Alpha and Omega

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Jade's story


Alaric's eyes snapped to mine, surprise plastered on his face. He was clearly not expecting this.

“Are you sure? he asked gently.

I gave him a tight smile and nodded. “I just need you to stay calm and let me finish the story before you say anything” I said, rubbing my hands, nervously.

“I will, I promise he said, reaching for my hand.

I took a deep breath.

“As you know, I was born Omega. My parents are Omegas as well. I was picked on for as long as I can remember. Pups at daycare would take toys out of my hands, push me around and make me do all sorts of stuff. But that’s just the way it was, and I managed. I didn’t know any other way. The bad stuff started when I turned thirteen.”


Eight years ago

I was walking to school. It was summer and the birds were chirping sweetly in the treetops. The light breeze was soothingly warm and gentle, improving my already cheerful mood. One more week until summer break, one more week and I’d be free. At least for a few months.

I stopped to pick a daisy and started twirling it between my fingers. Today was my birthday and my mom had woken me up with a kiss on my forehead and a birthday cupcake like she always did.

I’d woken up feeling different. Something was stirring inside me, my wolf was emerging. It would still be a while before she showed herself, but at least it was starting.

When I got to school, kids were gathered in groups around the court yard. All the usual clicks were there, the jocks, the popular girls, the nerds, and The Alphas.

They weren’t alphas, they just called themselves that. They were high-ranked kids, some were relatives of the Alpha. The cool kids. They acted like they were better than everyone else. If anyone tried to stand up to them, they would gang up and beat them back in their place.

I hurried over the court yard, hoping no one would notice me. I searched for my one and only friend, a boy named Joe. He was a frail, tiny stick of a boy, an Omega, like me.

Our friendship was based on the fact that we were both alone, so we kept each other company. We didn’t really talk, we just hung out at school, so we didn’t have to be completely alone.

I suddenly heard a commotion over by the corner of the building. Shouting, growling. I discreetly moved closer to see what was going on.

The Alphas were standing in a circle, shoving someone between them. I was scared out of my skin, but something kept pushing me to move closer.

“You’re a little shit! You don’t deserve to breathe the same air as us! I heard a male yell. His voice was right in between a boys and a mans.

I crouched down and saw Joe’s face crash against the pavement. A white chunky sneaker hit his face and held him down. His eyes darted to mine, pleading. Something snapped inside me.

“Get away from him! I screamed, instantly covering my month as I heard the words escape.

The boys slowly turned towards me.

The crowd split in half as Virion Cane bolted towards me and grabbed my face.

“Who the FUCK do you think you you are, talking to us like that!? he shouted. I whimpered as my eyes filled with tears.

“You’re fucking disgusting he said, before he spat in my face. He released me and shoved me to the ground.

Joe ended up with permanent brain damage. Considering he was a werewolf, that says a lot about what kind of beating he got that day. He wasn’t able to talk or feed himself after that.

The investigation was quickly closed because no one dared to talk, and no one cared about poor Joe.

I was now alone.

I had no friends, no one to talk to, no one to stand next to.


Later that week I was reading under the bleachers, hiding from the other kids, when out of the blue, I was slammed to the ground. Virion was suddenly on top of me.

“Make a sound and I will rip out your throat bitch! he whispered in my ear. He kept one hand around my throat, while the other groped my groin. He breathed open-mouthed in my face, while he ripped my pants down.

I was too terrified to make a sound. I knew he could easily kill me without a second thought, if he decided to.

He pulled at my underwear and stuck his fingers under it. I tried to squirm away but he tightened his grip on my throat.

He roughly fumbled around with his hand until he found the entrance, and pushed his fingers inside, while pressing his erection against my thigh. I yelped loudly at the pain, but he kept going.

All the other kids were at the other end of the yard, so no one heard me.

He was moaning and growling as he forced his fingers in and out of me, while he dry-humped my thigh. A minute later he bit down hard on my arm as he came in his own pants.

Then he left me in a heap of tears and bruises.

I didn't dare tell anyone.

A few weeks later he showed up when I was out in the forest, close to my house, picking blueberries.

He grabbed me and threw me against a boulder without a word. He pushed my face in to the cold rough surface as he groped me from behind. I heard him panting heavily as he pulled of his pants and started jerking off. He sprayed his cum over my thigh, and left.

During the summer break he would show up whenever I was outside alone.

I ended up being too scared to go anywhere without my parents, so I stayed inside almost all summer.

When school started again, I was a nervous wreck. I still hadn’t told anyone. Virion had said, over and over, that no one would believe me, I was nothing to any of them, no one cared.

The next three years was nothing but torture. He would encourage his gang to beat me and when he found me alone, he would rape me.

I was just a shell of myself. I would go to school, go home, and stay inside. Rinse and repeat.

No one would help me when I was beaten, no one would even talk to me.

Just after my sixteenth birthday, there was a party at the pack house for all the teens. Everyone between sixteen and eighteen was invited. I was petrified, but when I tried to tell my parents I didn’t want to go, they thought I was just nervous, and my dad practically dragged me out the door.

When we got there, he told me to let loose and have fun. Then he left.

I decided to stay, at least for a little while, just to make my dad happy.

There were so many people, even some adults supervising, I didn’t think Virion would try anything here, so I walked inside.

The place was packed. Someone bumped in to me, making me lose balance and fall onto a little blond girl. I instantly fell to my knees, begging her forgiveness, terrified of the thrashing I was expecting.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s like the hundredth time tonight already she said, laughing. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

I was in utter shock.

“Hey, you OK? she asked, looking worried, trying to find my eyes.

I stared at the ground as tears clouded my eyes. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I melted into her loving embrace.

I’d never been hugged like that by anyone before, not even my parents.

“Do you want to hang with me? she asked, still holding me tight. I nodded my head.

She gently pushed me back and took my hands. “Why don’t you go freshen up, and I’ll get us some drinks? she said, smiling. I returned her smile and walked to the bathroom.

I splashed some water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror. A broad grin spread over my usual frown. I was astonished by her compassion. Maybe she would be my friend. Maybe not, but I was determined to enjoy her kindness for as long as it lasted anyway.

Suddenly the door burst open. Virion strolled in, wearing his signature evil sneer and stinking of alcohol.

I winched and backed away from him. He slammed the door shut, and grabbed my wrist, twisting it painfully.

“You fucking cunt, you think you can hide from me? You didn't think I could smell your cunt from a mile away!?” he spat, slamming me into the wall.

He pulled my top down, exposing my breasts. He grabbed one breast and squeezed it so hard it turned white. I gritted my teeth, trying to hold back a scream. He put it to his mouth and sucked it hard in to his mouth and bit down, hard, piercing the skin. I cried out in pain.

“Scream all you want whore, no one will hear you over the music he barked in my ear. He pulled down my pants and started unbuckling his jeans. Tears flowed down my face and my body shook vigorously. His disgusting prick sprung out and he pushed me over the sink, ready to violate me from behind.

Suddenly the door was kicked open. On the other side was the blond girl and behind her stood our Alpha, Luke. They stared at the scene before them their mouths agape.

“What the FUCK is going on here! Alpha Luke bellowed, pushing past the blond. Virion took a step back and tried to pull up his pants. The blond looked down at my pale, tear-soaked face, and the red marks covering my exposed skin.

“She begged me to fuck her Virion said casually.

“Fucking liar! the blond screamed. Her face was red and I could tell she was less then a second away from shifting. “Look at her, does it look like she consented to this?! she shouted, elbowing Luke, who gritted his teeth. He grabbed Virion and dragged him out of the room.

See to her, and come to my office when you’re done. he said to the blond, before walking off with Virion.

The blond walked in and closed the door quietly behind her. She carefully pulled me up from the sink and started fixing my clothes, covering me up.

She found a washcloth and washed my face with lukewarm water. afterwards, she pulled me down to the floor and in to her arms.

“Let it out, let it all out sweetheart. she whispered gently. I couldn’t stop myself. I cried out all the pain, the torture, and the terror. Not just for what happened tonight, but for every single time he tortured me.

She just held me, stroked my hair, let me cry and scream it all out.

“Feel a little better? she asked, when I finally stopped crying. I nodded.

“This is not the first time he hurt you, is it? she asked calmly.

I shook my head.

“Will you tell me about it?

I shook my head again.

“If we’re gonna make it stop, we have to tell Alpha Luke enough, so he has no choice but to take action she said quietly, as she stroked my arm.

I sighed heavily.

“He’s been raping me for 3 years and he makes the others beat me at least once a week I whispered. I was still afraid she would some how turn against me, but my wolf was relaxed around her, and that made me want to trust her.

“Thank you. I’m gonna take you home and then I will deal with this. I’ll come by tomorrow and give you an update if you want.” she said as she rose to her feet. She pulled me up with her, and smiled at me.

“Oh, by the way, my name is Galina.

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