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I jerked awake when my head hit the table. I groaned and rubbed my forehead.

God. I hated college. I still didn’t know why I had to act normal. I wasn’t normal. I was a vampire and being around these humans made me hungrier than normal. I sighed and slapped my cheeks, trying to stay away.

Like Jerome, I hadn’t long been through the change. I was craving blood and it felt like I was a lion being thrown into a cage full of zebras. My foster parents wanted me to fit in, but I didn’t β€˜fit in’ not at all. I was a damn vampire.

And a hungry one at that.

β€œWillow!” I looked up and one of my friends ran over to me β€œI missed you!”

I sighed β€œYou saw me yesterday.”

Liz pouted β€œI still missed you and those beautiful eyes.”

β€œIs that all you missed?” I smiled and got to my feet β€œOr did you miss me helping you out with our coursework?”

β€œThat too,” Liz laughed β€œWhere were you anyway?”

Well, Liz. Let me tell you. I had to find this vampire who went off the radar and when I found him he was on fire. So, I jumped in to save him but obviously, I caught fire and I can still remember the pain. I even remember parts of my flesh peel from my body, but I had to save this suicidal vampire for his 6 dangerous brothers. Then, I had to heal him with my blood, which felt great, and then-

β€œI was at home,” I said, β€œI wasn’t feeling too well.”

β€œWillow, you overwork,” Liz said, β€œYou work long hours in that restaurant. You need a break.”

You’re telling me.

β€œDid you want to go out tomorrow night?” Liz asked, β€œEveryone is going out and you need a night out. It’s been ages since you’ve come out with me.”

I shrugged β€œIt depends on where you are going. I mean, I have the weekend off and all, but I am not going to that dodgy bar again”

Liz grimaced β€œYeah, neither am I. I can’t believe we ended up there.”

Those men that were touching my friends up were lucky I didn’t kill them. I did feed from them, but they were lucky. That is all.

β€œWe are probably going to Stone Bar,” Liz said.


β€œCount me in,” I grinned, knowing that the brothers would be there. Emily as well.

Liz stopped walking and I turned to look at her with a frown.

β€œWhat?” I said, β€œWhy did you stop walking?”

β€œPlease tell me you aren’t joking,” Liz said, β€œBecause if you are I am going to be soooo upset with you.”

β€œStop pouting,” I said, pushing her gently β€œYou aren’t cute.”

β€œI am!” Liz said, β€œEven I know I’m cute.”

I rolled my eyes and let her talk. I didn’t have the energy to talk about who was cute or not. I knew who was cute. And that was the blue haired moody vampire called Leo. He was cute.

When I first saw him, I thought he was cute and he still lived up to my expectations. I found myself chuckling. As much of a bad boy he was, he couldn’t handle me. That was obvious. He probably wasn’t used to being called cute. But now that I knew it knocked him back, I was going to call him it. I was going to play merry hell with him.

I wanted to help him. It was bad seeing his brothers cry because you wouldn’t think the owners of Stone Bar would have tear ducts. Not growing up with how their father raised them. He was an evil vampire and they were lucky when he left them behind. I remember Kris talking about their dad and they didn’t care if he was alive or dead.

Personally, I had never met him, but I had heard the stories. Violent. Angry. Rude. Controlling. I’m sure he didn’t have an ounce of love in him, but Theo mentioned how he protected Emily before she caught them all feeding. Then the real him came out and almost killed her.

I frowned. I don’t get why Leo was so angry because I didn’t think he would want to be like his dad. But then again, I never really spoke to him. I had only held conversations with the other brothers. Leo never wanted to speak. He kept his mouth shut unless something pissed him off and then he’d tell you how he felt.

Even though he was moody, he was still cute.

I smirked at how his cheeks had gone when I called him cute. Although, he wasn’t cute when I heard him call me disgusting in his head. Was he really that stupid? As another vampire who can read emotions and thoughts, I would have thought he would have some type of idea that I was similar to him.

I frowned. But then again, his thoughts were elsewhere. They crossed between finding another way to end his life and how to keep his brothers happy. Oh, and not to mention how to fall out of love with Emily.

I honestly felt bad for him. Emily was beautiful but she wasn’t meant for Leo. I sighed and shook my head. Leo was a strange one but he had thoughts that were haunting him and memories that I couldn’t read.

β€œWillow, are you even listening to me?” Liz moaned at me β€œI’ve been speaking about tomorrow and all you have done is grunt a response!”

β€œSorry” I smiled β€œMy mind is elsewhere”

She snorted β€œWhatever. So, are you going to dress to impress tomorrow night?”

β€œDo I need to?”

β€œWell, duh” She grinned β€œMaybe you could pull. It would be good to see you with a boy on your arm”

I rolled my eyes β€œI don’t think so. I don’t go out to get guys,” Maybe to feed on β€œI go out to get drunk, dance and have some fun.”

Liz pouted but didn’t say anything else. I was just looking forward to seeing the brothers.

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