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Adria and Nick's Journey has just begun, now that war is over they have millions of paper work, etiguette, and leadership skills to learn. Threw out the way Adria keeps changing her eye color through emotions and doesn't feel like she fits in, and the wedding and coronation is coming up, she doesn't think that she can handle it, will they pull everything together in time or will it end up being a full disaster? That is a destiny to be determined.... This is NOT LIKE OTHER QUEENS!

Fantasy / Action
Malak Bat.
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Chapter 1

Author's note

This is the second part of destiny Undecided! I would recommend you to read that first in order for this to make sense and to get more information on the background and why this wouldn't make much sense to you!

Thank you

sincerely, MB

I woke up the next day and quickly got ready, putting on my pants and t-shirt tying the end of it. I went jogging outside looking for Nick, but couldn’t find him anywhere I decided to go get breakfast.

No one was there either so I piled up a plate and ate up, after that, I went around the castle and found a couple of maids, I walked towards them and they all curtsied in front of me.” Where is Nick?” I asked confused and in a hurry.

“Oh his highness is in his office, he has been trying to get work done since this morning.” One of them said and I was about to go, but then remembered that I have zero ideas about where the office is.“Would you like me to escort you there?” She asked, sensing my loss of direction I nodded and she motioned to follow her. I went after her and after a couple of twists and turns we finally arrived and she bowed going back to her work.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door, “Come in.” I heard his muffled voice call out through the door. “I opened the door and went inside. “Oh Adria, good morning,” Nick said rubbing his head and then coming over to me.

“Hey, I didn’t realize that you were that busy?” I questioned looking at the piles of work.“Me neither, but there is so much paperwork and not to mention preparations and the coronation and our engagement, it is quite stressful I finished half of it though and I am sure I can make more time to hang out later, also starting today at 12:00 you are expected to be taking listens on how to act, dress, and deal with work and what to do during charities, etc. Audrey will give you the schedule.” He said in a hurry looking distressed.

I looked over at the work and him and how his eye bags were really dark and the piles of coffee. “Well, actually, maybe I can help.” I said looking at him smiling.``Really? I mean I don’t think you want this there is so much to do and well I don’t think you would understand it..” He was about to ramble more, but I put out a hand in front of him making him stop.

“We are in this together Nick. I am sure it isn’t that hard and I want to help you and we can spend time together doing it. It will make you have a clearer schedule to work on other things.” I said smiling and holding his hand pulling it to the desk and took half of the paperwork and Nick explained what to do with it. “Do you understand what to do?” He asked and I nodded, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I looked up at him, “Yes I do this our kingdom so that makes this our work. Like you said we will do it together.” I said looking him in the eye, smiling brightly.

He hugged me, “Thank you, I really appreciate you doing this,” He said as I signed a paper.``Of course, anything to help.” We then spent hours together laughing and joking often together and by the time it was 10:00 am we were finished with everything and there was almost no paperwork left. I yawned and stretched out. Getting out of the desk, well that was one heck of a work.

“Thank you again Adria I didn’t think that I would be able to finish any of this without you.“Nick smiled brightly at me and I nodded. “It was no problem like I said we are in this together, whatever you need help with you to ask me okay? Don’t stress out and overwork.” I pecked him on the cheek.

“You know I have time left before my lessons and you are done with the paperwork so why don’t we get fresh air and stretch for a bit?” I asked hopefully wanting to do something together. He looked at his desk and then smiled at me. “Sure, I would love that.”

“The last one out is a rotten egg,” I yelled over my shoulder running out of the office. I saw him run behind me.“Not fair.” He shouted as I won. “I don’t do fair hun,” I said as we both laughed and walked around the garden. I saw a bush full of black roses and looked back at Nick. “Oh, well before we left I told them to plant some since you loved them,” Nick said, rubbing his neck.

I giggled, “Thank you so much I love them!” I exclaimed, giggling more. He smiled, “I am glad you like them.” He said moving hair out of my face. I blushed to look away, “Come on,” I said dragging his arm as I picked one and put it in my hair, and then we walked around the garden together.

11:30 rolled around and we said goodbye as we had to go our separate ways. I got the schedule from Ivy and by the time she finished explaining and I was in class, it was noon, and as the teacher entered in with a huge pile of textbooks. I knew it was gonna be really hard doing this and little did I know that this journey has just begun and apparently we were definitely not prepared.

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