Crescent Moon

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Katerina lockland has had it rough after the death of her father. Her brother is there for her but doesn’t truly see her. Can this she-wolf open up? Maybe even find her mate. Someone who really understands her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Full moons. Painful, ugly, messy and most of all, dangerous. The moment those claws come out of our hands we become the apex predators of the woods. And trust me, being a werewolf in Skull Valley, Arizona is not easy. Let me explain. Ok ok, werewolves aren’t real. Wrong. Very wrong actually. You see. My pack is one of the last 450 packs in the US. that might seem like a lot of packs, but really, it’s not. And as you can tell I said ‘in the US’ meaning I didn’t say the world. As I was saying. Werewolves actually are real, people just don’t know about us. And with good reason. I mean if people knew about us, hunters would be all over the woods with bullets laced with wolfsbane. Oh yeah, that’s a real thing too. Wolfsbane isn’t what people say it is to us though. On a full moon the toxins can make us weak for a period of time but then when the sun begins to rise, for a limited amount of time we can roam the woods in the morning because the strength we are left with from the wolfsbane allows us to change at will. Now you might be wondering, why would we want to change at all. Well there is a simple answer. To see the dead. Now you probably think I’m crazy when I say witches are real, but they used to be. There are only 4 more witches in existence, the rest of them were slaughtered by vampires. But the vampires left. They now practically always resort in Canada because they found out that one bite from a werewolf causes fevers, sickness, dry heaves, nausea, hallucinations, and lastly, Death. As I was saying, the four witches chose which packs to stay with and help. Out of pure luck since the witches were good, they chose the most moral packs to reside with, and in return they got protection from the werewolves, against the vampires just in case they decided to get the nerve to come back. Well the witches are named, Reign, Selene, Celestial and Braeden. They are quadruplets. Reign chose the New Mexico pack, Celestial chose the Southern Virginia pack. Braeden chose the New Orleans pack. And Selene chose our pack. The Skull Valley Phantom pack. Our pack consists of at least 350 werewolves. My big brother is the Alpha, he took over after our dad was killed. Our mother never recovered so she stays with selene, and selene, with hope she can recover the mother me and my brother once knew. Now let me introduce myself. I’m Katerina Lockland. And my mothers name is Christiana Lockland. My fathers name was Nathaniel Lockland. My brother's name is River Lockland. My brother and I have always kind of looked alike. We have the same jet black hair, but I always keep mine in dutch braids, while his is always slicked back. We have the same eyes, well most of the time. When he is in wolf form he has red eyes, the eyes of an alpha. I am the omega, so I have blue eyes. But when we are in human form we have one blue eye and one forest green eye. So back to full moons. Well that's kinda where we are going to start.
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