Alpha and Omega

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I woke up with my face buried in her apple and sweet citrus scented hair. She was still asleep with her back pressed up against me, and her arms intertwined with mine. How could this little kitten make me feel like this. I used to be an emotionless brute, but she had me craving her attention like a lovesick puppy. I didn’t quite understand how, but I didn’t care. I was happy like this.

It didn’t matter that she was born Omega. That didn’t define her as a person. Her pure heart and her actions did. It made me love her even more.

Being destined mates pulled us towards each other and intensified the lust, but love still had to grow on it’s own. She had stolen my heart already, no doubt, and I was happy to let her keep it.

I gently kissed the back of her head. She let out a soft moan as she stretch her arms and arched her back, pressing her juicy ass against my morning glory. I groaned and pulled her closer.

Good morning kitten” I whispered against her neck. She turned around and smiled at me.

Why do you call me kitten?” she asked shyly.

Because you’re cute as a kitten” I replied, kissing her nose.

“Now I know you have some claws hidden inside those soft paws as well.” I continued, smirking. She blushed and tucked her head under my chin, nuzzling my neck. I hugged her close and kissed the top of her head.

How are you feeling?” I asked, slightly worried about her, considering everything she’d gone trough the last two days.

Surprisingly good actually.”

Oh crap! We’re gonna be late!” she exclaimed, jumping out of bed. I turned to look at the clock. She was right, less then an half an hour til we were meeting with the council.


Everyone from the rescue mission and the council members were gathered on the lawn in front of the pack house.

Thank you all for coming.” Gregory started.

As you all know, last night we succeeded in rescuing Jade from Virion and his pack of rogues. Unfortunately, we learned of a deep betrayal, treason against our pack. It had already been suspected, but now it is confirmed.

I regret to inform the council that our very own Alpha Luke has been supporting and feeding information to the rogues. He had deliberately withheld information and misled us. He’s let abuse and rape go unpunished within the pack. The council members looked at each other in shock.

Bring him out, so he may answer to these accusations.” one of the council members said. Gregory nodded and signaled to a warrior to go get the treacherous bastard.

You OK?” I whispered to Jade. She squeezed my hand and looked up at me. Her dark brown eyes softened as they met mine.

A little nervous, but yes, I’m OK.” she replied looking back to the crowd gathered in front of us.

They have to know everything.” I reminded her, concerned how she would react. She squeezed my hand and looked me in the eyes again. She gave me a slight smile.

I know. I’m ready. I’ve never felt more confident then I do right now.” she replied, releasing a sharp breath.

The warrior came back with Luke in tow, placing him on his knees in the middle of the crowd, facing us.

Luke. You have one chance to come clean. Confess all your crimes, and accept responsibility for your actions.” Gregory said coldly.

What crimes?” Luke said, obviously playing dumb. He almost looked confused, but I knew he was faking it.

Have you had any contact with Virion Cane since his banishment?” I barked from behind Gregory. Luke’s eyes turned to me. A slight sneer escaped his stoic façade.

No!” he barked back. I gritted my teeth, trying to stay in control.

Well Virion seemed to disagree” I said, rubbing my chin.

He said you’ve been sending him money. He also said the rogue attacks have been going on twice as long as you’ve been saying.” I turned my attention to the council.

I relaid everything that Virion had confessed, all that had been done to Jade and how Luke had neglected to properly punish the crimes committed by his cousin. When I was finished I looked back at Luke.

Do you have anything to say in your defense?”

She’s just a fucking Omega!” he screamed. Anger boiled inside me, but just as I was about to step up to him and rip his head off, I felt Jade in the back of my head.

Shh my love, stay calm. Let him dig his own grave.

You know, it took nothing more then a little threat to make Virion throw you under the bus. He gave you up for a quick death.” I said, cocking an eyebrow at him. Luke face dropped.

As Alpha you should always put the well being of your pack members above all else, no matter their rank, but you chose a rapist.” I said, my voice hard and unforgiving.

I walked back to stand behind Jade, wrapping my arms around her waist protectively. Gregory discreetly moved closer to us.

If they won’t execute him for this, I’ll challenge him as Alpha.” he whispered quietly, so no one but me and Jade could hear him. I grabbed his shoulder and gave it an encouraging squeeze.

Either way, you’ll end up taking over as Alpha. You have the right mindset, you’re strong, and you’re smart. Not to mention you actually have a moral compass, unlike that snake” I replied giving him a half grin.

Gregory, everyone!” one of the council members yelled. Everyone gathered around Luke, who was still sat on the ground fuming.

Luke. You put this pack at great risk. You sided with rogues, fed them information, gave them money, and mislead your own warriors. You deliberately downplayed rape as mere bullying. Rape is considered a heinous crime among any werewolf community. It should punished with a penectomy and permanent banishment, if it was a one time offense, and a death sentence for a repeated crime. You deceived us. You don’t deny the accusations, nor do you show any remorse. The votes were unanimous.” the council member’s face was beet red, his fists were clenched tight and slightly shaking with suppressed rage.

I looked down at Luke. He was staring daggers at Gregory, gritting his teeth.

Alpha Luke. You are hereby...” the council member was cut off as Luke suddenly launched himself at Gregory. I had already suspected this might happen, but Gregory had not. His head was turned to Galina while the council member was speaking.

I took a step forward and grabbed Luke just as he was about to reach Gregory. I flung him backwards, slamming him onto the ground. Everyone around gasped. I looked up at the council members.

I assume you were about to hand him the death sentence?” I asked, raising a questioning eyebrow to the one that had been speaking. He nodded, looking a bit shocked.

Good. May I?” I asked, looking between him and Gregory.

Yes” they both said in unison. I turned back to Luke, who was growling at me.

I would drag this out for days, but I think everyone is just ready to be rid of you.” I said as I let my nails shift into claws.

Crouching over him, I slowly pressed them against his solar plexus. He tried to swing at me, but Gregory came over and held his arms. Luke roared while trying to squirm away, but it was no use.

I pushed my claws through the skin, let them tear through his diaphragm, while he roared bloody murder.

When my fingertips reached his racing heart, a satisfied smirk spread on my face. I reached around it and slowly squeezed it to mush in my hand, while staring in to his eyes as the light in them flickered out. Satisfied he was gone, I quickly yanked my hand out of his chest, pulling his heart out with it. I got back up and dropped the limp muscle on the ground in front of the council.

The heart of your betrayer.”

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