’t expect me to say it again.”

She smiled softly at me β€œI know you will say it eventually.”

β€œNo. I won’t,”

She rolled her eyes at me β€œYou are a big kid. So cute,”

β€œStop calling me cute!” I exclaimed, β€œI am not cute and you are pissing me off!”

β€œAww,” She laughed, β€œThanks for feeding me Xander.”

β€œNow, you can get the fuck out of my house,” I said, still glaring at her.

β€œLike I said Leo,” She said walking over to me β€œYou’re cute when you get mad.”

I stuttered on my words and she walked away laughing after patting my cheek.

β€œThanks, guys,” She called, β€œFor letting me stay. I hope to see you at the restaurant soon.”

β€œBye Willow!” Callum said brightly β€œI hope to see you more often as well!”

β€œMe too!” Aaron said. I heard the front door close and Aaron laughed β€œI like her. She’s cute.”

β€œYeah and she can stand up to the big bad Leo,” Max chuckled β€œHow did it feel to be called cute?”

β€œI’ll fucking kill you,” I hissed.

β€œIf you say so...cutie” Aaron laughed, and he stopped when my hands wrapped around his neck β€œAlright! I’m sorry!”

β€œDon’t ever fucking call me that again!”

β€œEnough,” Xander said, β€œTake your anger out on something else that won’t be killed. Go to the gym or something.”

β€œFuck you,” I muttered, and I walked out, after glancing at Emily. My heart dropped into my stomach. Why did I have to love her?

It hurt so fucking much.

I just wished that I didn’t love her because every time I saw her, it felt like I was falling more and I knew that it was never going to happen. I sighed and punched the wall.

I wanted her to be happy and she was happy. I loved my brother and I would never hurt him. I had made a promise to him when we were kids that I would protect him no matter what. I didn’t want to lose my brothers.

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