Alpha and Omega

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Mark me part 2


Yes!” I moaned. He had shown me he was good at heart. He made me feel safe and wanted.

Mark me” I whispered. He licked my ear and growled in excitement.

He kept grinding our clothed sexes together, one arm around my waist, the other on my breast, rubbing it and teasing my nipple. He licked a trail from my collar bone up my neck, making me gasp. The intensity was overwhelming and I felt myself getting close. I gripped his shoulders, pressing us closer together, and urged him on. He used the hand on my back to guide me into the perfect angle.

The head of his cock was literally rubbing against my clit, only separated by a few, thin layers of fabric. The grinding intensified, the tension in his body making it clear that he was as close as well. The sensation was divine, I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan as I neared the edge. He got the message, and used the moment to bite in to the soft flesh where my neck met my shoulder. As his teeth pierced my skin, the orgasm hit me like a rush of warm water. Millions of tiny bubbles tickled inside my body and made me heave for breath. The bite merely intensified the moment, it didn’t hurt in the slightest. He held me close as our movements slowed to a halt. He put his forehead to mine and huffed a laugh. I cupped his face in my hands, and kissed him slowly, relishing in the aftershock. We stayed like that for a while, just breathing and holding each other.

Sooo…Is this what you came for?” I asked while biting my lip and glancing at him shyly. He smirked and pulled me closer.

No, not exactly” He said, chuckling.

Honestly, I was gonna ask to mark you, but the events leading up to it was not pre-planned, but I don’t regret how this all went down. I hope you don’t either” he said as he nuzzled my neck

“I don’t!” I said quietly, blushing. He sighed in relief.

“There’s something I have to tell you though.” he said, furrowing his brows. His words made me nervous, but I had to hear him out.

The reason I wanted to mark you is because I believe you might be in danger.” he said and looked up at me, worry shining in his beautiful eyes.

There’s been several rogues lurking around the border over the last six months, and I think they are targeting you. Luke didn’t see the whole picture before I pointed it out.” he said, his voice heavy. I was starting to shake, so he pulled me close again and kissed my temple.

I will not let anything happen to you” he said earnestly.

You are mine, and I will do anything to make sure you’re safe and happy. Now that you’re marked, we can mind-link when were close and I’ll be able to sense intense emotions, so I’ll know if you’re in trouble. It will also be easier to pick up your scent if I need to

Will I be able to feel and sense you the same way?” I asked.

“Not until you mark me and we’ve completed the mating.” he replied.

“So, what happens now?” I asked with a shaky voice.

Luke is doubling the patrols around the border, and there will be two groups hunting, one during the day and one at night.” he replied.

And what about you?” I asked, feeling somewhat uneasy.

I’m leading the night group.” Fear crept up and tightened my throat. He sensed I was tensing up, and tilted my head up to meet his gaze.

“You’ll be safe. I will stay with you during the day, and Marcelo will be your bodyguard at night.” he said, smiling reassuringly at me. I sighed and buried my head in the crook of his neck, melting in to his intoxicating scent.

When are you leaving?” I asked quietly, dreading his response.

I need to be at the pack house at half passed seven.” he replied.

That’s in 20 minutes. Can we stay like this until you have to leave?

Of course kitten, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be” he said, leaning further back on the couch, making the both of us more comfortable.

Twenty minutes later, there was another knock on the door. I tried to climb off Alaric, but he grabbed my wrist and gently pulled me down with a grin.

It’s just Marcelo.” he mumbled in between spreading kisses all over my neck. The door cracked open.

Everyone decent?” Marcelo called from the hall.

Yes!” Alaric mumbled. I gently pushed myself off him and sat next to him on the couch. Marcelo came in to the room, his eyes instantly falling on the mark on my neck. I could tell he was genuinely happy to see it.

You better get going” he nodded to Alaric.

Yeah!” Alaric sighed as he pulled me in to a tight hug.

I’ll be back around 8 am tomorrow morning.” he said, kissing my forehead in the most protective, intimate way. I got up, walked to the window and watched him walk away. I knew he was strong, powerful, but the thought of him getting hurt or killed, still had me on edge.

“He’ll be OK, It’s not his first rodeo” Marcelo said quietly, sensing my worry.

“But no one knows which one will be our last.” I whispered, feeling the pressure of tears behind my eyes.

“He has always been hot-headed and easily be blinded by his rage and he made a lot of poor decisions. I used to worry about him all the time.” he said coming up next to me, looking out the window.

But ever since he found you, I’ve seen a change in him. In situations where I would expect him to go ballistic, he has stayed calm and even been diplomatic. I’m less worried about him now, then ever before.” he continued, smiling sincerely as he looked at me from the corner of his eye.

“Anyway, I’ll just go outside and stand guard.” he said as he turned to leave.

Wouldn’t you be more comfortable staying in the house?” I asked quietly.

It’s OK, I don’t want to inconvenience you” he replied waving me off.

“You won’t. It would actually help make me feel comfortable if you stayed in the house, it would be like you were a guest, and make this whole ordeal less scary” I replied, giving me a crocked smile.

“Well OK then. I can’t deny my Luna’s wishes.” he said smirking.

My eyes widened at his words. It hadn’t occurred to me that I would become Luna. Luna of the Red River pack. I looked at Marcelo with panicked eyes. I started hyperventilating, the slight tightness in my chest intensified and I started sweating. He realized what was happening and his eyes started darting right and left.

“Jumping jacks!” he snapped. I looked at him in confusion. What the hell?

Come on! We’re doing jumping jacks, now!” he snapped. Was he insane?

Now!” he said with his beta voice. I was shaking, both in fear of his commanding voice and the ongoing panic attack. I clumsily moved in position.

Count out loud.” he said calmly but sternly.

One...” My limbs were burning.

Two...” My breath was wheezing.

Three...” My heart felt like it was about to give up on me.

Four...” My head was pounding.

Five...” The pain in my arms and legs lessened.

Six...” My breaths were longer and deeper.

Seven...” My heart started beating steadier.

Eight...” The headache started to lighten.

Nine...” I felt the panic ease it’s hold on me.

Ten...” I stopped and leaned over holding my knees, breathing heavily. I looked up at Marcelo with a massive frown. He just smiled back at me smugly.

What the… How…” I couldn’t form a complete sentence.

I saw it on Netflix” he said with a sly grin. My eyebrow arched in shock.

You were having a panic attack. It was totally my fault, I didn’t think before I opened my big mouth, I’m sorry.” he said.

“I saw it on “Orange is the new black, thought it was worth a shot” he continued, and sat down on the armchair, totally relaxed.

Oh. Galina usually hugs me tight and makes me take deep breaths until it subsides.” I said, and sat down on the couch across from him.

That was my initial thought too, but I didn’t want to overstep, we literally just met. Thought the jumping jacks were worth a try, and it worked!” he said, beaming.

They did indeed” I replied with a short chuckle. I suddenly remember what Alaric had told me about the mark, how he could sense my emotion.

“Um, so you think he sensed this, through my mark?” I asked shyly.

“Yes, he mind-linked me when he felt your panic. I told him it was under control. I hope that’s OK” he replied.

Yeah, it’s fine. I didn’t want him to come rushing back for a stupid panic attack.” I said, looking at the floor, embarrassed.

They aren’t stupid. If he didn’t trust me to handle it, he would be here in a heartbeat.” Marcelo said, giving me a reassuring smile.

We talked for a while before he went outside to do a perimeter check. I was right about his staying inside. It felt less weird. Having someone to talk to also made time pass faster and kept my mind from wandering to what might be going on deep in the forest.


I pushed my legs to go faster. He turned a sharp left and jumped over a dead log. I was right on his tail now, snapping, growling. He tried to turn left again, but I was too fast for that piece of shit. I got a good grip on his hind leg and yanked, making him loose his balance and crash to the ground. I chomped down on the leg, crushing the bone with my molars. He yelped in pain, and tried to drag himself away from me. With all my weight I stepped on his crushed leg and growled angrily at him. He stopped and stared at me with his chicken shit rogue eyes. He started shifting, so I did as well. My hand was still on his injured leg, and I gave it a light squeeze that made him scream bloody murder between his yellow teeth. He turned over on to his back, and put up his hands, surrendering.

“Where is he?” I growled.

Fifty kilometres west of here.” he cried.

And how many shits in your filthy group?” I asked, leaning over him.

“Fourteen.” he replied. He was lying, I could smell it. I put my palm to his sternum, and applied about half my weight to it. He started huffing and tried to push my hand away. Fat fucking chance.

“How many!” I bellowed, putting more weight on him.

Ninety three!” he shouted, but he still smelled of bullshit. I pushed down hard, making him gasp for air while I heard a few ribs crack.

“Twenty!” he choked out. His eyes had stopped darting around. He had completely given up now. Good. I leaned back, reducing the pressure.

And who is your leader?” I asked. Even though I already knew, I wanted conformation.

Virion Cane.” he replied breathlessly.

Thank you” I said before using my whole weight to crush his chest to mush.

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