A Sirens Voice

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Chapter 4

Koe's Pov:

I sat up gasping for air and panting, sweat dripping down my forehead and neck. I remembered this time. The nightmare that keeps tormenting me daily. It was when my quirk manifested and I injured people. I injured my mom and my dad, both who died on the way to the hospital for head injuries. I guess I tried to forget about it because I knew it was my fault.

I sighed and sniffed before getting out of bed and taking a shower, standing there letting the water run down my body as I felt empty. I don't remember how my quirk manifested, but I do remember feeling the fear and sadness in that dream and mother telling me one thing.

"You're eyes are very beautiful, but they are also the eyes of a demon."

I have double pupils, not eyelids.. pupils. Think of the eyes that woman has from The Mummy. I have her eyes. Most people don't notice right away because they're too focused on how beautiful my eyes are. I sighed and turned the shower off, grabbing my towel and drying off before getting dressed and going to school.

It was a slow walk. My dream just kept getting to me, running through my head. I blame myself for what happened, but I know they didn't mean anything rude about it so I don't think they would want me to be depressed.

Maybe I should go to therapy I thought and entered the classroom, half the class already there before me and I'm usually the first one. I sat down and felt my friends presences and turned to them, their aura's moving about showing that they were worried.

"Hey Koe-kun, are you feeling ok?"

I smiled at them, "Yea, I'm doing fine."

Aizawa and Midnight came in. I know where this is going.

"Hello students! Today we have some exciting news! You get to pick hero names today!" I sighed because I don't know what I would name myself. White boards were passed around with a marker and we had a few minutes to think of names. I just stared at the white board before time was up.

"Alright everyone! Time to present your hero names!"

Bakugou went up and I heard a loud tap against wood, but I couldn't see what he wrote so I whispered to Midoriya and asked him and I laughed at what Bakugou wanted for his hero name.

"What are you laughing at pretty boy!?"

I laughed a little more, "I'm sorry, but Midoriya told me what you wrote. I just think a little kid could come up with a better name than you, and your an adult."

He grunted and stomped his way back to his chair before I heard the next student come up to the stand and present their name. One after another everyone came and presented their names and passed, except Bakugou, and Midoriya hasn't gone yet. Bakugou's name's just kept getting worse and so was his temper, which was funny to me.

Midoriya presented his, which his hero name was "Deku", a nickname Bakugou used to make fun of him, but Midoriya explained why and it made me smile a little. It was my turn to go up and I presented my board to the class.

"Koe, you don't have anything on the board."

"I know. I've been having trouble coming up with one, and I'm not so sure I can."

Midnight went silent for a minute, "Well, if you come up with anything at the end of the day, come tell me."

I nodded and went back to my seat and sat down before lunch started and followed my friends to the cafeteria. I ordered my food and sat down, slowly eating my food and felt Iida's aura shift.

"Okay, what's wrong?"

I smiled at him and shook my head, "nothing's wrong."

"No, that's a lie. You've been sad all day today. You can tell us, we're you're friends."

I put my utensils down and told them everything. About the nightmares. About the headaches I would get if I didn't remember them, but I did tell them the one I did remember last night.

"You're eyes sound unique and beautiful. If you don't mind, would you show us?"

I smiled at them and lifted my headband up over one eye and opened it, my friends faces clearing from fuzzy vision. They all gasped once they saw my eye and I closed my eye again and pulled the head banned back down.

"I don't think it looks anything like how your mom said, I think it looks unique."

Everyone agreed and that's when I got the idea. I got up and quickly went to find Midnight. After spotting her aura, I went up to her and said, "Unique."

She grinned at me and yelled, "I love it!" she wrote it down and walked away and I walked back to my friends in the cafeteria.

Uraraka spotted me, "Why did you suddenly leave?"

"You guys gave me the idea for a hero name, so I went and told Midnight."

They all clapped for me and were happy, and I was too. But before I could be truly happy, I wanted to get this burden off my chest. So I signed up for counseling, and who knows, maybe it'll help me feel better.

before the bell rang to go back to class, I told my friends to go on without me, I had somewhere more important to be. I started walking to the cemetery, where my parents where. Maybe seeing them will give me closure.

I spotted my parents shrine and laid down some flowers I had bought on the way here and lit an incense burner and said my prayers to them.

I sighed and took my bandana off.

"Hey mom.. hey dad. I know you probably don't want to see me right not, or me come see you but.. I had to. I mean after what I did to you when my quirk manifested, I've been guilty."

I felt a tear role down my face, then it was another and another until I couldn't stop. I sniffled and kept talking to them.

"Maybe in some way, I deserve this punishment, seeing you in my dreams, my nightmares." I felt a soft breeze, it felt very comforting to me. Almost like someone was trying to wipe my tears away and tell me it was ok.

I sniffled and sighed then got up and walked away, but I felt like I needed to turn around and I did. I paused and my eyes widened and standing right there, were my parents, smiling at me. I saw them mouth 'we love you' and I smiled and left. I felt better.

I was finally at peace.

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