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A Sirens Voice

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My name is Shizukana koe. I am 15 years old and have a.. unique quirk to say the least. My quirk is called siren. I can change the pitch of my voice when singing from very low to the point no human can hear it and very high to the point a human can't hear it either and the sound of it too, like changing it to match a persons voice. I can also hypnotize the person and deal damage to them. I am 5'11 with white hair, with a little bit of silver in it with icy blue eyes, almost white, but I always wear a black bandana over my eyes. I never take it off unless I absolutely have to. I also never wear shoes unless I have too to because as weird as it may sound, I can feel the vibration through my feet of what people are doing and I can feel the aura of what type of quirk they have. It's kind of like I can see with my feet. I also have long canines, fangs since that's what they are called and pointy ears. What I didn't expect was to catch the eye of two guys who have interests in me when I show up. Follow me on my journey.

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Chapter 1

Koe's Pov:

I heard my alarm clock go off and hit the snooze button, sighing before sitting up in my bed and getting ready for school. I'm being transferred into UA high school, hero course and in a week, they're about to have their sports festival, which I have to join.

Even though I don't want to use my quirk, I at least know how to use tai chi and kick boxing if needed too, which I will.

I put my pants on, which were shorts that cut off at the knee because of my feet and legs then put my shirt on. I can sense everything around me with my legs too as well as feet, hands, and a sixth sense. I pulled my black headband over my eyes and wrapped my feet with bandages and began walking to school which is about a mile from my house.

Once I got there, I stopped in front of a person, as I could feel their presence and aura standing there.

"I will be your home room teacher, follow me to the room and introduce yourself." I nodded and followed him into the room and stood beside him in front of the class.

"Be quiet. We have a new student today. Introduce yourself and your quirk."

"Of course it's a guy and one that has to be hot, why couldn't it have been a girl" I heard a male voice whisper.

"I am Shizukana koe and my quirk is siren. I can change the pitch, sound and voice to another with my quirk when singing or talking. If I go low enough to the point that no one can hear me or register it except animals, I can levitate things. When I go into a high pitch, one were human ears can not hear or register it, I can make things heavy to the point where no person can pick it up, not even All Might.
When singing while my quirk is activated, I can hypnotize my opponent, deal damage to them, or even make them hallucinate." I stopped talking and my teacher told me to sit near the back. I began walking and stepped over a foot that stuck out, though it wasn't very long. It was really short.

I looked at the person before speaking, "next time you want to trip some body because your feeling bad about your appearance, make sure you're at least taller than me before trying some shit like this." I walked by him, knocking his leg in the process and heard him grunt in pain.

"You're so stupid Mineta, you should know by now not to mess with people" I heard a girl whisper.

"I didn't think he could see that since he's wearing a headband around his eyes and why is he so good looking and hot anyway" I sat down and took my stuff out and began writing notes until it was lunch time.
I began to get up and stopped before turning my head, sensing a short boy with a strange aura, a girl and another boy.

"My name is Izuku Midoriya and this is Ochako Uraraka and Tenya Iida. You can hang out with us if you like, by the way, you really are a beautiful person though."

I smiled at them "thank you, though I've never heard a guy say it before and I would be delighted to have lunch with you" I followed them to the door and looked to my right, feeling a group of people staring at me.
I just smiled at them and followed my new friends. I ordered curry with rice then realized I left something that I need and got up from my seat.

"I'll be right back, I left something in the classroom."

I walked to the room and opened the door noticing the same group of friends still there, but without the two female presences I felt. I grabbed my thermos and turned around and stood there as I felt the four of them behind me.

"Do you need something?"

"Shut it, pretty boy" I look towards the boy who said that and slowly walked over to him before looking towards his face, "I believe I asked you a question and expect an answer, not to be said to shut up as soon as I asked it. Now, if you don't need anything, I will be taking my leave now."

I walked around them and headed towards the door before stopping and turning towards them with a smirk on my face and walked out.

Kirishima's pov:

Fuck he's so perfect and beautiful I thought to myself as I watched him walk away and left the room, catching a slight glimpse of a smiley piercing, even a tongue piercing when he was talking to Bakugou. I could tell Sero, Kaminari and Bakugou all thought the same thing as I saw a little blush on their cheeks.

Koe's pov:

I walked back to the cafeteria and sat down with my friends again and began eating my food. I drank my drink that I make for myself for my vocal chords and throat before a bell rang to go back to class. For the rest of the day, we learned what we needed to until it was time to go home.
I grabbed my bag and began walking when I heard my name being called and stopped. From the aura's coming towards me, it was Midoriya, Uraraka, and Iida.

"Which way are you going Koe-kun?"

I pointed to my right, "I'm headed that way, I live about a mile from here."

"That's where we're all headed, we'll walk with you!"

I smiled at them and walked along the side walk while talking to them until Midoriya asked me why I wore my mask.

"My eyes tend to.. how do I say.. get people in a trance when they stare into them. I think it's part of my quirk, but I also like to think that people just find them fascinating that they can't look away from them" I explained and noticed Midoriya mumbling to himself, quite fast I might add.
I pulled them all into a huddle and lifted on side of my bandana and opened that eye that was uncovered. They all gasped and stared at me in fascination. I smirked and covered my eye back and started walking again.

I arrived at my house and turned to them, "this is my stop, I will see you all tomorrow."

"Bye Koe-kun! See you tomorrow!"

I smiled and waved at them before heading inside and taking my shoes off. I headed to the living room and turned on the lights and tv for some background noise while I was doing my homework.
After about thirty minutes of that and finished up, I changed into some running clothes, except the shoes, but I tied some bandages around my feet as they don't block out my senses like shoes do.

I headed out and locked my door and started running, before sopping at a convenience store then noticing two familiar auras heading in. I followed them in and got what I wanted before checking out up front and heard two voices whispering to each other.

"Isn't that Koe-kun? He looks really good in tight clothes and his body is fit."

"Yea, that is him. He looks totally manly and handsome."

I smirked and headed outside where I drank my drink in under a second before I heard them come out. I threw my drink away before I started running again and headed to my house. I started a bath and put some bath salts and aroma therapy in the water and stripped before getting in and letting out a sigh as I felt every muscle in my body relax.
I had a bath tub caddy where I had some air plants on it, a book and a candle with some snacks on it. I ate my snacks and got out of my tub and dried off before heading to bed and laying down, drifting off to sleep.

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