Alpha and Omega

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Marks in the snow


I let out an involuntary whimper as I stuck the key in, turned it and flung the door open.

Please, don’t let him pick up my scent!

I quickly grabbed the door, ready to slam it shut, but halted at the last second.

What if he hears the door and comes after me?!

I closed the door quietly, locked it and pulled a small dresser in front of it, just in case. My pulse was beating in my ears, my heart racing like a hummingbird, and my entire body was shaking and completely drenched in sweat. My head spun and I was struggling to breathe. Every time I drew my breath, a wheezing sound came from my throat.

I sat down leaning against the dresser, pulled my legs up against my chest and rested my head on knees. I took ten deep, slow breaths to try and ease my growing panic, while hot tears ran down my cold cheeks. Slowly the sound from my throat became fainter with every deep breath I took and my heart rate started slowing down.

It’s probably just my head playing tricks on me.

It could have been a random drunk human. Not that it mattered if he was a human or wolf, I was still just a vulnerable, shitty ass weak omega. I probably couldn’t even fight off a Labrador.

Suddenly pain jolted up my legs, giving me a cruel reminder of my frostbitten feet.

Shit, I need to get my feet warm.

I carefully made my way to the bathroom. As I filled the tub with hot water, I examined my feet and concluded that I had superficial frostbite.

"Dam! No, it will be OK, just breath Jade, you know what to do." I whispered to myself.

Being a werewolf meant my self healing was much faster than with humans, but any injury would still be painful, and if left untreated it could take a bad turn. I made sure the water was warm enough and put my feet in. I sat down on the edge of the tub and rested my head against the wall. My feet were so cold that I didn’t feel the scorching heat from the water. I sat there for about thirty minutes trying to let my body relax. I kept taking long, deep breaths while listening to the drip from the tap.

When the sensation in my feet started to come back, I got out and took off my dress and put on my robe. I slipped on big, chunky wool socks to keep my feet warm.

Dammit! I should have been in bed hours ago, I have work tomorrow!

I finished up in the bathroom, and dragged my ass to my bedroom. As I crawled up in my bed and pulled the covers over myself, I heard a faint howl in the distance.

Shit! Is he still out there?

If the man in the alley was a wolf, he might have picked up my scent and he could recognize me if we came across each other again. I ran from him after he tried to get my attention. That was usually not well received. There would be a shit storm coming my way if he ever found me. My history with other wolves, especially these dominant wolves, was not pleasant. The memories made my breath hitch and my chest tighten again. I tossed and turned for what felt like hours before i finally drifted off.


The next morning I woke up completely exhausted. There was a deep ache all over my body. I carefully stretched my limbs, feeling the blood slowly return to my sore muscles.

My brain was foggy so it took me a while to remember what happened yesterday. My heart immediately skipped a beat. My nerves were messed up way before this happened and I didn’t need any more stress added to it. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart.

I rolled over on my side and sat up on the edge of the bed. I pulled on my robe and walked to the kitchen. After brewing some coffee, I sat down at the kitchen table and stared out the window. My thoughts wandered while I sipped the scorching hot liquid from the mug in my hands. The wind had calmed down since last night. Now it barely made the tops of the trees sway. The sun was shining brightly on the fresh snow, making it glitter like millions of tiny diamonds. The sight made me smile and sigh with contentment.

Slowly my eyes were drawn to something just outside the window. Across my small front lawn there was something odd, almost like a big weird dip in the snow, surrounded by little ones. It resembled old footprints that had been covered with a thick new layer of snow. I wondered what had made it. I opened the window to get a clearer look. The big dip was so large it almost looked like a horse had rolled around on my lawn. There were no horses in this part of the compound.

What would make impressions like that?

I pushed the thoughts out of my head, deciding I had no need to know the story behind this.

I finished my coffee and walked in to the bathroom. When I turned around to hang my robe on the hook on the wall, I got a glance of my ass in the mirror.

My ice-slapped ass.

Oh. My. Goddess!

The whole underside of my ass was deep purple, almost black.

Shit, did I fall that hard?

It would be gone within a few days, but still, it looked horrible! I turned back and faced the mirror. The events of last night was evident. My dark brown, almost black, curly hair was matted and frizzy. Red feet, purple ass, messy hair. I looked like a crazy Muppet! I laughed at my own reflection.

I was just about average everything. 167 cm. Too tall to be short, too short to be a tall, just right in the middle. My hips and ass might have been over the ideal standard, and maybe I had a little smaller waist, but it was not something anyone noticed.

My face was just plain normal. Boring dark, shit-brown eyes, plain, light skin, big messy hair. I did have high cheekbones and a sharp jawline. Not that it mattered. Nothing mattered. I was average. Invisible. Nothing special. I knew I would never amount to anything significant.

Maybe, if I was lucky, I would meet a good man to settle down with. The only thing that mattered to me, was that he was kind and gentle. I’d had enough shit in my life already, I didn’t need any more.

I never expected I would ever find my destined mate. It was rare to find them within your own pack these days. There were stories about mates finding each other in other countries, even other continents. I’d never find mine. Who’d want my plain, weak ass anyway. He would probably turn and run. Or he might be one of these dominant, tyrant types. I would rather be alone for the rest of my life, than to live in constant fear of the one I was destined to spend my life with.

I knew the mating-bond came with the urge to keep each other safe, but if that would go beyond the urge to dominate, I didn’t know, and I was scared to find out. I would be safest on my own.

My house was at the very edge of the pack territory, closest to the human town. The higher the rank, the closer to the pack house in the center you’d get to live.

My work place, the local Inn, was right in between my house and the pack house. The guests were usually visitors from other packs, mostly older couples. The younger, single travelers usually stayed at the pack house.

Crap! I’ll be late for work if I don’t get my ass in gear!

I wet my hair over the tub, and brushed through it with my fingers, then raked some gel in and squeezed my hair with a t-shirt to get the curls back. I washed my face and put on my uniform, black slacks and a gray shirt. It was comfortable and the plainness helped me stay invisible.

I hurried to the kitchen to grab a quick breakfast, before pulling on my snow boots. My old, trusted winter coat weighed heavy on my shoulders, while I pulled on my mittens. With my necessities safely in the massive pockets of my coat, I walked outside and locked my front door.

When I turned to start towards work, my eyes were dragged to the marks in the snow.

Nope! Not even gonna think about it!

I closed my eyes and took a long, slow breath before walking towards work. It was freezing cold outside, but the wind was almost dead, and the sun warmed my cheeks. I dug my chin down in my coat and kept a steady pace. The snow crunched under my boots. White vapor revealed my heavy breaths as I marched down the quiet street. My thoughts went back to the alley.

They probably didn’t even notice me.

I have to let go of this now and focus.

But the noises…

Am I making mountains out of molehill?

Or molehills out of mountains?

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