Alpha and Omega

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The thought of her


When Marcelo informed me that Jade had accepted my invitation, a big, genuine smile had escaped my broody expression. He was taken aback from seeing me smile like that. The only time anyone saw me smile, was just when I was about end a life, but that was a completely different kind of smile.

The last three years had been filled with blood, guts, sex and booze. This trip was supposed to be about diplomacy and to prepare me to take over the pack. But my temper and blood lust had resulted in more violence then originally planned. I’d lost count of how many rogues I’d ripped to shreds.

I was trotting along the edge of the forest in wolf form when I found a big, perfectly placed rock next to a large fir, that gave me the extra height and coverage I was looking for. I was about 300 meters from Galina’s house. She and Jade were sat in the living room and I had a perfect view from here.

I wasn’t spying on her per-say, I was just keeping an eye on her to make sure she was safe and happy. That was my most prominent urge. There were other urges, like, to claim her, mark her and make her mine in every way possible, but that would have to wait. For now, making sure she was safe was my number one priority.

I knew there was a dark story behind her timidness. She was even more submissive and skittish then any other omega I’d ever met. I knew that my reputation and the share mass of me was frightening. I didn’t exactly look harmless. Not to mention my nickname and the fact that I was about to become the Alpha a huge pack. I could understand that she found me intimidating. I just hoped she would be able to see past all that.

The light inside the house went out. She was obviously staying the night. I laid down on the rock and rested my head on my charcoal colored paws.

I would stay here tonight and keep watch.


I woke up feeling well rested and exhilarated in the massive, soft bed in Galina’s guest bedroom. I smiled to myself and rolled over. I got out of bed, walked over to the window and opened the curtains.

I could have sworn, that for just a second, I saw something move out in the woods. I shook my head and sighed. The full moon was tomorrow, so extra activity around the edge of the forest wasn't unusual.

I glanced at the clock and sped out of the room. Only two hours until my date-thing with Alaric.

I ran down stairs where I found Galina dancing around the kitchen. Gregory was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee reading the newspaper. She stopped and kissed him on the cheek, before continuing her dance over to the stove and stirring the scrambled eggs she was cooking. He had a content, happy look on his face, but when she kissed him, his grin widened. She kept swirling around the table, singing along to Toto’s “Hold the line”.

She went back to the eggs and Gregory walked up behind her, slid his arms around her waist and kissed the back of her head. He brushed her hair aside and kissed her neck. He quickly stole a piece of scrambled eggs and ran off. She hollered and ran after him in a fit of giggles and cuss words.

If I could choose a kind of love to have with someone, this would be it.

She spotted me and stopped her pursue. “Good morning! You ready for today?

“I think soI replied, blushing.

“Good, now come get some breakfast before Gregory eats it all.” she said as she shooed me in to the kitchen.

For a while we ate and talked about everything besides the date and Alaric.

“Alright, it's time we talk about the elephant.” Galina said with a cheeky grin. I bit my lip trying to hide the smile trying to escape. “I think you should step out of your comfort zone and just look him in the eye.”

“I’m not sure I can do it.” I said with a frown.

“Yes, you can!” she replied, taking my hand in hers. “If you do it, you will know where to go from here. If he’s not your mate, then this is all over and you can go back to your old life. And if he is you mate, you'll know, and we can take it from there. This is the next step” she said gently.

I let out a heavy breath. “You’re right. I am prepared to try. I don’t want to promise that I will, because I hate disappointing you, but I promise I will try.

“That’s good enough for me. Now! Lets get you ready!

She ushered me up the stairs. Galina had me style my own hair, because well, only a curly can do curls right. In the mean time, she pulled out a simple outfit from my emergency stock in the guest bedroom. A dark blue, thin blouse and black skinny jeans. She did my makeup, just a light blush and mascara. If she'd gone all out, I would have been even more uncomfortable. Marcelo did say it would be casual anyway.

We walked downstairs, giggling and talking about what a goof Gregory was.

“Oi! I can hear you” he hollered from the kitchen.

“Love you, and your goofiness! Galina said, chuckling.

“You two are relationship goals” I said as I looked between them, smiling. “You’re so sweet to each other, so perfect

“Oh trust me, we have our fair share of fights and hick-ups” he said, smirking. He got up and walked out to us.

“Yes, sometimes I want to rip his pretty little head off” Galina said as she pinched his cheeks.

“Yeah and sometimes I want to put a sleeping pill in your coffee!” he replied and pecked her nose. We all burst out in a fit of giggles.

“The key is communication, understanding and fun. With those three together, we can overcome almost any obstacle life throws at us.Galina said while putting on her shoes.

“Oh and NEVER expect everything to be perfect. Nothing is perfect. Ups and down are necessaryshe added.

I considered that for a minute. “That makes sense! Like if we never struggle, never have any hardship in our lives, we wouldn’t appreciate the good. Oh! And we wouldn’t notice the little things!I said excitedly.

“Exactly! Like when I went to the bathroom this morning, I was so happy when I saw that Gregory had put the toilet seat down! Galina said, giggling.

“Yeah, because I hate waking up to you screaming from the bathroomhe replied, snorting.

We continued laughing while we walked down the street towards the pack house.


I had left the forest at daybreak. While I trotted away from the house, I'd felt the sting of the pull intensifying. The familiar knot in my chest slowly returned as the distance between us grew. I didn’t have any spare clothes with me, so I trotted straight to my room in wolf form.

In the bathroom, I shifted and turned on the shower. I had to wash off the mud and maybe get a few hours sleep before my date with Jade.

In the shower I rested my forehead on the cold tiles. I closed my eyes and thought of her. Jade. The water running down my body felt like soft fingers gently caressing my skin. My breaths became shorter as I focused on the tiny droplets running down my chest. I could feel the blood leaving my brain.

I imagined running my fingers through her hair, lightly gracing her neck and down over her collarbone. I would gently trace the line of her bra, making goosebumps erupt over her soft breasts. I imagined her breath hitching and the sound making my dick harden. I imagined licking a path from her collarbone, up her neck to her ear, and I would gently suck on her earlobe, before nibbling it.

I was in a daze. The lack of sleep, heat from the shower and the longing for her, made me feel drunk. It was the perfect mix of pleasure and pain. My arm moved at it’s own will. It grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed, making it harden to steel. I let out a groan, as I started stroking myself slowly.

I thought of her soft skin against mine. I imagined her rubbing her plump ass against me. I thought of running my hands from her shoulders and down to her breasts, delicately caressing and kneading them. I would run my tongue around her nipples, gently blow on the wet skin, and watch as they hardened. I imagined her moaning as I put my mouth over her nipple, swirling my tongue around it and sucking.

My strokes were faster, I was getting close. The intensity was overwhelming.

I thought about how I would tease her pussy, making her squirm and moan my name. I imagined her thighs around my head as I sucked her clit. I thought of her cumming in my mouth.

The earth shattered beneath me as I shot my load onto the shower wall. My breaths were heavy and my body was tingling. I had never had an orgasm that intense from only jacking off.

If being with her was anything like this, she would be the end of me.

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