Alpha and Omega

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Apples and sweet citrus


Apples and sweet citrus.

The aroma had been so enticing, so all-consuming, making me feel dizzy, needy, warm.

I would destroy every obstacle in my way, I had to find her.

The primal need for her was overpowering.

She was here, I was sure of it, and I would not leave until I found her.

It was customary for a new alpha to take over before the age of twenty, but my father had decided that I needed more time. I was a hot-head, a raging bull. I would sooner turn to violence and bloodshed, than to have a calm discussion. My wolf was wild and aggressive and my father wanted me to grow out of it before taking over as Alpha of our pack.

He had sent me on a tour of diplomacy, in hopes it would teach me negotiation and to control my temper, but I knew he wanted me to find my destined mate. He anticipated that she would ground me and make me the leader he wanted me to be.

I was not convinced. This was who I was. An Alpha had to be assertive, intimidating, commanding. Everyone should fear his wrath. She would simply fill the primal urges, stay by my side, support and care for me, but she would never change me. They called me “The Bloody Alpha” for a reason. The ones that dared defy me, would bleed the consequences.

I jogged a few steps, jumped and shifted mid-air, ripping my clothes to shreds in the process. My massive, charcoal gray wolf landed on all fours and continued forward expeditiously. Racing through the snow felt refreshing. It cleared my hazy mind and eased my hangover. I loved letting him out. The animalistic urges felt liberating. Everything was so much simpler, natural.

When I neared the pack house, I spotted Marcelo on the front porch. He was leaning against the wall when he spotted me and nodded his head to me in greeting as I came up the steps. He had clothes ready for me. He really did know me well. I shifted back and grabbed the clothes without a word.

“Was it the Blond?he asked with a sly grin.

“No” I said sternly, as I pulled on the black t-shirt.

The busty Redhead?” he said, snorting.

No! Fuck off! I snapped. He shook his head and sighed.

Fine. Let’s get some lunch


After a silent meal he pulled me out back behind the pack house. “Spill!he said with a knowing smirk.

Marcelo was the only one I would tolerate talking to me like that. We’d been friends since we were pups and he knew me better than I knew myself.

I sighed heavily. There was no escaping this conversation. “She’s here.” I said, clenching my jaw, staring out the window.

“Who?” his eyes went wide as a grin slowly appeared on his face, making him look like a total goof. He already knew the answer to that question.

“Yes, my destined mate. I think I caught her scent last night and again this morning, just after you mind-linked me

“Shit man! You didn’t see her?

“No, I guess she left before I woke upI replied, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“We’ll find her. Do you have any idea who she is or what she looks like?” he asked.

“No, all I caught was her scent.I replied.

“You sure it’s her?he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes!I growled at him for questioning me.

“Aha, you felt lovey-dovey and tingling all over down your pecker?he said with a stupid-ass voice, wiggling his eyebrows like a moron.

“Fuck you man! I barked, trying to remain bland while my heart did a flip. He was right on the spot, but I would never admit that to him now.

“If she’s here, we’ll find her. Would you consider asking Alpha Luke for assistance?

“I shared this with you, my Beta, my best friend. I am not comfortable with blurting it out to the whole pack. Not until I’m certain.I replied, narrowing my eyes.

Another idea popped in to my head and a sly grin stretched across my face. “She did run away from me last night.I said, scratching my beard.

He turned to me with a questioning look. “That is considered incredibly rudeI continued with a crocked smile.

“Dude, that’s just cruel! You want Luke to drag her in to be disciplined for disrespect?? Poor girl, she’ll be fucking petrified!he said and frowned.

“Nah, if she's going to be my Luna, she has to be able to handle a little scare.

“With all due respect, Alaric, we know nothing about her. You might want to tread carefully. Don’t freak her out before actually claim herhe said carefully.

He always did this. Trying to soften me. “This is my final decision. Make it happen.”

“Yes Alpha.” he replied as he turned and walked back to the pack house.

I stayed outside for a while, looking at the forest and letting my mind drift. A light breeze infused with apples and sweet citrus swept by me. I whipped around and started running upwind. My eyes darted left and right looking for her, but the streets were empty. I slowed to a jog and shook my head. It was gone again. She was always just out of reach.

My heart contracted and I closed my eyes. I tried to imagine what she looked like, what it would feel like to touch her. I ached to be near her. At this point I had two choices. I could either trust Alpha Luke to help me locate her, or I could start kicking down doors.

I decided it would probably be best to accept the help from the locals, instead of pissing off the whole pack.

I turned back towards the pack house, releasing a heavy breath. The frustration was agonizing. This was the third time she had evaded me. Did she not pick up on my scent? Did she already have a chosen mate? Why wasn’t she trying to find me? This was not a healthy way of thinking, it would drive me in to another fit of rage.

No, I will let Luke handle this, I need to work on being patient. If I am to have a mate, goddess knows I will need it.

I chuckled to myself at the thought of being patient. When I wanted something, I wanted it at that instant.

I jogged up the stairs and headed inside the pack house. Marcelo was talking to Alpha Luke. They both turned their heads as the door slammed behind me. I kept my bland expression as I walked up to them.

“Alaric, I am sorry that someone in my pack disrespected you, I will personally see to it that she is put in her place.Luke said.

“I appreciate that, but I want to deal with her myself. I just need help locating her.” I looked him straight in the eye.

“I understand that, but I can’t let you go ape shit one one of mine without knowing what actually happened. he said while staring right back at me.

“I'm not going to touch her, I just want to talk.” I said, giving him a slight nod, telling him that I being was sincere.

He nodded back. “I will put my Beta on it. He’ll have this figured out in no time

He pulled out his phone was he walked of.

Let’s get some coffee while we wait for an update.” Marcelo said, slapping my shoulder and pulling me towards the cafeteria. My heart started hammering and butterflies filled my stomach. It felt like the first time I rode a roller coaster.

What the fuck is this shit?

Marcelo handed me a big cup of freshly brewed coffee. He led the way outside and we sat down by a table on the terrace. We started discussing pack business and before I knew it, half an hour had flown by. I was just about to go back inside to fill up my cup, when it hit me.

Apples and sweet citrus…

I looked up at Marcelo. He was watching something behind me. Taking a quick breath, I turned around and saw three people walking towards the main entrance.

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