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Two Alphas One Luna

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"Just by claiming me as yours doesn't make me yours. I'm my own person and I'd like to keep it that way," I tell him staring him dead in the eye. A fury filled growl infiltrates the calm air as his orbits alternate between an enchanting cobalt blue and mysterious golden. With anger fueling his powerful strides, he reaches my side within seconds pinning me against the closest tree as his minty breath fans my cheeks. "Too late for that love," he whispers huskily into my ears sending sensual sparks throughout my body forcing me to close my eyes involuntarily. I can feel his lip curve into a smirk, causing an embarrassing blush to tint my cheeks. But within a flash, the moment comes to an end when our bodies are separated by a sudden force. I quickly recover from the sudden action that lands me a few feet away from the tree that I once took refuge under. I look back at the tree only to witness the stare-down between two powerful beasts ready to shift any moment. ... A second chance is offered every century by the moon goddess as a solace to all these grief-stricken wolves who have either lost their mates or never found them. A human who possesses the ability to become any werewolf's mate is that miracle of comfort. A thousand can claim her, but who will she choose to accept? Her choice will be their destiny.

Fantasy / Adventure
Kia Coelho
4.6 5 reviews
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Faith Leigh

Orphaned at a very young age, Faith has struggled through life with a smile always curving her lips. She likes to keep her emotions hidden behind a cheerful façade. Cheerful and kind as she is, she is also fiercely protective over the ones she loves.

Alpha Enrique Knight

Known for his ruthless nature, yet contradictory to his infamous reputation, his righteous rule is the talk of the town. After losing his mate mere months after finding each other, he has never loved again and drowns himself in work and desolation.

Alpha Adam Cruz

Yet another wolf who has never found his mate even after almost a decade of searching. Yearning for the love and companionship a mate offers he is determined to find the person who he can call his.


Every werewolf is blessed with a mate by the moon goddess. No werewolf is complete without their mate, they cherish each other with a love that sees no conditions or boundaries.

But what if fate has cruelly snatch them away from the other? The pain and desolation are like none other, it consumes the widowed wolf pulling them into fathomless depths of sorrow.

And then there are those who have never found each other, leaving them lonely and in desperate need of their other half.

Faith is their redemption, but who will she choose to accept and save from themselves?
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