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Maddox hides a secret, while looking for answers after the loss of his parents, nearly his siblings, at his expense. He leaves pack boundaries, leaving the place he calls home and the people he calls family, behind.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one: Hellfire

The hellhound cries as he lies dejected and grieves over the loss of his sister and younger brother. "Mercy on me, mercy" he begs as he sobs himself to sleep. As the dawn creeks through his curtains, Maddox wakes up from the pitiful nightmare sweating, as he is being called down by his mother, being burgaded by hungry children, all the while Maddox skips breakfast to get ready for school. "What a dream" he mumbles to himself, but in that moment, he felt that it was not a dream, but only a memory. a memory lost and forgotten. When Maddox arrived at school he was greeted by lycan and Adulwolf, his two best friends. They were both werewolves, but I wasn't. I was a hellhound. but nobody knew, not even Lycan and Adulwolf. I was the only one who knew. my parents didn't know either. none of us really knew the rest of our histories. all they knew is that their ancestors, the founding families of the town they lived in, Baneville, saved everyone from being slaughtered by the ripper vampires. As Maddox and lycan took their seats in history class, Adulwolf made his way to chemistry in the bio lab. The mediocre dream from last night kept Maddox in a terrifying trance. He kept drifting off, with that same gut feeling that it really wasn't a dream. A hellhound's job was to protect the supernatural, but they weren't supposed to have nightmares. In his defense, if he told anyone what he truly was, he would be taken away from his home, his family, his friends, to be experimented on. and he didn't want that. especially when it was so close to a sacrifice. He was friends with a banshee named Lovette. Lovette had warned him that she had sensed a death, weeks before Maddox had had this dream. but Maddox couldn't brush it off. He was scared, confused, nervous. on one hand, he wanted to leave and go find answers to his night terror. but on the other hand he wanted to stay and protect the supernatural, like he was supposed to do. when he finally snapped out of his trance, Lycan had dragged him out of the classroom and all the way to his locker. "So, whatcha dreamin bout there pretty boy?" she asks as she puts in the combo to her locker. He would swallow hard before choking out his answer. "Uhm- I- nothing, it's nothing." I finally choke out. Lycan looked as if she had just been hit by a semi truck, which meant she knew he was lying. she grabbed the collar of his shirt and slammed him against a locker. "What. Is. Wrong." she says before continuing, "and DON'T lie." she yells. At this point everyone in the hall is staring. people take violence pretty well around here and it's tolerated. It's tolerated because it's normal for werewolves to have outbursts. Everyone stopped watching once Adulwolf arrived and threw a really aggressive growl. After everyone stopped watching I dragged Adulwolf and Lycan into the boys and girls locker room. "Wha- He- Hey! what the hell man?" Adulwolf hisses as I shut the door behind us. "I have something to tell you. and you cannot tell anyone or you will lose me forever. got it?" I say as I look at both of them. "Got it" they both say back. "I'm a hellhound" I say as they look at me in awe.
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