Alpha and Omega

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Tortured soul


Virion slowly walked into my cell. His chestnut hair was matted and dirty. The rogue scent around him invaded the room and made me push myself further in to the corner.

He sneered at me. “Itty, bitty Jade. Suddenly all grown up he taunted, his words coated with venom. He moved closer, studying my face. His eyes settled on the mark on my neck.

“I see you’ve been marked, does that mean your cunt is all worn out now?he asked, throwing his head back and laughing.

I was shaking, my heart hammering in my chest. He had tortured me for so long and I didn’t think that him becoming a rogue would have made his sick mind any more stable.

“You got me shunned from the pack. Not that I care anymore.” he said as he started walking back and forth in the cell. “I made myself a fine little pack of outcasts and out here, I answer to no one, but everyone answers to me!” he looked really smug, prancing around like a peacock.

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to keep my breathing even. I hadn’t seen the kid since he gave me the apple, and I had no idea how long it had been.

“Now that you’re all woman, and even marked, I assume you’ll be a better fuck than you were before. I might keep you as my personal whore. Would you like that Jade? he said, rubbing his stubby chin.

He walked closer and gripped my arm. “Let me look at you he said, pulling me up from of the floor.

I stared at him defiantly. He ran his mucky hand from my neck, down my shoulder, and grabbed my breast roughly, making me yelp.

“I love the little sounds you make. Gets me hard in an instant. he whispered in my ear.

His words made me want to throw up. I was struggling to keep my breaths deep and consistent, panic wanted to take over. He took a hold of the shoulder strap of my nightgown and ripped it off, so my left breast was bare.

I tried to cover up, but he slapped my arm away. “Don’t you dare! he spat, grabbing my bare breast and shoving me hard against the concrete wall. He pushed his groin against my leg, burying his face in my hair, panting and groaning.

Something inside me snapped.

I yanked my foot up, slamming it into his balls.

He roared and stumbled a few steps back. His eyes watered as he clutched his jewels. “You fucking cunt!he screamed before slapping me across the face.

I held my cheek and turned my head back, looking down at the floor. My wolf unexpectedly growled inside my head. She felt different, stronger. I knew I couldn’t let it show, it would only make it worse. I had to try to stall him, give Alaric more time to find me.

“I’m sorry, reflex I mumbled.

He moved closer, squinting at me. “You might as well just give up. No one will find us here, I made sure of it. Your little puppy dog will be looking in all the wrong places. he said, his wicked laughter echoing through the room. I bit my tongue to hold back the retort that was about to slip through. “The more you fight, the worst this will get. Give up now, and you might even enjoy it! he continued as he moved closer again, pressing his body against mine.

I felt my anger spark again but held it in by clenching my fists at my sides. He moved his hand down my leg, slowly pulling up my nightgown. When he reached the hem, he ripped it all the way up to the waistline. He panted his foul breath in my face, and grasped at my ass. He started dry humping my leg like a dog. I stayed still, knowing the consequences that would come if I fought back, maybe he would just cum in his pants and leave, like before.

I closed my eyes and thought of Alaric, how he made me feel safe, how his smile warmed my heart, and how his gentle eyes looked at me with so much adoration. I imagined our future, moving to his pack, finding love and acceptance with them, him taking over as alpha, having kids, watching them grow up, growing old together, every day filled with love and serenity.

Virion snapped me out of my daydream when he suddenly tried to push me down on my knees. I resisted by locking my knees and trying to push him off me.

“I’m gonna fuck your face, one way or another, bitch! Best just give in now he spat, before punching me right in my bare breast. The pain was unlike anything I had felt before. It sucked my breath right out of my chest and made my knees buckle.

“That’s better! he said, while hastily unbuckling his belt, and pulling out his stinking prick. When I gagged at the revolting smell, he tried to stick it in, but I quickly turned my head and clenched my teeth tight.

“Open… Your…. Fucking…. Mouth...” he barked, trying to hold me still by my hair. We struggled for a while. He hit and kicked me several times, but I refused to give up. I pushed and turned to keep him away.

For some reason I actually managed evade him. He screamed in my face and pushed me hard into the wall. Taking a few steps back, he looked at me, fuming. His face was red and his eyes were black as the night. I kept my face stern, he would not break me again.

“Fine! You obviously need some more persuasion.” he spat and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

I let out the breath I'd been holding and grabbed my ripped nightgown, trying to cover myself up. Tears streamed down my face, while my heart contracted with fear and my body shook.

My heart broke as I thought of Alaric. What would he think of me now. Would he even want me after all this.

The door burst open and I immediately composed myself, not wanting Virion to see I my tears. He walked in dragging something behind him. My eyes widened when I realized what it was. The teenage kid screamed as Virion held him up by his hair.

“I believe you two have met.” he stated, an evil smirk drawn on his face. I growled at him. He just laughed, and kicked the kid in his side.

“If you won’t submit, I will peel his skin off, piece by piece, until you give in to me. He will suffer for your stubbornness he said with an evil smirk.

My nails were digging deep in to the skin in my palms as I felt an unhinged rage build inside me.

Alaric: Jade. Hold on. I’m coming for you, please, just hold on.

I heard his voice like a balm washing over my bleeding soul. I felt a new strength flourish in my heart, powering the fury within me.

Virion slammed the kid against the wall and pulled out a knife. He slowly ran the knife from the kid’s forehead, over his brow and down his cheek. The kid screamed the most ear piercing scream I’d ever heard. It broke my heart and poured fuel onto the already raging fire inside me.

“ENOUGH!!! I roared.

Virion snapped his head around and looked at me. A hungry grin stretched his mouth, exposing his rotting teeth. “There we go! he said, pushing the kid down on the floor, before stalking towards me. My insides was bubbling and my hands were numb. I was breathing heavily, my nostrils flaring and my wolf was snarling inside me.

Virion put his hand on my shoulders again and pushed me down to my knees. I complied, as slowly as possible.

I stared daggers at him as he undid his pants and pulled out his thin stick. He grabbed it by its base, pumped it a few times before slapping it against my cheek. A yellow tinted drop of putrid pre-cum coated it’s head. I swallowed the bile that rose in my throat and tried to breathe through my clenched teeth.

He took a step closer and grabbed a hold of my hair, yanking my head to his desired position. His pecker was now just millimetres from my face. I looked at it, snarling in disgust.

I thought to myself that it was a good thing it was small. I suppressed a chuckle, exhaling sharply through my nose. His breath hitched as my breath tickled the head of his puny erection. I took a deep breath through my clenched teeth, before I opened my mouth and gaped over it. I heard him moan in anticipation.

I looked at the kid on the floor staring in shock at the scene in front of him. Tears were running down his face, leaving thin lines in the blood and dirt on his cheeks.

I winked at him, before I let my rage consume me, and my wolf press through.

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