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The music was loud. My eardrums were bursting. The alcohol was flowing, and I was in the middle of the dancefloor shaking my butt and enjoying myself.

Liz was next to me dancing, with a tight grip on the bottle she was drinking from. She was halfway to becoming drunk. I knew this from the way she was moving. No one else could tell, but I knew Liz well. She’d get arm twitches when she drank too much, and it was the weirdest reaction to alcohol I had ever seen. Normal people would start to stumble but not my Liz. Nope.

But she wasn’t exactly normal.

But then neither was I.

β€œLet’s go to the bar!” She said over the music. I nodded, and I led her to the bar, holding her hand tightly. I didn’t want her to be lost in the crowd or be stolen by some desperate human.

Jerome waved and I went over to him β€œEnjoying yourself?”

β€œObviously,” I said β€œYou should have taken the night off!”

β€œI was needed. Same drinks as last time?” He asked, and I nodded.

Liz leaned on the bar and finished her bottle β€œThis is so fun!”

I agreed with her and I spotted Emily β€œI’ll be right back.”

β€œI’ll pay for the drinks this time and we are getting shots!”

β€œJerome!” I said calling him over β€œKeep an eye on her for me, please. There are hungry humans around and I don’t want to have to kill anyone.”

He laughed and shooed me away. I walked away from the bar and weaved my way through the crowd. By the time I got to Emily, Theo and Dylan were there. Emily looked up and smiled brightly at me.

β€œWillow!” She said and rushed forward to hug me β€œI didn’t know you were here!”

β€œI came with some friends,” I said, β€œHey guys.”

β€œHey Willow,” Theo said, slipping his arm around Emily's waist. Aw. They were too cute.

What was it with me calling people cute?

β€œYou should have said that you were coming,” Dylan said patting my head β€œThe drinks would have been free. We owe you a lot.”

I waved my hands β€œDon’t be silly. You don’t owe me anything. I was happy to help.”

Dylan smiled β€œHonestly, we are in debt to you.”

β€œSeriously, you are not,” I said, β€œI’d rather have the free drinks.”

Dylan laughed β€œAlright. Free drinks it is. I’ll see you around.”

He walked off and Emily put her hand in mine. She smiled at me.

β€œYou should have told me you were coming,” She said, β€œIt would have been nice to get ready with a girl for once,”

I smiled β€œLet me guess, Theo said you looked great in every dress and then went on to say how easy it would be to take you out of the dress,”

β€œHoly poop,” She said, β€œHow did you know?”

I shrugged β€œI’m similar to Leo. But I’m more open with how I feel. It’s obvious he struggles,”

β€œWillow,” Theo said, β€œMy brother isn’t a bad vampire. He’s just in a bad place. Don’t take anything to heart. He’s always been a moody bastard.”

β€œHe’s not that bad” I laughed β€œMoody, rude and a bastard, but he isn’t in a good place. I’ve been there so I know how hard it is”

β€œHaven’t we all” Emily said quietly. Humans wouldn’t have been able to hear her β€œBut...maybe you should come around more often.”


β€œLeo can’t fight you,” Theo said, β€œHe is never lost for words but when you called him cute or stand up to him, he loses. Maybe you are good to be around him.”

I snorted β€œHe doesn’t want me around him. But, if he ever goes missing or tries to set himself alight again, come find me and I’ll jump in.”

Theo suddenly hugged me β€œThank you Willow.”

β€œWell...ok then,” I said, as he let me go β€œI just needed the thanks, not the hug.”

Emily laughed and put her arms around his waist β€œBunny never hugs anyone but me. You should count yourself lucky.”

β€œSure” I rolled my eyes β€œAnyway! I’ve left my girl for too long now. See you around!”

β€œWillow, would it be ok if we become friends?” She asked and Theo kissed the top of her head β€œI don’t really have any girls to talk to anymore. The girls I used to work with sort of drifted away from me and I guess I liked having female company,”

β€œWe can be friends,” I said, β€œIf that is what you want.”

Emily nodded and she hugged me again before I walked away. I spotted Liz who was holding a new drink.

Liz grinned widely as I reached her β€œGuess what? That handsome blond guy said any drink we order is on the house! How cool is that? I wonder who he is.”

β€œHe’s one of the owners,” I said, and her mouth dropped open β€œWhat?”

β€œAre you dating him?”

β€œWhat? No!” I exclaimed, β€œWhy do you think that?”

β€œHe is handsome, he said, β€˜Willow and her friends don’t pay for a thing’. So, you must be dating.”

β€œAre you fucking stupid?” I laughed, β€œHow does that mean we are dating? We just know each other. That’s all.”

β€œIt’s a shame you aren’t dating him,” Liz hugged me β€œHe is so good looking.”

β€œYou think all guys are handsome.”

β€œWow...oh wow!” She gasped β€œThat guy with the blue hair is so damn sexy!”

I looked over and my heart jumped into my throat. Oh my god was she right.

He was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a white top tucked into it, and with the leather jacket, he looked like a damn snack. I found myself licking my lips and heat pooled in the bottom of my stomach. I could see him glare at any females that got too close to him and they rushed off quickly.

Leo was in a bad mood. It was obvious and I didn’t need to read emotions to know that.

But, being the annoying vampire I was, I was going to annoy him.

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