A Sirens Voice

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Chapter 5

Koe's pov:

I headed back to the school since the cemetrery was a five minute walk from campus and headed to the classroom and I sat down and looked at the excited but anxious aura's of everyone around me and looks around in the general direction is my friends and asked them, "what's going on? Is something happening today?"

"Ahh Koe-kun! Today is the day we also get to pick where we do our internships of the Hero Agencies that want to sign us!" and I could tell that was Uraraka by how excited she was and judging by how he aura is, she already knows who she wants to go to.

"Who are going to intern with?"

"Gunhead's agency!" I looked at her in surprise.

"Huh? Gunhead is a huge battle type! You're going there Uraraka?" Midoriya yelled out.

"Yup! I got an offer from them!" her aura is all over the place, indicating that she is excited.

"Really? I thought you wanted to be a hero like Thirteen?"

"Yes, but fighting Bakugou made me realize I want to fight harder and stronger."

"Ahh ok."

"But hey, Midoriya. I've been wondering for a while now but-"

I zoned them out as I looked down at the paper in front of me and lifted one side of my head band up to look at them hero agencies. I've been offered a few, but one of the ones I want to go to is actually Thirteen's agency. I wrote down my name beside it and filled out everything else that I needed to do. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around while pulling my headband over my eye.

"Ahh Midoriya, what can I help you with?"

"Which agency are you going to?"

"Actually, I'm thinking about going to Thirteen's agency."

"Really? Wow!"

I smiled at him and sat back down waiting for the rest of my classes to be over with and walked with Midoriya and Uraraka home.

"Where's Iida?"

"He left without us. He's been feeling down lately because of his brother and Stain."

I nodded my head in understanding and we parted ways as I waved goodbye to them and headed into my house to get my stuff ready that I needed for tomorrow to go to our agencies, which was my hero costume, phone charger, and workout clothes since we might do some training. I did my homework and took a shower then went to bed for an early morning tomorrow.


We were all standing infront of Aizawa at the train station ready to go to our designated places.

"You all have your hero costumes right? Your not allowed to wear them in public and don't drop them."

"Yessir!" Mina shouted excitedly. The aura's of everyone here were excited or worried, except Bakugou. His was calm.

"Speak clearly Ashido. Be sure to mind your manners with your agencies, now off you go."

We all left and boarded the train, each one getting off one by one until it was my turn to get off.

"Good luck Koe!" both Midoriya and Uraraka shouted and I smiled at them and got off. I started walking and I arrived at them agency. I sighed and opened the doors, walking in and was met with somone. I stopped in front of them and waited for them to say something.

"You must be Koe, the student we recruited."

I nodded my head and bowed at them, "I am Shizukana Koe. I am in class 1-A and 16 years old."

I looked at him and noticed his aura was all over the place, most likely stressed, but looking at it more closely, he seems to be having some shoulder and back pains.

"Not to sound rude sir, but might I suggest a hot bath with some aroma therapy and bath salts? Maybe some acupuncture too to help with your pain."

"How did you know I had some pain troubles?"

"I can see aura's and how they are reacting tells me how your mood is and everything."

"Wow, you're more brilliant then I had imagined. Come, let me introduce you to Thirteen and introduce you to everyone."

I followed him to where Thirteen was and noticed other people were there too. Most likely training of the sort.

"Thirteen, sir, this is the recruit we had in mind from the sports festival."

"Ahh hello. I am Thirteen, and these are my subordinates. If it's alright with you, just tell us what your quirk is."

"My quirk is Siren. It allows me to hypnotize, deal damage and paralyze my opponents once I activate my quirk. My eyes can also be apart of my quirk as well. I can change the sound of my voice to the original singer and the tone as well. I can also levitate things when my voice is high to the point no human can hear me and if my voice is deep enough, it makes objects and even people hard to move."

"Wow, what an interesting quirk. If you do not mind, can I see your eyes."

"Umm, would it be alright if only you saw?"

Thirteen said yes and we went into a corner of the room and I lifted my headband and showed her my eye. Thirteen gasped and stared then I covered my eye back.

"What a beautiful color, and you have a double iris and pupil. Like the woman from The mummy" I nodded my head and we headed back to the group.

"Today we will be doing combat training since today is Koe-san's first day, tomorrow we set out for patrol. Lets get to work!"

I stand in front of someone and bowed to them before getting into a stance. They came at me and I dodged their attack before quickly hitting a pressure point in their arm, creating temporary paralysis.

"What the hell did you do to my arm?!"

"Temporary paralyzed, I hit a pressure point in your arm that allows it to be paralyzed and immobile for a few minutes."

I quickly ran at them a delivered a hit to the stomach then hit a pressure point in the middle of the back. I stand still as they lay unconscious and looked at Thirteen.

"Don't worry, they'll be out cold for a few minutes."

"I see that you know how to fight as well?"

I nodded my head, "I know tai chi, karate, jiu-jitsu, Iaido, laijutsu and taijutsu."

"Most of those are mainly fighting and sword fighting. A very skilled skill to have. Do you have any words?"

"Yes, I do. I have about fifteen swords right now."

"Impressive. Well, next challenger I guess."

A new person stepped in front of me and we bowed to each other, but when I did, my opponent saw that as an opportunity to attack me. I whipped my arm out, two of my fingers sticking out which my opponent ran into. My two fingers hitting a nerve in their stomach.

They jumped back and held their stomach, which I took to rush forward and quickly hit all of their pressure points in their arms and legs making my arm look like a blur. They fell forward unable to move but they were awake. Thirteen came over to applaud me.

"Wow Koe-san, you took out two of my best fighters. Looks like you don't need any training today."

"How the hell does a kid out best me!" my opponent yelled out and I looked at them.

"Maybe because if you weren't so impatient in your movements and how you moved while fighting, you would see all of the faults in your fighting. One, be patient and think of the best way to fight your opponent, never get ahead of yourself. That's were you went wrong" I said and looked at Thirteen.

"He's right. You were impatient, but be lucky that's all he did to you, and don't be rude." I bowed to Thirteen and continued training for today, knocking half of Thirteen's people down.

"Ok Koe-san, that's enough for today. Go on home and I'll see you back tomorrow."

I nodded and said my goodbye's and took the train home, stopping at a restaurant to get something to eat and bring some food back home. I made some lunch for tomorrow and started a hot bath and got in. The bath salts and the aroma therapy I sighed and slid further down into the water and closed my eyes for a minute.

I got out and drained the bath and got ready for bed. But I just laid in bed staring at the ceiling, not feeling tired. I sighed as this is has been a daily occurrence. Maybe I have a sleeping problem I need to get checked out. I took some melatonin and set my alarm clock and before I knew it, I was knocked out.

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