Alpha and Omega

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The Gold Room


Desperation took over my body as I stomped out of the alley. The heavy snow had already covered all tracks, and the wind had carried away any trace of her. My wolf was just as piss-faced as I was and my brain cells were AWOL. I was moving aimlessly, not knowing where I was, or where I was going.

I was so fucking tired. Tired of everything. Tired of nagging people. Tired of being hollow. Tired of being angry. Tired of the constant irritation, like an aching, festering wound that wouldn't heal. No matter how much I slept, drank, fucked or destroyed, it would not go away. It had gotten worse over the years and at this point, it was all-consuming.

Suddenly my eyes flew open. I was on my back in the snow. It was soft and cool on my scorching hot skin.

What the fuck, how did I end up here?

I got up, stumbling, before I found my footing again. The rest of the night were only in pieces. I kept wandering. Eventually desperation pushed my wolf to the surface and he let out a loud howl.

A howl filled with all the fury and pain in my heart.


I woke up in a heap of softness. I was on my stomach, spread out like a starfish. I inhaled the fresh, clean smell of the sheets around me and slowly opened my eyes.

This wasn’t my room. I pushed myself up on my elbows and looked around. The room was all beige and gold. There was a sitting group with two dusty-blue couches with gold details, and a large TV mounted on the wall. Next to the sitting group there was a door, which I assumed led to the bathroom.

My head was pounding. I closed my eyes and pressed my temples, trying to relieve some of it. I tilted my head from side to side and rolled my shoulders, trying to wake up my aching muscles and return the blood, which was currently elsewhere, back to my head. I looked over to the bedside table and saw a large glass of water, and two paracetamol tablets.

Where the hell am I? This hangover might be the final straw that actually kills me.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, took the glass of water and downed both pills in one gulp. Reaching up to scratch the top of my head, I felt something in my hair. I pulled it out to look at it. In between my fingers were two fluffy feathers. I turned around and saw the sheets were torn up and there were white feathers everywhere. My eyes widened and I chuckled in disbelief.

Did I shift in my sleep? Fuck, that hasn’t happened since I was 14!

Looking back at the bedside table, I saw a key-card with the logo New Moon Inn. I flipped it. On the back it said Gold Room.

How did I get to an Inn?

I got off of the bed and walked over to the door I assumed led to the hall, and opened it. I stepped outside and looked around. The hall was long and narrow. There were several doors on both sides, in both directions. I stepped out in the hall and looked around, trying to remember how I got here but my mind was still a fog.

I decided to take advantage of the facilities. A hot shower would definitely make me feel better. I went back inside and over to the bathroom. The gold theme made the bathroom look luxurious, fit for a king. I had to admit, this was quite nice.

I took a long shower, letting the water run over my body, washing away the evidence of yesterdays drunkenness. The familiar ache returned to my chest, and it made my head pound again. My brows furrowed as I slapped my hands on the wall in front of me, I letting the water run over my head and down my face.

I grabbed some shower gel and lathered up my chest and my aching shoulders. The water pushed the foam down my abs, towards my crotch. My mind wandered back to the alley, and the all-consuming scent of apples and sweet citrus. I felt my cock twitch at the memory of the intoxicating scent. I closed my eyes, rolled my head back, and let out a deep groan. My free hand took a hold of my shaft and slowly stroked it. Letting go of my dick, I slammed my hand on the tile-covered wall again.

This constant ache inside me was agonizing. I longed for some kind of release, but no amount of jerking off or random fucks lifted even a speck of it. I opened my mouth filled it with water, swooshed it around and spit it out on the floor. I got out of the shower and dried myself off.

My neck stiffened as a mind-link was established.

“Alpha, everything alright? Where are you?” It was my Beta, Marcelo.

Yes.” I replied, not in the mood to elaborate.

“OK, had to check in when I found your room empty.

“I will be there shortly” I said, disconnecting the link, and started getting dressed.

Me getting plastered and wandering off was not a new occurrence. It was more like the new normal. But Marcelo always had my back, no matter how many times I fucked up, or ran off in a rage, he would always be there to clean up my mess.

I grabbed the door and walked out in to the hall. I was instantly engulfed in the scent of apples and sweet citrus. It felt like a wave of relief, soothing my anger and caressing my soul. I growled as my breath quickened. I slammed the door shut behind me as I whipped my head around in every direction. I was desperate to find her, the source of this enchanting aroma. It was all over the hall. Turning right, where the scent was most powerful, I followed it until I got to the end of the hall. There was a large metal door with the sign “Employee’s only” on it. Dead end.

Shit! Where did she go?

I turned back and stomped the other way. At the end of the hall was a large open area with what looked like the front desk. A middle-aged woman was manning it. As I neared, she noticed me, stood up and bowed her head in respect.

“Good morning Sir, I hope you slept well.” she said, looking down before she lifted her head slightly, still avoiding looking in my eyes. She could tell I was high-ranked, but she obviously didn’t know how high. I was appeased with her display of respect and submission and didn’t feel any need to correct her on my title.

“Well enoughI replied, annoyance coating my words. I was not here to exchange pleasantries.

“There is a smell in the hall. Tell me who’s here.” I demanded, my voice hard and commanding.

“I'm sorry, but there are no guests here besides yourself. Everyone checked out several hours ago. she said, giving me a strained, apologetic smile.

“I need to know who was just in the hall.”

“As I said, Sir, there are no other guests present.

She frowned for a second.

“We use cleaners with a strong scent, could that be what you smelled?”

I gritted my teeth and balled my fists in annoyance.

“NO!” I spat between clenched teeth before stomping out of the building.

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