A Sirens Voice

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Chapter 3

Koe’s Pov:

I sighed as I was in a sitting position on my bed, not wanting to get out of a comfy bed, but I did anyway. I put on my clothes and headband and left my house, arriving at school early and going into class and sat down at my desk. I leaned back in my chair and waited for everyone else to arrive so that we can get started for the sports festival.

Once everyone was here, after a huge crowd was outside and Bakugou almost getting into a fight, Aizawa told us to get ready and head down to the first part of the festival. I changed into my gym uniform and followed everyone else to where we were supposed to go. Once we got there, I noticed other classes there, their aura’s were uneasy, almost mad you could say.

Those feelings were directed towards us though. I wasn’t there during the USJ attack, but I could tell they blamed class 1-A for villains having more interest in us. I stretched my legs and arms ready to start, until I felt some people staring at me. I turned around quickly and noticed people from class 1-B staring.

“How could someone like him get into class 1-A? He looks weak” I heard them whisper amongst each other. I smiled at them before saying “If you want to say something rude, say it to my face or else it’ll make you look weak” I turned back around and got ready.

“Ok! this is a course where you have to run toward the arena!And becareful, I set up some fun stuff on the track! Ready.. Go!′ present Mic yelled and I took off running at abnormal speed, running past everyone and being in first place so far, before I ran into a giant robot. I ran full speed at it, punching it in the head and leaving an indent before it fell back and kept running.

“Where do you think you’re going pretty boy and icy hot?!”

I knew that voice all too well as I looked back to see Bakugou and Todoroki gaining on me. I looked up ahead and gained more speed, leaving them behind until I heard someone land hard behind me. I glanced behind me and saw Midoriya running up to me, he had used the bombs from back there to gain air time.

I smirked and kept running faster, me and Midoriya running beside each other before entering the arena, both tying in first place.

“And tying in first place is Izuku Midoriya and Shizukana Koe!”

I lean forward with my hands on my knees as I try to even out my breathing, my side hurting a little bit before wiping the sweat off my forehead and saw Cementos walking towards me.

“Koe, Recovery Girl would like you to sit out in the next two matches so you won’t push yourself even more. Just sit out for a while to take a break before you get to the last part of the festival.”

I nodded and headed to the stands, but not before grabbing something to eat and a drink. I sipping on my drink watching the Calvary battle, everyone going after Midoriya because of his neck band being the highest number and I chuckled because it was funny to me. As the festival kept going, some of my classmates came and sat down, Tokoyami sitting beside me and starting a conversation.

“Are you going to use your quirk in this next battle Koe-kun?”

I looked at Tokoyami then looked away before speaking, “maybe.”

Midoriya was the first to go up, along with a purple haired boy that looks like he could be Aizawas love child and needs more sleep. I leaned in closer as Midoriya began to act strange and I smirked knowing that he was hypnotized.

That’s a cool quirk. A little bit like mine too since I can also do the same thing with my quirk as well, since that’s what sirens do when they sing.

I leaned back in my seat again once Midoriya beat the purple haired boy known as Hitoshi Shinso. One after another, it was my turn and I walked into the arena.

“Now it’s class 1-A’s Shizukana Koe whose quirk is Siren vs Hikari Ame whose qurik is Voice, where he can deal damage to another person by uttering one word! Begin!”

My opponent came rushing at me while I stayed in place and easily dodged his attacks one by one before I kicked his legs and watched him fall. He started getting more desperate in his attacks before he activated his quirk.

“Why won’t you just stay still already!” he shouted and I froze in place, not being able to move a muscle.

So this is what his quirk does. Interesting.

He landed a hard punch to me and I flew back, landing right by the boundary. I got up and cracked my neck while he came at me again and landed a few munches before I got irritated and punched him hard, flying him back and falling to the ground.

I rolled my shoulders before opening my mouth and starting.

I started whistling, my quirk already in affect as I noticed my opponent started reacting to my quirk then I began to sing.

Dizzy x4 in my mind, can’t rewind

Dizzy x4 all the time, that’s my life

Dizzy x4 in my mind can’t rewind

Dizzy x4 all the time, that’s my life

I began to whistle again, noticing that my quirk has worked in hypnotizing him and even dealing a little damage to his ears and rushed forward and pushed him out of bounds. I stood there and noticed it was very quiet, nobody making a sound or noise, then loud cheering began.

"The winner of this match is Shizukana Koe!" Midnight yelled and went over to check on my opponent who was passed out. I turned around and left the arena and went back to my seat in the stands, my friends congratulating me and Tokoyami and Jirou getting excited and asking me a lot of questions about my quirk and of course music. I smiled at them and answered all of their questions that they had, until it was time for my turn again.

I headed towards the arena and stood their with my hands in my pocket and waited calmly for them to tell us to start. I was up against a guy with a quirk that makes his bones protrude out of his body and use as both a weapon and defense.


He came rushing at me swinging his arm and smirking, "I know what your quirk is so I took the liberty of putting ear plugs in!"

I smirked back at him and he stopped attacking me.

"My quirk doesnt just hypnotize people and deal damage, it also lets me do much more than that" I opened my mouth and started to sing a low note, making everything and everyone start levitating, even the guy. I quickly ran at him and kicked him out of bounds.

I squatted beside him and said, "You have a cool quirk, it's very neat to have" then got up and walked away. I sighed as I sat back in my seat and popped my neck and shoulders, while sipping on a herbal drink I bought at one of the food stands and watched each battle up until the last contestants, which was Bakugou and Todoroki, which Bakugou was not happy to have won.

I tied into third, which I was fine with and headed back to campus, where I changed into my uniform and headed home, where I started a herbal bath, some snakes, a drink and read a book while I felt relaxed in my bath, before draining the tub and going to bed.

Today was a long day I thought before I closed my eyes.

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