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I didn’t know why I let my brothers drag me here. I was still pissed off by that vampire calling me cute. Plus, they used Emily to ask me to come with them. They fucking knew I couldn’t say no to her.

All she had to do was walk into my room and I said I’d join them. What a fucking joke.

I had my back to the wall, arms folded, and I dared anyone to come near me because I would bite their head off. I didn’t want to be around cattle. Not right now. My stupid brother made me change my clothes. I wanted to stay in my fucking track suit bottoms and not have to socialise. But no. If I hadn’t have got changed they would have changed me themselves and there would have been a mass brawl, broken bones and an angrier group of brothers.

I sighed. I shrugged my leather jacket off and threw it behind the bar. I glanced down at my arms, staring at the tattoos that wrapped around my skin. My brothers and I were born with a tattoo. Not so much a tattoo, more like a birthmark.

We shared the same birthmark. It started out as a small black skull. Mine was on the inside of my wrist, and as we grew it expanded. I hated it at first, but I grew to love it. Now, most of my body was covered. I had a compass on my neck that I had to remember my Nan. She was the most important family to me other than my brothers.

It was one thing I loved about myself. My tattoos. My brothers were the same. We were covered, and I enjoyed the pain of getting them done. The pain made me feel real. Of course, I had my ears pierced, my nose and lip. Unlike my brothers, I had my tongue done. I only got it done to feel something when my Nan was killed. She was...missed.

I wanted to throw myself out the window when I heard Emily giggle at something my brother whispered to her. I couldn’t be around this. It was hurting.


I looked up into bright blue eyes and almost let my mouth drop open at the sight. It was her. The low-level vampire that taunted me and didn’t let me die. I didn’t want to admit it, but I couldn’t help myself.

She looked beautiful.

She wore a dark, blood red dress that hugged her body, and sat above her knee. Her dark hair sat over one shoulder and her dark skin looked perfect....almost edible. She tilted her head as she caught me looking her up and down.

β€œWhat the fuck do you want?” I spat β€œWhy are you here? You aren’t welcome.”

She just smiled β€œCute.”

β€œDon’t call me cute!” I shot out β€œI am not cute!”

She laughed and gave me goose bumps β€œAlright. Maybe you aren’t cute tonight,”

β€œI’m never cute” I glared at her β€œGet away from me”

β€œYou are cute but tonight,” She grinned at me, stepping into my body and heat pooled in my stomach catching me off guard, β€œSee you around, cutie...I mean sexy."

It was like my mouth was sewn shut. Why the hell couldn’t I give a comeback? Fuck. I was probably hungry. I hadn’t eaten a decent meal for months and I was craving badly.

I unclenched my fists and walked over to the bar. One of the servers poured me a drink, but I took the bottle and necked it. Fuck the glass.

β€œSlow down brother,” Xander said putting his hand on my shoulder β€œUse a glass.”

β€œFuck you,” I said, and I stalked to the back office to drink alone. But when I opened the door Theo and Emily were all over each other β€œOh come on!”

They jumped apart and Emily pulled the dress back down to cover her ass, her face bright red.

β€œOops!” Theo grinned, β€œMy bad”

I glared at him and turned away, walking back to the bar. Xander looked over at me with a frown.

β€œGive me a fucking glass,” I said, and Xander laughed β€œWhy are you laughing?”

β€œWhy are you back here?”

I grunted a response β€œTheo and Emily were busy”

"They can't keep their hand's away from each other," Xander grimaced β€œFair enough. Jerome, give me a glass as well.”

I poured Xander a drink and we clinked glasses. It had been a while since we had a drink together. In a way, I missed it. My brothers and I despite our differences were close. We always had been. We only had each other.

Then Emily strolled back, and it felt like we drifted apart. It probably wasn’t true, but it might have been me wanting to distance myself. My feelings were too strong for her and I didn’t want to be around my brothers.

All they spoke about was Emily and how Theo was going to save her from the demons. They were still after her, they just couldn’t find her. Dylan had helped with that. I don’t know what he did, but for now, she was safe...with Theo.

I cursed and poured another drink.

β€œYou seem stressed,” Xander said, looking at me over his glass β€œI can read you like a book. You need to get over her”

β€œI’m trying.”

β€œDid you ever think you could fall in love with someone else?” He asked, tilting his head.

β€œNo,” I said, and I looked over at the blue-eyed vampire who was now making out with some guy. Heat pooled in my stomach and I felt...I felt annoyed.

I poured myself another drink and quickly finished that off, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. My eyes drifted away from my glass and they settled on the blue-eyed vampire who was now dancing with the guy.

Just the way she moved caught my attention and her electric blue eyes against her dark skin was able to catch anyone’s attention. Not just mine. She was gorgeous and as much as I hated to think that, there was no way in hell I could deny it.

β€œFuck,” I muttered and Xander looked at me β€œI need a stronger fucking drink.”

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