A Sirens Voice

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Chapter 11

Sorry that it’s been a while. College has been hectic so far! But enjoy the new chapter!


Bakugou’s pov:

“I know what we can do this weekend to get things off our minds, especially Koe’s.”

I looked at Mina and raised my eyebrow. She just grinned at me and I scoffed and looked away from her.

“I say we should do a karaoke night tonight night so that we we can release some stress while we sing. But for Koe’s safety, do not play or mention any of those songs that the league made him sing.”

Everyone agreed that karaoke night would be a great idea, so we got everything ready for tonight while I went upstairs to see how Koe was feeling. I knocked on his door and went in to see him watering all of his plants and whispering to them. He looked over towards me and smiled.

“Did you come here to check on me?”

I nodded my head and went over to hug him, laying my head on his shoulder.

“How are you and Midoriya doing?”

“Me and Izuku are doing a lot better since we talked and I apologized. We’re friends again, but he doesn’t mind me calling him Deku, even though I will use his name from now on. His nickname I gave him will be called in a teasing way from time to time.” I whispered out and Koe stroked my hair.

“That’s good. I wish I could have been there for y’all, but I was still in the hospital. But any way, what is it I hear that you’re doing something for the class and me as well?”

I scoffed, “It’s a surprise pretty boy. I can’t tell you. Now get dressed and meet me downstairs and you’ll know.”

I left his room and went back downstairs to wait for him and say beside Eijirou.

Koe’s pov:

I went to my closet and dresser to pick out my shirt and pants, then grabbed the shoes that I have chosen to wear.

I put my belt on and headed downstairs where everyone else and Mina wolf whistled.

"Looking good babes! Very hot and stylish" she said winking and I laughed while I headed over to where my boyfriends are who were too busy looking at me with their eyes wide.

"I take it I look good?"

"Good? You look hot and manly!" Eijirou all but yelled out. I laughed and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks babes."

Mina started clapping to get everyone's attention, I also noticed some classmates from 1-B were here as well.

"Alright everyone, let the party begin! Now, who want's to go first?"

I noticed a few people who were joking with each other on who should go, so I looked at Denki, "How about me and you do a duet. You up for it?" I said smirking and he smirked right back at me, "you're on, but I don't want to sing too much. Gotta save my voice to impress this purple haired dude that needs sleep."

I smirked again we both stepped up on the stage and handed Denki the other microphone. I heard the song begin and I breathed in.

I do the same thing I told you that I never would

I told you change, even though you know I never could

You know that I can't find nobody else as good as you

I need you stay, need you to stay, stay

I continue to sing until it was Denki's turn

When I'm away from you I miss your touch

You're the reason I believe in love

It's been difficult for me to trust

And I'm afraid imma fuck it up!

In a way that I can leave you stranded

Cause you ain't ever leave me empty handed

And you know that I know that I can't live without you

So baby stay!

I was surprised with the little high note Denki did, and it was really good, so we began harmonizing with each other until we finished the song. Everyone clapped until I hear someone keep clapping and I saw an ex-friend of mine along with others.

"That was very good. You know, for someone who never talked or opened their mouth, I was very pleasantly surprised you got yourself two boyfriends and could sing. So tell me, did you suck their dick to bribe them to date you or what?" they said as they smirked at me and snickered.

I stared back at them until I smirked as well.

"Are you three both so desperate that you also did the same thing in middle school? Oh wait I also found out some other things as well. Not only did you do that, but you also sexually assaulted many of the male students and even raped two of them, but your little daddy covered it up so his precious princess wouldn't go to jail. What's funny was is that you also assaulted and abused me and then framed me for doing it to you, but here's the kicker,

I have proof to which I will do this since you're part of this school. You couldn't even get into the hero course." I laughed at that and took my phone out and did a few things before putting it back in my pocket. A few seconds later, everyone's phones went off and I heard a few gasps. All three of them even took their phones out and they all went pale.

"Now here's another secret. My two father's who I was recently adopted to are pro-heroes. Imagine what they could do to all of you, especially your father." I said while pointing at the middle girl.

"If you think about sueing me, you won't win. So, here's a special little song for all three of you. It's a song to a big fuck you and it makes me feel hot as well."

Fuck you, and you, and you I said while holding my finger up to all three of them

I hate your friends and they hate me too

I'm through x3

It's that hot girl bummer anthem, turn it up and throw a tantrum x2

It's that throw up in your burkin bag, hook up with someone random I sang while pointing to the girl on the left.

I then started rapping a little bit,

this that hot girl bummer two step

they can't box me in, I'm two left

this that drip, it's more like oceans

they can't fit me in a trojan I looked at my boyfriends and winked at them. It was then that everyone by now was singing with me.

It was then that the bass dropped, I stepped up to all three of them,

And you want me to change? Fuck you! and I flipped all of them off. I continued singing the rest of the song and finished it.

"Ohh and as a farewell gift, you're all cheating on each other's boyfriends and one of them contracted an STD, so good luck with that. Goody bye, fuck off and fuck you." I smiled at them and waved. It was then that I saw Aizawa with Nedzu. I knew then that the girls were expelled and saw them crying. I laughed.

I went over to my boyfriends and hugged them. They hugged me back and whispered to me,

"That was hot and really cool. We love you" I smiled and said I love you back. I went over to Aizawa and he ruffled my hair affectionately.

"I'm proud of you Koe. You did so well. And why didn't you tell me you could sing that good, you brat?" I laughed and hugged him.

"I'm proud to call you my dad, Aizawa" I whispered to him and his eyes went wide for a second and they softned. I could tell he was smiling.

"Go back to the party and have fun." I nodded and went back to the party. Eijirou decided he was going to be next right after Tetsutetsu. He song Aqua's barbie girl. It was funny and made me life.

Everything was going good, up until an hour later when I saw an ex-boyfriend from my first year in middle school walking towards me. I rolled my eyes.

"What do you want?"

"Honestly, you."

I laughed and looked at him, "You only want me because I've been on the news and have gained popularity as well as being in the hero course. Not to mention, I already have two boyfriends who treat me far better than you did. I already know who invited you. You're not welcome. Leave." I said turning around until he grabbed me and I whirled around and punched him in the jaw.

"I think I didn't make myself clear, so let me sing it for you instead of telling you."

I stepped on the podium and grabbed the microphone. I heard the chorus start first until I started singing/ rapping.

If I could go back to that day we met

I probably would just stay in bed

You run your mouth all over town

And this one goes to the sound

Of breaking glass on my window

Pay me back, or bitch it's over

All the presents I would send,

fuck my friends behind my shoulder I walked up to him and jabbed my finger in his chest and he winced,

And you got me thinking lately, bitch you're crazy

And nothing's ever good enough, so I wrote a little song for ya

It goes lie Do Re Mi Fa so fucking done with you, boy,

So fucking done with all the games you play

I ain't no tic-tac toe I jabbed another finger in his chest and backed him up out of the crowd towards the door. The bass hit and it was time.

If I could go back to the day we met

I probably would've stayed in bed

You wake up everyday and make me feel incompetent

Designer shoes and xanax tabs

Compliments you're designer bags

You never had to buy yourself a drink

Cause everybody wants to tap that ass sometimes

And you got me thinking lately, bitch you're crazy

I wrote a little song for ya, it go like

"Everybody, finish the song and let him know he's not wanted here." I shoved him out the door and flipped him off and walked away. Bakugou was smirking and I smiled back at him.

"We've never heard you curse so much in one night. It's refreshing to see you put someone in their place." he said while smirking and he flipped the guy off as well and cackled. I laughed and kissed his cheek.

All three of us sat on the couch and relaxed while we watched everyone else sing. We all laughed at Iida as he sang a soul song and got into it.

You know, overall, this has been the perfect night and I got to spend it with friends and my boyfriends. And I couldn't have asked for more.

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