Alpha and Omega

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We walked back to the cell hand in hand. I felt empowered. A new confidence had grown inside me. I could feel my wolf was standing taller then usual. She was more prominent then ever. Alaric looked at me.

You ready?” he asked quietly, his eyes soft and comforting.

Yes!” I said determined. He pushed open the door. Inside everyone was fanned out around Virion. He was still on the floor crawling around in his own blood.

You fucking bitch!” Virion cried when he saw me. Alaric grabbed him and slammed him onto the concrete floor. Virion gasped for air.

You better watch your tongue!” he said, his deep, velvety voice cold and ruthless.

You are going to die. I won’t lie about that. But how you die, is up to you.” Alaric continued, crouching down next to Virion.

If you answer my questions truthfully, I will end your suffering quickly. If you try to deceive me, I will make this last for days, maybe even weeks.” he said, looking at Virion with a scowl.

Please, I’ll tell you everything you want to know” Virion cried.

Really? I thought you were a bad ass, that I’d have to persuade you, but here you are giving in like a little sissy!” Alaric said mockingly, shaking his head as he walked around the room.

I let my eyes roam over his gorgeous, naked body, now confidently leaning up against the wall as he considered his first question.

Have you had any contact with Alpha Luke since you were banished?” Alaric asked, looking at Virion with narrowed eyes.

Don’t even try to lie, I will smell it before you even open your mouth!”

Virion winced, clutching his appendage. He was still bleeding heavily, but the speedy werewolf healing was keeping him alive, for now.

Yes..” he mumbled. Alaric moved closer. Virion groaned as he tried to push himself to sit up. Alaric push him back down.

Elaborate!” he growled deeply.

Eh! He’s given me money now and again over the years.” Virion said between gritted teeth. Small beads of sweat was covering his forehead. Alaric waited for him to continue.

He told me about the raid beforehand, and that he would keep you away from here afterwards.” Virion said, groaning. Alaric started moving around the room again.

Did he know you were planing on kidnapping Jade?” Alaric asked sternly. His face became harder as he said the words.

I didn’t tell him, but I can’t believe he didn’t know.” Virion wailed.

And what about the rogue attacks?”

I don’t know.” Virion mumbled.

Don’t lie to me!” he roared. Virion’s swallowed hard and his face became even paler.

I’ve been sending scouts there for over a year. If he didn’t realize, he is an imbecile. I didn’t even try to cover my tracks!” Virion bawled. Alaric chuckled as he crossed his arms over his chest.

I must say, I find it ironic how you’re completely shoving Luke under the bus after he’s done so much for you, even though you don’t deserve any of it.” Alaric said, rubbing his chin as he rolled his eyes.

He banished me!” Virion howled. Alaric turned to glare at him.

A lot less then you deserve!” he barked back, moving to stand over Virion.

If this had happened in my pack, you would be strung up, naked in front of the pack house, with your gut cut open, just a little, so the crows could eat your insides while the rest of the pack watched.” he said, with a sly grin. Virion’s eyes were bulging out of his head. The Bloody Alpha was leaning over him, like Virion was his prey. He sniffed the air around Virion.

You fucking reek of fear boy!” Alaric sneered. His eyes had turned dark, and his canines had elongated.

I was surprised at myself as I stood tall without any fear in my heart. Before, just hearing this -even though it wasn’t directed at me- would have me crumbled up and shaking in terror. But now, the words gave me strength. They made me feel loved because I knew they were uttered to protect me and avenge what had been done to me.

Even though you’ve been fairly truthful, I’m not sure I’m ready to let you have a quick death after all. You deserve to feel the same fear you inflicted on Jade for all those years. Honestly you should have three years of torture.” Alaric growled. Virion’s face was distorted, his body quivering.

She didn’t tell me to stop! She never even tried to fight me off! Virion cried desperately. Alaric grabbed Virion’s bleeding crotch and squeezed. Virion screamed bloody murder, while Alaric grinned widely, it was clear he was enjoying Virion’s pain.

You’re not telling me to stop, does that mean you want me to keep going?!” Alaric snickered in his face.

I walked over to them and put my hand on Alaric’s shoulder. He looked up at me and he let go of Virion. Rising to his full height, he cupped my face and kissed my forehead lovingly.

Are you OK? I’m sorry if I scared you.” he whispered softly against my temple. I smiled and I wrapped my arms around his waist, resting my head against his warm chest.

I’m fine, but I’m ready for him to be gone.” I said quietly so only Alaric would hear it.

You want to leave for this part?” he asked, gently pushing me back so he could look at me. Concern was shining in his eyes. I reached up to stroke the side of his face.

No, I need to see that he’s really gone. Make it fast, he doesn’t deserve another breath I replied before looking down at Virion. For the first time in my live I was looking him dead in the eye, and I didn’t even blink. I didn’t feel any fear. He didn’t have any power over me anymore. I was finally free.

Do it!” I commanded, still glaring in to Virion’s eyes. Alaric used the knife and slit Virion’s throat. He coughed and clutched at his neck while Alaric moved around, slowly slicing Virion's neck. As the life slowly drained out of Virion’s eyes, I stared at him, until they were completely glazed over, lifeless.

When my brain realized he was dead, I fell to my knees, sobbing. Alaric frowned and crouched down in front of me. He looked worried, almost broken as he cupped my face. I smiled through my tears, making him look even more confused.

Tears of relief.” I said between heavy breaths. He sighed hard and smiled at me. I threw my arms around him, holding him tight and letting his steady heartbeat calm me. I felt light, like I could finally breathe freely without strain.

I suddenly noticed the people in the room again. Marcelo, Gregory, Galina and a bunch of warriors were spread out in the room. None of them had said anything, they just stood there, supporting us. Galina took a step forward. Her naked body was covered in blood.

Luna” she said, smiling, before bowing her head like one does when greeting royalty. Everyone else followed suit. I gaped at them, dumbfounded, lost for words.

Fucking hell” I mumbled, turning to look at Alaric, who just chuckled.

My Luna” he said, picking me up and walking out of the room.

You two, rip up the body and bury it. I don’t want to take any chances of him magically healing in some freaky way.” Alaric said to two of the warriors. They nodded and walked back inside the concrete building.

I know you don’t like to shift unnecessarily, but do you want to now, or I can shift and carry you, or we can walk, but that will take a really long time.” Alaric said. He was ranting almost nervously. I silenced him with a chaste kiss.

I want to run with you.” I said as I turned to him with a big smile. He shifted in record speed, and stood in front of me, panting, waiting patiently. I stroked his wolf's head and looked deep in to his pale blue-gray eyes. He licked my hand before looking back up at me.

Eager, are we?” I said, chuckling. He nudged my arm in response. I rolled my shoulders and let the shift commence. He looked at me with wide, adoring eyes as my bones shifted and silvery gray fur sprouted all over my body. My shift finished as my front paws landed on the soft soil of the forest. Alaric was staring at me in awe.

Alaric: Your wolf is even more breathtaking then I remembered.

If I wasn’t covered in fur, I would have been beet red.

I looked around and saw the others had also shifted and were waiting for us to lead the way. I noticed a small brown wolf standing behind Marcelo. Looking closer I was a big gash over his left eye. The wound was wide, swollen and still bleeding. He saw me and lowered his head in submission.

Alaric: Let’s go home!

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