Alpha and Omega

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Panic at Galina's


A shiver of delight ran down my spine, over my thighs and settled between my legs. Heat rushed up my body, and I felt my face flush. I was baffled, lost for words. I had a sudden urge to stay here and smell the towels. I wanted to lay down and roll around in them, rub myself all over them. My nipples hardened at the thought.

What?! No! What the hell is wrong with me today!?

I had a job to do. What would Carl say, if he found me sniffing used towels? I finished up the suite, making sure it was spotless and odor free. On my way to Carl’s office I stopped by the front desk to check up on Mary.

Rooms are all done, I’ll do the office next.”

Mary’s eyes snapped up to meet mine, and I quickly looked down.

Oh darling, you don’t have to humble yourself every time I look at you. We both know where we stand”

I gave her a slight smile and looked at her while keeping my head down.

I know Mary, I’m sorry. It’s an automatic response.”

She sighed and looks back at the screen.

No worries sweetheart, go start cleaning the office”

OK! I’ll get right to that” I said as I turn around and grabbed my cart. I suddenly remember the racket earlier, and turned back to her.

By the way, how has the morning been? Everything good?”

Yeah, it’s been alright. I had a grumpy guy check out an hour ago. He was talking about a smell in the hall, and demanded to know about the other guests. I told him everyone checked out early this morning” She said, letting out a little snort.

He got angry and left. It was really weird”

Actually, there was a smell. It came from the gold room. But I sorted it. It’s all good now. The room and the hall are now odor free” I said, smiling. She looked at me with shock.

That was his room, the grumpy guy!” She exclaimed, frowning for a second before she chuckled.

Mary, do you know who he was?”

No. The night watch said he found him wandering outside in the middle of the night, too drunk to make sense.” She replied in between giggles.

Oh. I’ll get started on the office” I said and she waved me off while she kept laughing.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It had to have been him stomping up and down the hall, but why? He was obviously drinking last night. He might even still be drunk. It wouldn’t surprise me, considering it smelled like a moldy old bar that hadn’t been cleaned in 20 years.

I remembered the towels. Why did they smell so amazing? Why was I so drawn to it? All this combined made me anxious.

I needed to vent.


As soon as I was done for the day, I changed my shoes and typed of a text to Galina.

Jade: “Hey, you busy?”

Galina: “Hey babe! Nope. Why, whats up?”

Jade: “Just wondering if I could come over?”

Galina: “Of course! I just made lunch, I’ll set another plate!”

Jade: “Thanks, I’m leaving work right now

I packed up my things, and started the short walk to Galina’s house. Because of her high rank, she lived quite close to the pack house.

The sun was still shining and I could hear little birds chirping in the trees. Cold air lightly swayed my curls and cooled my reddened face. It felt refreshing after the day I’d had.

I was gobsmacked, none of this made any sense. The stomping in the hall, the angry man, the disgusting stench, the glorious scent of the towels, and the way smelling it made me feel. I couldn’t decide if I should be intrigued, or absolutely petrified. I had to air out all these thoughts and telling Galina everything, was the only way. She always knew what to say, and how to ease my worries.

Just as I walked up the path to her house, Galina opened the door, beaming.

Come on in girl, lunch is ready.”


After eating, I told her everything that had happened last night, and today, including the part about wanting to rub myself on the towels, and the way it felt. We sat silently for a while, both staring out the kitchen window.

Galina was deep in thought, leaning her elbows on the table. Her long, ash-blond hair fell down over her shoulders and ended in a swirl just above her waist. Her bright, sky-blue eyes twinkled in the light from the window. She was petite, with gentle curves in all the right places. She was everything I wasn’t. The absolutely most beautiful thing about her, was her heart. I was so proud to be her friend.

She took a deep breath, and turned to me with a sly grin.

Did you consider if this man might be your destined mate?”

My eyes widened as a delicious shiver ran down my spine.

“Eh, how does one know for sure?” I asked, as I swallowed, hard. It had crossed my mind, but I always thought people instantly knew, that there wouldn’t be any doubts.

Well, you would know if you looked in his eyes” she said, tilting her head to the side and taking my hand in hers.

I know eye contact is hard for you, not only because of your rank, but also because of your history. I get it. But for you to know, you have to face that fear.”

I shook my head and sighed.

But what if he’s just like them, what if...”

She cut me off.

Jade! Stop it! I will promise you this. If he ever raises a hand towards you, or does anything to hurt you, I will beat the living shit out of him, no matter who the fuck he is. He could be the king of fucking everyone! I would still shred him to bits if he hurt you” She squeezed my hands and gave me that amazing, comforting smile of hers.

You know, he could actually be a good guy. You won’t know until you get to know him.” she said with a wink.

I will be by your side until you tell me you feel safe enough to be alone with him. You need me, just link or text and I’ll come like a bat out of hell.”

I sighed heavily and returned her smile. I always felt better after talking to her.

Maybe you’re right.” I whispered.

Good! Next step is to find him. He’s a visitor of some sorts, not a part of the New Moon pack. What else do we know?”

I thought for a second.

Not much. Mary said the night watch found him wandering the edge of the forest. They didn’t register him by name because he was too drunk to communicate.”

She beamed at my words.

That means he’s probably staying at the pack house.”

She did a little victory dance with her arms. I put my head in my hands, and slid my fingers in to my hair, huffing. Was I ready to meet this guy already?

I’ll just text Gregory and ask him who’s staying there.”

Gregory was Galina’s mate, and the Beta of our pack. I opened my mouth to reply, but all that came out was a squeak. She looked at me with a sympathetic smile.

I promise I won’t leave your side.” she said. I let out a heavy breath and nodded. She started typing. It only took a few seconds for her phone to ping with a response.

Oh! There are only one group staying at the moment. It’s six people.” she said while peeking at me to see my reaction. I closed my eyes, took a shaky breath and nodded my head.

Who are they?” I asked with my eyes still closed.

It’s an Alpha and his crew.”

My eye widened and my breaths became short and shallow.

No, no, no, Jade, remember I will be there with you! We don’t know who your mate is out of the six. There's no reason to panic yet.”

Bu..but..” My fear of the high-ranked and the abuse I’d endured in the past all came rushing back. I sprinted out the front door and start gasping for air. I was in a full out panic attack now. Galina came running after me. She threw her arms around me from behind, and pulled me down on the steps. She kept a tight hold on me, while breathing deep, slow breaths herself, sucking the air in between her lips, so I could easily hear her. I tried to mimic her breaths, while she started talking to me in a calm but assertive voice.

You are safe.”

I am right here.”

You will be OK.”

We stayed like that for a long time, until I squeezed her hand, telling her I was back in a calm state. Just as we turned to go back inside, we heard Gregory calling from down the road. We both turned at the same time.

What are you doing here? I thought you were on duty til 5 o’clock?” Galina called to him.

I am. I’m here on official business.” he replied

Alpha Luke asked us to locate a female that walked home from the human town last night.” he smiled at me, apologetically.

I know you walked home last night. So I have to ask you to come with me

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