A Sirens Voice

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Chapter 6

Sorry it took so long. I had a lot of school work to do. Enjoy!


Koe's pov:

I get to the agency early and change into my hero outfit before going out into the lounge and wait for everybody else to get there. Thirteen is the first to arrive and I got up and bowed to them.

"Ahh Koe. Bright and early I see. You're the first to arrive."

I nodded my head and we waited for every one else to arrive before me, Thirteen, and their side kick went out on patrol. We were out all day catching some bad guys before we were heading back to the agency when some nomu's attacked.

"I'll help aid you and get the citizens to safety."

I said before running off to help the citizens and directing them where to go and leading them away from the chaos. As I was done, I turned around and was met with a nomu. Before I could activate my quirk, It punched me on my bad side and I was flung back and smashed into a fountain not far from where Thirteen was standing. I coughed up blood and tried to get up, but Thirteen and some other hero's told me to stay put.

I was breathing heavily and kept going in and out of consciousness, but I know I can just do one thing for them before I pass out. I opened my mouth and started singing a lullaby. The nomu stopped what it was doing and stood still, it's eyes going in every direction before Endeavor took it out. I coughed up more blood and sunk lower into my position.

"Someone get him to the hospital stat! He's losing too much blood!"

I felt myself being picked up and I looked up at who had picked me up, but I lost consciousness before I could see who it was.


Beeping was what woke me up. The constant beeping of the heart monitor beside my hospital bed indicating that I was still alive. I turned my head to the side and see Midoriya beside me wide awake with his mouth moving. It didn't register to me yet that he was talking until I heard his voice along with Iida and Todoroki. I slowly sat up and Iida noticed me.

"Koe! You're finally awake! I'm so glad."

"How long was I asleep for?" I managed to rasp out.

All of them looked down before Midoriya said, "almost three days."

I nodded and a doctor came in along with some police officers.

"Ahh Shizukana Koe. How are you feeling?"

"Groggy and my throat hurts as well as my side and back."

She looks at her chart before looking at me, "well, you broke multiple ribs, punctured a lung as well as a liver and an artery. A few of the vertebrae's on your back also broke too as well as a concussion. You're lucky."

I nodded and the police dog started talking to the three of them and how they will have to be punished from their mistakes and battle with Stain. After that, we were all discharged and went back to school.

"Ok everyone listen up," Aizawa came in and stood in the front of the class, "Final exams are on the way and I expect you all to do well because.. we are going to a summer camp, for training of course."

Every one cheered and started talking, excited chatter filled the classroom. When we started the exams, I tied in first place with Momo. The bell rang for lunch and I followed Midoriya and the others to the cafeteria and got my favorite food they were serving today, which was salisbury steak with brown rice. I heard Midoriya say ouch and I looked to see someone standing behind them. I could tell from their aura that they think they are better then everyone.

"Would you just shut up, no body cares that you think your better then every one. If anything, your better at getting on peoples nerves and not doing jack shit about anything."

I said to them while I looked right at them waiting for them to say something. I only said something because they were getting on my nerves. Before they could say anything, they went limp and a female voice apologized for him and walked away before giving us a hint on what our last test will be. I sighed and went back to eating.

"Before anybody says anything, you know he had it coming."

Everyone laughed and agreed with me before we all headed back to class. Three days of exams, it was time for the last exam and pro hero's were standing before us.

"We changed it up a bit this year. This year, you will be facing us in pairs!" Nezu says in an excited voice. As expected of him. We all head inside and one after another, each team went until it was my turn. I was by myself as there were no more to pair with. I was up against Aizawa.

Great I thought. I stretched before getting into a stance and took off towards him when the buzzer went off. We started going head to head in combat against each other, and I have to say, he was pretty good until I started landing more hits then him, which he resulted in using his scarf. I quickly reached for my belt and took out my portable staff and extended it.

"Not bad kid, I didn't even know you had one" I smirked at him and threw it and ran at the same time while he was distracted in dodging my staff and quickly hit a nerve in his left arm and right leg. He fell on his good knee and groaned while I cuffed his hand.

"I win" I said smirking and he smirked back. I helped him up and helped him to recovery girl and told her how long the paralysis will last and left to go back to the classroom. I left with my friends and we parted ways once I reached my house and went inside. After I was done with everything, I went to bed so I could go to the schools pool in the morning for some training.


I reached the swimming pool and changed into my bathing suit then went to the swimming pool and got in. I started swimming some laps and heard some people coming this way. I quickly swam to the edge of the pool and hopped up and closed my eyes so they wouldn't see them and grabbed my towel.

"Ahh hello there Koe-kun! What are you doing here?"

I noticed it was Momo who asked and I smiled at her, "I came here to get some training done. I'm pretty good in the water, but I wanted to work on it a little bit more"

"What a splendid idea!"

I smiled at her and noticed more people were coming this way. Most likely to train too. I stood up and waited for everybody to come, but I could feel eyes on me. My body is like that of a swimmers physique, not too muscular but just enough for my height. Granted I can lift up to two-hundred pounds.

I heard Midoriya yell my name and I walked over to him.

"Are you here for training too?"

"Yes, I arrived here about an hour ago. I just finished up my three-hundredth lap"

"Wow, in that short period of time? Amazing!"

I smiled at him and went to go sit down while the girls played volleyball in the pool. I still had my eyes closed, so I grabbed a pair of sunglasses and put them on. I finally opened my eyes and saw everyone having fun and smiled. Iida said to take a fifteen minute break and handed out a juice to everyone and I took one. The flavor of the juice hit my tongue felt so refreshing and I smiled while happily drinking it with a blush on my cheeks. I opened my eyes and noticed everyone was looking at me with a peaceful smile on their face and I blushed even more.

The silent talking was interrupted by Bakugou coming in and yelling at Midoriya, Kirishima with him to keep him from hitting Midoriya. He then told him and Todoroki that he was going to beat them in a swimming competition and then he looked at me without saying anything. I shrugged and got up watching everyone have fun until it was my turn to go up against three of my classmates, so I closed my eyes and took my sunglasses off.

I got ready and jumped into the water and in a split second, I was already the first to finish while everyone else was still back there.

"Wow, I didn't even notice he had finished, let alone jumped in!"

I got out of the pool and grabbed my towel then put on my sunglasses again and grinned at everyone. Up next was the victors who won in each swimming contest, but Aizawa showed up and told us our time was done. I started walking to the changing room and headed to the showers and stood under the hot water washing my hair.

I got out of the shower and dried off and started putting on my clothes, which was holey black skinny jeans, a white t shirt and white slip on vans. I didn't bother putting on a my headband because I left it at home, I put on the sun glasses and headed out of the school and started walking home. I noticed Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero and Kaminari walking together.

I continued walking until I eventually passed them and gave them a side eye, noticing they were all looking at me with bashful looks on their faces and I kept on walking.

"Did you see his eyes? They were beautiful, I'm speechless."

"They were, but did you notice that he had two cornea's and irises? Kind of like that lady from The Mummy."

"Yea I did, but they were still pretty."

I smiled and kept walking before stopping at a restaurant to pick up some food and headed to my house and began eating once I changed into my pajamas then headed to bed. Come Monday, training camp starts and I want nothing more then to grow stronger.

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