Alpha and Omega

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Breakfast tears


I woke up the next morning feeling anxious. I quickly put on my robe and hurried to the kitchen. Marcelo was sat at the table drinking coffee.

“Good morning Jade.” he said, giving me a tight smile.

“Good morning” replied nervously, before pouring myself some coffee. I sat down on the opposite side of the table and looked down into the brown liquid in my cup.

“What happened?” I asked, my voice barely a whisper. It was already past ten and Alaric wasn’t here. Tears started forming in my eyes and I turned my head to look out the window. It was snowing again. My heart felt so heavy that I had almost convinced myself he was dead.

“Hey! Are you crying?” Marcelo asked, concerned.

“Just say it, he’s dead isn’t he!?” I sobbed, no longer able to hold back the tears.

No, Jade! He’s fine!” he exclaimed, grabbing my hand trying to comfort me. I looked up at him through my tear soaked eyes.

“He was here very early, around five in the morning. He wouldn’t let me wake you.” he said softly.

I was breathing in short breaths and trying to blink away my tears. “Why did he leave? Why does it feel like I’m dying inside?”

“He had to debrief Luke about what happened during the search. And the pain you’re feeling, we call it the pull. It’s because you’re not fully mated yet and you’ve been apart for a while now. It’s kinda like missing someone, but it manifests a lot more intensely then it would if you were missing a friend.” he said, his eyes sympathetic.

“Why didn’t I know that?” I asked rhetorically, furrowing my brows. He patted my hand and leaned back in his chair, smiling widely.

“Why don’t you relax for a bit and I’ll make some breakfast, how does eggs and bacon sound? It’s basically the only thing I can make” he chuckled.

That would be great, thank you.” I replied, giving him a weak smile.

Suddenly the door burst open. Marcelo immediately jumped in front of me in defensive stance.

JADE!?!” Alaric’s voice bellowed through the house.

“We’re in the kitchen!” Marcelo replied as he walked back to the stove, completely back to his normal, relaxed self.

Alaric came rushing in. His eyes locked onto mine immediately. My heart jumped out of my chest and a wave of relief rushed over me. He was OK.

He crossed the floor in 2 giant steps and lifted me up in his arms, crushing me to his chest. I felt him relaxing as he buried his face in my neck and inhaled my scent. The pain I had been felling all morning, slowly twisted into a feeling of sublime comfort. He left kisses up and down my neck as I clutched his shirt with my shaking hands.

“What happened?” he whispered.

“I thought you were dead.” I replied as my eyes filled with tears of relief.

“Never!” he exclaimed, soothingly stroking my hair.

I’m sorry. I felt like I was dying inside. I didn’t know about the mate-pull thing.” I said, embarrassed.

He put me down on the floor and looked at me. “No, I’m sorry. I should have been here like I said I would.” he said, wiping my tear-streaked cheeks with his hands. I rested my head on his chest and slipped my arms around his waist. He kissed the top of my head and sighed. “If something like this ever happens again, I will make sure you are informed straight away, no matter what. I don’t ever want to scare you like this again. I’m sorry kitten” he said, giving me an apologetic smile.

“So what happened last night?” I asked, just as Marcelo came over and put the food down at the table.

“Tell you over breakfast?” he asked, grinning. We all sat down and ate while Alaric told us about the events of the night.

“A small group will be scouting the base tonight, and Luke is putting together an assault team to attack the rogues tomorrow night.” Alaric said.

“Are you going with them? I asked, dreading his response.

“Not tonight.” he replied with a twinkle in his eye.

“Marcelo, you’ll be leading the scouts tonight and we’ll both be going with the assault team tomorrow night. I’ve arranged for Jade to stay with Galina while we’re gone.There will be thirty warriors patrolling the border and five guarding Galina’s house. You’ll be safe he said, taking my hand in his, squeezing it reassuringly. I sighed heavily, trying to wrap my head around it all.

Marcelo, you better get some rest.” Alaric said.

Alright. I assume we’ll be having a debrief tomorrow morning. Marcelo said, standing up from his chair and crossing his arms over his chest.

Yes, 8 am in the conference room.” Alaric replied.

Marcelo nodded and left for the pack house.

Alaric and I sat in silence for a while. I tried not to think about what might happen tomorrow. I just wanted to think about right now. To feel, right now.

I looked up at his face. His eyes snapped up to meet mine. His delightful, honest, kind, pale blue-gray eyes. I reached my hand over the table cupped his cheek. I felt such a deep longing in my heart, a gnawing ache needing to be filled.

He got up and walked over and picked me up. I slipped my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist, as he held me in his protective arms. I pressed his head to my chest, hugging him tight to me. He started walking out of the kitchen. My house was so small, I didn’t have to tell him where to go.

He kicked open the door to my bedroom, walked over to the bed and laid us both down on our sides, facing each other. He tucked a stray curl behind my ear and trailed his finger over my jawline.

You are so beautiful” he whispered. I frowned at his words. “What? he asked softly, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“You don’t have to say that” I replied sheepishly.

“What? I’m not allowed to tell my mate how gorgeous she is?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

You don’t have to make up stuff to win me over.” I replied, looking away.

I’m not. I’ve never lied to you, and I never will.” he said turning my face back to him with his fingers. “Do you seriously not know how magnificently beautiful you are? he asked as he pushed himself up onto his elbow to look at me. His face was genuinely shocked.

“Jade, you are the most breathtaking creature I have ever laid eyes on. Everything about you is delightful, your body, face and soul and your heart.” he said, gesturing with his hand. I covered my blushing face in my palms, mortified by his praise.He sighed and gently pulled my hands away. “You have to stop trying to hide yourself. I won’t stop telling you, ever.”

It makes me uncomfortableI said frowning.

It will, until you start believing it yourself.” he said, tucking another runaway curl behind my ear.

I looked up into his captivating eyes and saw only honesty and adoration. My eyes dropped down to his lips. Full, soft, and oh so delicious. I instinctively licked my own lips. He caught it, and leaned closer, his mouth now hovering but a breath from mine. A few seconds passed. The anticipation made me tremble.

He pressed his mouth to mine, softly, as his hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer. I opened my mouth to let him in, and moaned into the kiss. He shifted his weight and moved to hover over me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him closer. I could feel his rock hard erection trough his jeans, pressing against my groin.

I moved my hands up his muscular back as he started kissing and nibbling down my neck until he reached my mark. He licked it, and sparks shot down to my groin, making me jerk and grind into his bulge.

He let out a throaty, deep groan, and moved his hand down to my breast. Pulling down my robe, he immediately sucked my nipple in to his mouth, as he slowly started to grind against my soaked core.

I was quickly losing control. My mind was in a haze, my body moving on blind instinct. I grabbed his ass with my hands, urging him on.

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