The two kingdoms book 1

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Two lands are fitting against each other and people are vanishing on the girls side but are the boys taking them

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 2 The meating

The Gard walked through the golden double door. “Your majesty” said Jordan as he bowed, when he stood up the queen addressed him with a slight nod. “Thank you for coming at my request Jordan. I need to speak to the remaining people so please send for them all” she said.

The last of the people walked through the doors looking around at the sparkling white walls and the chairs spaced in a circle that Alexa had set up earlier. The people left were Ava, Alexa, and Jordan (the Gard). “Is this all that’s left” muttered the queen under her breath. “Please sit” she ordered, they all sat on the chairs.

“People are disappearing” said the queen once they were all seated “we need to find them. We have no lead on were they are, does anyone have an idea” there was deathly silents until “there’re are many places they could be, but I think they have been taken by king Nathan’s people” said Alexa “But we have never disrupted the the lives of those people so why would they want to interrupt ours” said Ava, “they are a different tribe who knows what they want” said Alexa grimly. “How do we know they took them” said Ava thoughtfully at this the queen looked up “yes” she said slowly “but who els would take them” “or what els” said Jordan “what do you mean” said Alexa her voice confused “well it could be a wolf or a cheetah” said Jordan “a cheetah” said Alexa holding back a dry laugh “no” Said the queen sharply “he’s got a point but we need proof” “Jordan you are to stay on Gard night and day try to find out if something is taking them if you do see anything follow it unless it’s in the air. If it is just come to me” Jordan looked at the queen curiously “then we need someone to be a spy and” she paused and thought for a moment “Ava I think you’ d be great for that” Ava had been fiddling with her dress but at these words she looked up surprised “Jordan meet me at 5:00pm tonight, Ava 6:00pm and Alexa meet me at 5 with Jordan and at 6 with Ava you may leave now” they all slowly walked out thinking of what had just happened. No one new their world was in grave danger.
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