Alpha and Omega

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The alley part 2


I stared at the drink in my hand. The golden brown liquid swirled as I tilted the glass from side to side. The bar was packed with people shouting and laughing. My brows furrowed as I slid the glass back and forth over the stained, wooden counter.

My companions were long lost in the crowd. I sat at the end of the bar, by myself. Several women had approached me, but my growl made them run off before they managed to open their mouths. I was in a foul mood.

I’d lost count of the drinks I’d had tonight, but no matter the amount of booze, the emptiness wouldn’t fill.

I tipped my head back and downed the rest of my drink in one gulp. I slammed the glass back on the counter. This was my last trip before taking over as Alpha of the Red River pack after my father.

Fuck this shit!

I looked over my shoulder and saw my beta, Marcelo and the rest of the posse dancing and hollering in the corner. They were having fun. They deserved some fun after enduring all my tantrums. We’d been traveling for 3 years now, visiting packs in every corner of the country, making friends and fighting foes. This was our final stop before heading home.

The bar patron slid over a beer and nodded his head to me in a respectful, silent salute. I grabbed the bottle and stood up from the bar stool. My head instantly started spinning. I tried to steady myself but I stumbled backwards.

How long have I been here?

Shit! I have to piss.

I staggered across the floor and glanced towards the restrooms. I was half a head taller than any person in this bar, so it was a clear view, even though my sight was blurry.

Fuck, the line is a mile long!

I turned to the exit and pushed through the sea of people in my way. Some of them turned around, ready to tell me off for pushing them, but one look at me and they snapped their heads back. I reeked of authority, and I probably looked like I was ready rip some heads off.

This tour had taken a toll on me. I was constantly grumbling, always short tempered. Fun was no longer in my vocabulary.

I made it to the exit and almost tripped on the door sill. Grabbing the door frame to keep myself from falling flat on my face, my hand made dents in the wood. I had next to no control over my strength when I was drunk, and I was pissed off my tits right now. I could no longer feel my face or my limbs.

I took a big gulp of the beer in my hand, and let out a loud burp. The people in the street turned their heads to see who the rude ass fuck was, but when they saw me, they scattered like a scared flock of sparrows.

Yes, fuck off shitheads!

It was snowing and the wind was freezing. I didn’t care. Cold normally didn’t bother me much, but with this belly full of alcohol, it felt like a fucking sauna. It was too hot.

I blinked a few times, trying to get my bearing on where to go to piss. It didn’t help one bit. It felt like most of my brain cells were asleep.

My head snapped to the right. I tried to focus but it made my head pound. I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to will the pain away.

What was I doing again? Oh, yeah, I have to piss!

I opened my eyes again and turned my head back the way it snapped just a second ago.

Ooh, an alley, thank fuck! Perfect!

I staggered towards it. Grunting and stumbling around the dark corner, I tried to find a spot where I could shake hands with my old friend, without half the town as an audience. The lack of light and amount of alcohol made me struggle to stay on my feet. It was too dark in here.

Here is fine, I don’t care anymore, I need to piss.

While I held my dick with one hand, painting yellow circles in the snow, I let out a deep groan of relief. A gust of wind hit my face. It felt like a delicate hand, lovingly stroking my cheek. I closed my eyes and basked in the feeling it gave me. A faint, scent of apples mixed with sweet citrus invaded my nostrils, and made my heart beat hard in my chest.

My eyes flew open. An overwhelming need to find the source of the scent engulfed me.

I took a few unsteady steps further in to the alley as I tried to focus my senses to find out where the it came from. I wanted more. No, I needed more! A few seconds went by, but I couldn’t hear or see anything. I took a deeper breath and tried to taste the air.


It was gone.


I slammed my fist to the side, hitting a metal dumpster. The clang echoed between the walls of the buildings. My senses were fucked up by the excessive amount of alcohol in my system. My whole body was in turmoil. My heart sank and contracted in my chest, almost making my knees buckle.

“Fucking shit, tits, idiot, cunt!” I mumbled to myself.

I thought maybe, just maybe.

But no. It was just the alcohol.

My heart twisted again. I pressed my temples and closed my eyes. I was too drunk to function.

A thump sounded from somewhere further down the alley. I immediately froze, and tried to focus my eyes, staring into the darkness. They would not cooperate, and drifted closed.

In a rage I slammed the beer bottle in to the wall beside me, shattering it into hundreds of pieces. The frustration was getting to me and I was loosing it. I was standing as still as my drunk ass could manage. Since my eyes were our of service, I tried to listen.

It was faint but there was a heart beat, a female heart beat. I opened my eyes again, and squinted in to the dark.

Could it be?

I was completely out of it. Everything was in a whirl. My breath was heavy, my heart was racing painfully and my head was spinning. I sniffed the air again, desperate to catch a whiff of her.

Nothing! Fuck!

Angry heat spread throughout my body. The exasperation took over and I let out an angry growl.

“Eheey!” I barked down the alley with as much authority as a shit-canned wolf could muster.

Something started moving hastily in the distance. It took me a few seconds to realize that the figure was moving away from me, and not towards me. The alcohol from that last beer was hitting me hard now, topping off my already shit-faced state. The figure disappeared from the alley. I started moving my drunk legs towards where I’d last seen it. I tried to move fast, but I was too drunk, and I stumbled on the snow-covered pavement. I could barely think.

In the world of werewolves, running away like that, was incredibly rude behavior, especially running from an Alpha. But for some reason my anger was not as prominent as my determination to catch her.

I stopped abruptly when the apple and sweet citrus scent swept past me again. It was faint, but enough to keep me going. I closed my eyes and drew in a slow, deep breath, letting it calm my throbbing head. My heartache eased for just a few seconds, but then the scent disappeared again.

I threw my head back and let out a loud roar. A roar full of rage, pain, longing, and sorrow.

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