Alpha and Omega

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The Rogue part 2


I was running around in the forest, jumping over rocks and chasing after rabbits. I never killed them, I just liked the chase.

I was in the forest just south of my house. The rest of the pack usually ran on the west side of the compound, so I thought it was best to stay here. It felt good to stretch my wolf legs.

I darted after a mouse but it quickly hid under a root. I let out a small whine while trying to stick my snout under the root.

Dam things are so fast!

The smell of mud and decay enveloped me, making my body stiffen. I was no longer alone. I turned my ears in every direction, debating if I should make a run for it or stay put. I was not a fighter, nor was I a fast runner. I couldn’t defend myself if something attacked me.

I heard the snap of a twig behind me. I spun around in panic. My tail tucked itself between my legs and my hackles raised as I growled.

A brown, filthy he-wolf stalked toward me. He was missing half of his left ear and his face was covered in scares. He stopped about 10 meters in front of me, sniffing the air in front of him. He laid his ears back and flashed his teeth, commanding me to submit.

This was a rogue, that much was clear, and submitting was even worse than trying to fight him off.

The rogue started moving slowly towards me.

Abruptly he stopped and spun around.

I heard him growling.

I was frozen. I knew I should run, but I couldn’t move.

Suddenly the rogue lunged but I couldn’t see at what. I heard a sharp yelp and the rogue flew backwards. From the shadows of the trees, a massive charcoal gray wolf emerged.

The rogue stumbled before he got up and charged the new wolf. There was now a full on werewolf fight in front of me. They growled and yelped and snapped at each others throats.

I couldn’t tell who was winning, the movements were too fast. Suddenly they stopped. The charcoal wolf was towering over the rogue, snarling, while holding him down with his enormous paws. The rogue was badly wounded but didn’t stop struggling.

The charcoal wolf looked up and found my stunned expression staring at him. He lowered his head to the rogue and ripped out his throat. With the throat still in his mouth he walked towards me.

I was shaking, unable to react. When he reached me he put the throat before my paws. He kept his head low, watching me as he backed up a few steps.

I couldn’t comprehend what just happened. I was in complete shock. All my life I had avoided any kind of violence as best as I could. I had never seen anything like this before.

The charcoal wolf moved a step closer again and darted out his tongue, trying to lick my muzzle. I jumped back in shock.

What the hell is he doing?

He continued licking the air, stretching his neck towards me. Then he laid down and rolled on his back, showing his belly. If a wolf could gawk, that’s what I would be doing.

He whined and touched my leg with his paw, trying to get my attention. I backed up a few paces, still unable to understand what he was doing. I’d never seen a wolf behave this way.

He rolled back on his stomach, put his head on his paws and stared straight in to my eyes.

His pale blue-gray eyes.

I instantly knew it was Alaric’s wolf.

He let out a small whine as I took a step closer. I lowered my head and sniffed around him, making sure it really was him. He tried to lick my muzzle again. I bared my teeth, growling and stepping back again.

I was too confused.

I didn’t have a lot of experience interacting with others in wolf form and this behavior was confusing as hell. He was Alpha, dominant and powerful, but his actions were completely submissive. What the fuck was he up to?

I declined his invitation to play by turning away and trotting along a path, deeper into the forest.

He got up and followed me at a distance. This went on for hours, but he didn’t push me, just followed along like a lost puppy.

Eventually I stopped and laid down on a patch of soft moss on top of a small hill. He stopped about 10 meters away.

I turned my head slightly, looking back at him, inviting him to join me. He slowly walked closer, his head low, checking to make sure he was reading me right. I moved a little bit to the side to make more room for his massive body. He carefully lay down beside me, our fur barely touching.

This was utter perfection. I felt calm. Safe. At ease. I’d never felt like that with a male before.

After a good rest we trotted home side by side. I could tell he was constantly scanning our surroundings, probably still on edge after that rogue.

Strangely, I wasn’t worried. It was like my soul knew I was safe with him. The thought of rogues didn’t scare me as much as it usually did.

Alaric had brutally killed the rogue, but he did it to protect me, that much was clear. His wolf had been acting submissive towards mine. I thought maybe he was trying to make me feel safe and in control after I was almost attacked, because him actually submitting to me, was completely ludicrous .

We slowed to a walk when we neared my house. I felt tiny next to him, even though he held his head low to make himself smaller. It warmed my heart to see how far he was willing to go to make me feel comfortable.

When we came up to my house, he stopped and sat down. He slowly stretched his neck and went to lick my muzzle again. This time I let him. I could feel the excitement oozing off of him when I didn’t turn away.

He nudged my shoulder, telling me to go inside. I walked up the steps and found the rode I'd left on the porch. I held it up in front of me with my teeth. As I shifted back, the robe covered my naked body before I easily slipped it on without exposing myself. He sat quietly observing me.

“Will I see you tomorrow? I asked quietly. He nodded his head once, still looking me in the eye. I smiled at him and walked inside.


I ran back to the pack house while trying to process the events of the evening. I hadn’t planned on showing myself, and I definitely didn’t plan on ripping apart a rogue in front of her.

I thought she would freak out, both from seeing me brutally kill someone, and from seeing me in wolf form without being prepared.

The decision to submit was a panicked move, but it worked, eventually. I wanted her to know I’d never hurt her and that she was in control.

Her wolf was incredibly beautiful. Small and cute. Her fur was like glittering silver, and paired with those dark brown eyes, it made her look mesmerizing. I didn’t get why she wasn’t bursting with confidence. Men should be crawling at her feet. Even without the mate-pull I would’ve been pining for her.

When I got to the pack house, Luke was waiting outside.

“Anything to report? he asked.

“Yes, I killed one on the west border.” I replied as soon as I shifted back to human form.

“Ah, good.” he mumbled with a slight frown.

“Why did you leave your assigned area?” he suddenly asked.

“I had to make sure Jade was safe during her run.” I replied, slightly annoyed.

“How did that go? She prefers to be left alone while running.” he said, cocking an eyebrow.

“Besides the fact that the rogue was trying to take her, it went just fine.” I spat back.

“The rogue was after her? he asked, looking confused.

“Yes, why does that surprise you? It only makes sense that rogues would target an Omega wolf wandering alone.” I snarled.

“Yes, though it’s not that the rogue was targeting an Omega, but the fact that it was targeting her.” he replied, clenching his jaw.

“Elaborate, NOW!” I thundered.

He sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Five years ago, I banished someone because of her. He harassed her for years. I didn’t know, and it went pretty far before I was informed.” he said, looking remorseful.

“And why the fuck didn’t you kill him?” I asked between gritted teeth.

“I only had one witness. It was word against word.” he replied, exasperated.

“And he was/is my cousin.

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