The Water Maiden

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Destiny Marie Jackson is a normal Teenager who loves water every since she could remember she has never had a fear of water she was always drawn to it she about to discover what was kept from her...

Fantasy / Other
Deshawn Chesley
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Chapter 1 Water

Have you ever been afraid of water? well I'm not i never have been my love of water has been my thing every since i could crawl. I loved Shower's. My mom could never get me out i would scream if she took me out the bath. No one knew where my love of water came from bith my parents couldn't swim or stand the water. My name is Destiny Marie Jackson at the moment i happen to be laying in bed my alarm for school just went off im 16 years old i get up andgo intomy bathroom to get ready i have long ref hair and i have grey eyes i.know it sounds weird but i have always been a little weird about their color they change color depending on my mood when im pissed they change to a blue i quickly jump in the shower after a quick shower i wrap in a towel and go into my closet to pick out a outfit i grab some ripped jeans and a plain white shirt and grab my favorite hoodie with the dolphins on the back i slip on socks and my favorite converse i
my hair into a messy bun i grab my backpack and my phone and anything else i need oh yeah almost forgot my gym bag im on the school swim team surprised not you already guessed lol i. was actually the fastest on the team ihop into my car and head to School. As i get to School my two best friends are waiting for me we have been the three amigo's since Kindergarten Angela Denison and Brandon Kingston i couldn't ask for better friends as i got out the car they both waved. It took you long enough. Angela said as i got out the car. I was running late i overslept dang Ang. Give her a brake Brandon tells Ang your lucky i love you i would of Slapped anyone else that used that tone of voice with me. Yeah yeah whatever. Come onlove birds were gonna be late for class and i still have to go to my locker.they all turned and headed inside with everyone they were walking the hallway of Crestwater High they ignored everyone as they snickered and stared oh yeah i forgit to mention that i wasn't very well liked and this School was Hell i say goodbye to the two love birds and hed to my locker as i get what i need i turn around and slam into the last person i wanted to see the jackass of the School. Adrian Pearson he thought he was a god among Dogs .Move it Bitch!!! see what i mean he hits my shoulder and keeps walking down the hallway at the end of the Hallway waiting is a teal bitch his girlfriend . more about her later i was late for class. I get to class and manage too sneek in. I'm sitting there and I'm working when the door opens and in walks the most Badass looking dude i have ever seen he looked like a Sex God he had slicked back black hair about 6'4 a lean body but muscles lips to die for and eyes so blue that the sky would be envious the minute our eyes connected i was tingling all over i felt hottter than hell wtf .... Who are you? and why are you interupting my class who i am is none of your business he walks over and sits behind me. Hello
Destiny as he says my name he rubs my neck im so shocked by this i felled to realize that time had frozen everyone in the room was still as a statue i turn around and say what the hell. That's no way to talk to tour mate!!!

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